Chapter 2631 Not Willing to Share Her Boyfriend

At Café Montanha, Kelvin continues his pilgrimage visiting the establishment. He coincides with meeting Isabel and Francisco. The radio sets the coffee shop with “SOS”, by Rihanna.

They ask Neilton, “So, Neil? What’s it like living in the apartment with your roommates?”

“It’s been cool, guys.” Neilton smiles. “Ben has already debuted the kitchen with an excellent breakfast.”

“Hmm...” Isabel licks her lips, “I would like to eat breakfast prepared by a chef. They say he’ll take care of the food and drinks for Alan and Sofia’s engagement party.”

Francisco looks at Kelvin approaching. “Hello, nephew.”

“Uncle Francisco, I need to talk to you and Isabel. Shall we?”

Isabel and Francisco are wary of Kelvin’s serious expression.

Neilton takes the notebook and pen. “I’ll take care of the customers.”

So, the three adults head to the kitchen.

Inside, they talk about Felipe and Reuben.

“Nephew, what’s the matter?” Francisco begins.

“Uncle, I have a dilemma on my hands. I don’t know whether to call
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