Eternal Ferocious Emperor

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Eternal Ferocious Emperor

By: Xue Shen1 OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Kill! Didn't have compassion, didn't control a woman's heart. When an emperor was enraged, a million corpses would be revealed. Look, one man and one dog, charging out of the great wilderness, killing all that stand in their way, and slapping all those that stand in their way!


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400 chapters
Chapter 1
Endless mountain ranges stretched out as far as the eye could see, filled with mountains, valleys, rivers, and creeks. Ancient trees stretched as far as the eye could see, and brambles jutted out from the ground. The scenery was spectacular, and this was the most dangerous Great Wasteland on the entire Wilds God Continent. Large bugs and beasts lurked here, as did countless dragons, snakes, tigers, and wolves. From ancient times until now, it is said that even the gods would be stopped here. This place was known as the Broken Halberd Danger Zone, and no one had ever dared to enter the deepest.Squeak, squeak.At this moment, there was a merchant caravan advancing slowly from the eastern border of the Great Wasteland. The merchant caravan was small, with only nine carriages, a dozen horses, and only about forty people, including the guards. Although this was the outermost border of the Great Wasteland, it had to be said that this group of people was extremely daring. Only such a small
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Chapter 2
The battle soon began. Nineteen enormous blood wolves, nearly a meter tall and two meters long, rushed forward with heart-shaking howls. Their scarlet fur glistened under the afterglow of the setting sun, and their ghastly white fangs carried an aura of death, forming an extremely visually impactful scene.In particular, the Blood Wolf King was like a peerless master who looked down on the world. It rushed over arrogantly and wanted to tear apart all the creatures in front of it.“Fire!”A fierce shout wasn’t emitted by the Guard Captain, Su Jianfei, but from the veiled young woman that had walked out of the luxurious carriage. At this moment, all the guards were hiding behind the carriages with crossbows in their hands, and under the orders of the Miss, they pulled the trigger in unison, causing over 40 black-colored crossbow arrows to tear through the sky with a sharp howl.""Tock, tock, tock!""The group of Blood Wolves was already within a hundred meters of the caravan. At such
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Chapter 3
Xiao Chen's words were very sincere with a hint of shyness on his tender face, which showed that he was an inexperienced young man. He was wearing a rough animal-skin robe. His skin was a little rough, and there were calluses on his hand. Because he had not bathed for many days, there was a faint odor on him.Not a child of a big family, being alone and did not understand the ways of the world, powerful and talented, this young man was an unpolished jade that had not been carved.Granny Liu noticed that she’d found a treasure. If such a genius were to be roped into the Su Family, then the Su Family might produce a Blood Bear Realm expert in a few years. It was even to the extent that the Su Family would be able to rely on this young man to obtain glory for a hundred years.Granny Liu's smile widened. She pursed her lips in the direction of the Su family's young miss and said with a smile, ""Xiao Chen, do me a favor and meet our young miss?""Xiao Chen scratched his head again and said
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Chapter 4
Vicious, merciless, unruly, impulsive, reckless, and disregarding the consequences.Granny Liu and Miss Su looked at each other. They had more comments on Xiao Chen. Miss Su glanced at Granny Liu. She quickly walked over and led Xiao Chen and the big yellow dog inside.Miss Su paused, glanced sideways at Childe Ning, who was about to stand up and rush in, and said coldly, ""His strength is at the second level of the White Tiger Realm. You can try if you want to die.""Miss Su looked at Childe Ning who had stopped in his tracks and his face was pale. A hint of disgust flashed in her beautiful eyes, and she sighed before walking in.Why were these childes always so boring? There were so many childes in the vast Bloodsun City, and she really didn't like any of them...Su Jianfei and others also followed in, leaving Childe Ning standing at the door with a face full of resentment. He was absent-minded and the red lanterns swaying in the wind at the door looked a little sad.The Su Resid
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Chapter 5
“Dragon Heart Grass?”Su Qingyi was sitting in an elegant room. After listening to Granny Liu's report, she frowned. Her father had just ordered her to keep Xiao Chen at all costs. She didn't expect that Xiao Chen would leave tomorrow.She was well aware of the Su Family's current predicament and Xiao Chen's value. She waved her hand to let Granny Liu go to rest and sat alone in the room to meditate.She did not think for long before she got up in a hurry and went straight to the yard where her father lived, only to find that she was not there. The maidservant told her that Su Diguo would spend the night with the second concubine and did not receive guests tonight.Su Qingyi sighed slightly. She knew that her elder brother, Su Ruohu, had completely despaired her father. And Father was preparing to give birth to another younger brother to inherit the family business. Her mother had passed away many years ago, and Su Diguo had never taken a concubine. Last year, after Su Ruohu's busi
