Exclusive Contract Reward



$100 will be added to your account when your exclusive book reaches 50k words.

Notes: For exclusive works signed after July 1st, 2022, you are eligible to get the signing bonus when you update to 50k words within the first 60 natural days.



Update with at least 50k words for 25 days in a month, excluding the first 50k words for winning signing bonus

Notes: Writers can claim this bonus once per month for 6 consecutive months-Starting from the first month you are eligible to get MAB.


  • 200k – 399.99k
  • 400k – 599.99k
  • 600k – 799.99k
  • ≧ 800k

* The Signing Bonus, MAB and Completion Bonus apply to exclusive contract only

*The 'month' mentioned above refers to calendar month.

Non-Exclusive Contract Reward

Completion Bonus:
The book should be completed on MegaNovel first and
completed with at least 200k words.

Get Your Contract

Create a story at and upload more than 10,000 words in the story; Click the “Apply for a contract” button to submit the application!



  • Q

    The signing bonus is accessible for the first 2 months, what if I sign on the January 30th, is January counted as the first month?


    Yes, it starts from the month you sign the contract.

  • Q

    If I can't reach the 50k words within the first 2 months, am I still eligible to get the signing bonus at the third month?


    No. You only have the chance to get the signing bonus within the first 2 months. But you will still get your MAB and completion bonus.

  • Q

    If I update 100k words at the second month, will I get the signing bonus and MAB at the same time.


    Yes, but it's necessary for you to update more than 25 days in that month.

  • Q

    I have 2 books ongoing, together I have updated 50k words, will I get the MAB?


    No, we only pay MAB once a month when one of your book reaches the requirement (50k words and 25 days in a month) though you may have many books onging.

  • Q

    What if I can't update for 6 consecutive months?


    You are only qualified to get MAB in 6 consecutive months once you arrive at the first 50k words, so I suggest you updating as many months as you can, so you can get at least a few months' MAB.

  • Q

    I started getting MAB last month, however I can't reach 50k words this month, can I get MAB next month if I update 50 words?


    Yes, you can, as long as it is during the consecutive 6 months period.

  • Q

    I have updated 50k words, but I don't update for 25 days, will I get the MAB?


    No, you must update 25 days and reach 50k words a month to get MAB.

  • Q

    What if I sign a contract with MegaNovel before Dec. 31th, 2021? Am I qualified to get Writer Reward 2022?


    Yes, as long as you register on MegaNovel and sign with us for the first time.

For more FAQs and details,
Please refer to our Author's Guidebook.

If there's inappropriate content, such as plagiarism,
meaningless repetition of content, infringing, discrimination, etc. Or content involves copyright concerns, a story could be disqualified for all writer‘s rewards after being reviewed by
the evaluation team.
MegaNovel reserves the right of final interpretation for the Mega Writer
Rewards 2022.This applies to English stories only.