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1.In what kind of world the story could happen?
The majority of modern society consists of ordinary beings, with extraordinary individuals hidden in the shadows.
A global era of extraordinary beings, where the physical fitness of ordinary people is enhanced, and those with talents could awaken super powers, learn martial arts and magics...
A world invaded by monsters, human can get different superpower from secret realms and fight against monsters.
A differnt magical world, warlocks, swordmen, archers, wizards are everywhere.

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2.How could MC get his superpower?
He gets his superpower by accident, like being bitten by insects, electric shock, injured in an accident, even an unexceptable death...
He gets it from a mysterious item, maybe a family heirloom, a package from his missing parents or a stranger hid it on him...
Everyone could awaken their own superpower, but what MC awakens is a special talent...

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3.What could the superpower be?
Powerful and devastating born abilities, like earth, water, wind, fire, thunder etc.
Martial arts, magics, alchemy...those that need to learn and cultivate.
A power which is considered as useless but in fact super useful.

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4.What could the main storyline be?
MC is an ordinary person, but one day he received a mysterious item from his missing parents. Then he awaken his superpower and start his adventure.
The world was invaded by monsters, fortunately everyone could awaken superpower to fight against them. MC awaken the most useless superpower and was ridiculed. However, they don't know that superpower is the strongest one...
MC awaken his superpower in a fantasy world. With his superpower, he started his journey to the homeland.

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*Notice:All prizes below can be accumulated as long as the novel fits the criteria.
Books contian elements stated below will be considered for the Popular Elements Prize. For each element covered, the book can win $500. Maximum 5 elements can be taken into account for one book.
Books contain elements stated below will be considered for the Trending Book Prize. For each element covered, the book can win $500. Maximum 2 elements can be taken into account for one book.
New Comer × 3 (max)
Only applied to authors who has not signed with MegaNovel before.
Experienced Write × 3 (max)
Only applied to authors who already has signed book on MegaNovel.
Winning novels will be eligible to be made into audio books and put on GoodFM. The author will receive 50% of the profit share from the audio book.
Winning novels may have the chance to be made into paperback books.
Winning novels will be displayed under a specialized banner for promotion purpose.
It seems like an ordinary world and we live in a peaceful country. However, it is the hypocritical surface presented to the majorities of us while dangers and truth are hidden in the shadow of the world. You are an ordinary person, but involved in an event made by extraordinary beings. During this period, you risked your life and awaken your own super power. Gradually, you acquire deeper understanding about the shadows in the world. Then you participate in an association like S.H.I.E.L.D. or Avengers, aiming to destroy the evils. You'll become a super hero!
The world suddenly changed and monsters invaded. Humanity is facing a big disaster. Fortunately, humans have also been given the opportunity to awaken their superpowers. Everyone can awaken their powers once in their lifetime. There are different levels of superpowers, and you have awakened one which is considered the weakest ability. People around you all laughed at you, but what they didn't know was that you actually awakened the strongest power. In the crisis faced by mankind, you stood up without revealing your identity. People around you will not know that you, whom they regard as trash, is actually their savior.
An accident transports you to another world belongs to swords and magic. As a modern human being, you do not have any magical powers and therefore are ridiculed and humiliated by others. But you have something they don’t have: a system. With the help of the system, you get superpowers more powerful than magic. While the magicians are still chanting their spells, the lightning you control has already reached to the enemy's head. Your flames destroyed the swordsmen while they were still swinging their weapons. But this is not your hometown after all. In order to find your way home, you embark on a long journey...
1. There’s no specific topic limits as long as it’s a Fantasy story and fits the theme.
2. The novel must exceed 80k words by the end of the contest (May 23, 2024) or it will be disqualified.
3. You can upload more than one books to participate. All your books can win the awards above at the same time if applicable.
4. Only NEWLY signed ORGINAL English books can participate.
5. Both Exclusive and Non-exclusive books can join the contest.
What are the evaluation criteria?
- The final result will be determined by commercial value of the work, the frequency of author updates, evaluation of readers, evaluation of editors and other comprehensive data.
Can I upload several books to attend the contest?
-Yes, and you can win all prizes at the same time with a same or different book as long as it meets the criteria.
If I didn’t finish my book during the contest period, will I still be eligible?
-Yes, but by the end of the contest, your book should have at least 80k words. Otherwise, you will be disqualified.
Can I attend the contest with an already signed book?
-No, only new books can participate in this contest.
Can I attend the contest with a non-exclusive book?
Will I get the bonuses of my contract and the rewards of this contest?
- Yes, you will get the common bonuses (details are stated in your contract) and the extra contest rewards.