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Chapter 6
Su Diguo was in a very good mood today. He spent a lot of money to buy a courtesan in the First Building of Bloodsun City as the second concubine, which was really worth it. The woman from the building really knew how to serve people, which made his old bones feel better. In addition, his beloved daughter came back safely and also brought back a mysterious and powerful young man. When he thought of this, his mood became even better.His daughter, Su Qingyi, who looked down upon all young talents of Bloodsun City, had never let him down since she was a child. It was a pity that she was a girl.While he was leisurely seated in the courtyard, enjoying the massage from his second concubine a servant girl walked in to report that Su Qingyi wanted to see him.He waved his hand, and the coquettish second concubine behind him left obediently. He waved his hand and asked maids to call Su Qingyi in. When he saw her frown, he could not help but feel that something was wrong. He asked with a st
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Chapter 7
“A third-class divine gift? What is that?”The voice of the maid was not low, so Xiao Chen and Granny Liu on the other side heard it clearly. Xiao Chen saw that Granny Liu also looked sad, and asked curiously.It took a long time for Granny Liu to come to her senses. When she saw Xiao Chen's confused face, she asked in surprise, ""You don't know about the divine gift?""Xiao Chen nodded in confusion. Granny Liu heaved a long sigh. ""The people on the Wilds God Continent are all the people of the Wild God. It's said that the warriors who can cultivate Wasteland Force are the children of the Wild God, and the warriors who can awaken the power of the gods are the most beloved descendants of the Wild God...""Granny Liu's explanation enlightened Xiao Chen.There were good and bad physiques in the human body, and Xiao Chen's was considered good. And there was a super good physique on it! That was the Remote Antiquity Divine Body. It was said that the flesh and blood of this physique contained a
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Chapter 8
The two most beautiful flowers in Bloodsun City could only be picked by the childes in the city, and whoever plucked them would have the ability. The fertile water should not be given to the outsiders, but a country bumpkin from the Great Wasteland wanted to monopolize the Top Beauty? Naturally, this aroused the hatred of all the childes in the city.If Xiao Chen came from a big family in a big city, such as the Imperial City, they might not be so angry. But at this moment, Xiao Chen's vulgar eating manner proved that his family background was humble. Which childe was not gentle and elegant? All the big families attached great importance to etiquette and rules.Those who paid attention to etiquette and rules were often people who were of the same level or higher. For example, even though the Su Family and the Yue Family were as incompatible as fire and water, they still appeared to be amicable on the surface. But once someone lower than them violated their interests, they would often r
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Chapter 9
Countless young masters’ eyes lit up, and the corners of their mouths curved into mocking smiles. The moment Rong Dao appeared, they understood what he meant. Furthermore, even if Rong Dao didn’t appear, it was likely that Liu Dao and Li Dao would soon appear.These childes were clearly prepared to teach this country bumpkin a bloody lesson, and tell him that there were some women that not just anyone could touch...Su Qingyi and Granny Liu's eyes also lit up. If Xiao Chen was really willing to go to the battlefield, they would definitely be able to win it back easily, and the relationship between he and the Su Family would be closer.Xiao Chen didn't raise his head. He was still focused on eating a piece of barbecue. It seemed that he didn't know that everyone was looking at him and didn't know that someone had issued him a challenge.It was not until Rong Dao was impatient and was ready to make fun of him and then punish Granny Liu, and there was a hint of disappointment in Su Qingyi
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Chapter 10
“Squeak squeak!”The wheels of the carriage made a slight turning sound in the quiet night. Su Jianfei looked at Xiao Chen, who was sitting calmly in the carriage. At this moment, his mind was still thinking of his amazing swordsmanship.His waist had stopped bleeding, but it still hurt. However, he didn't care about it at all. He frowned and couldn't figure it out. Yue Fusheng's realm was higher than Xiao Chen's, and he had rich combat experience and many Yue Family's Wasteland Skill. How could he be defeated so easily?It was all-powerful and could not practically fight back!He turned to look at Xiao Chen, and the word ""consult"" was almost written on his face. Xiao Chen looked out of the window indifferently as if he were air.Su Jian'an continued to look at him. When he was about to arrive at the Su Family's house, Xiao Chen looked back at him lightly and said three words, ""Don't you understand?""“Yes, yes!”Su Jianfei nodded vigorously like a chick pecking at rice. He had a fawnin
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