Chapter 2632 A Worrying Conversation

Kelvin made the last stop of his pilgrimage at the Uélton Freire orphanage. Flávia, however, was already aware of half the problem.

She was outraged when Kelvin told her what happened in the pool. “Wait a minute, Mr. Mountain. I don’t want Felipe to end his life, that would be very sad. But don’t blame my son for something so serious!”

“Mrs. Freire, are you going to deny that your son was partly to blame for this story? They hate each other and love the same woman.”

“STOP!” Flávia gets up abruptly from the desk, “This cannot be taken into consideration. Mr. Mountain, as an uncle, you must instill common sense in your nephew’s head. It’s not even the case that Caroline is with Reuben. Caroline NEVER saw Felipe as more than a friend. I doubt she gave any sign or hope to Felipe to think he had any chance.”

“I wasn’t around when it all happened and I’ve already spoken to him a few times about the impossibility of dating Carol.” Kelvin states, “However, your son makes the situation worse w
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