We're glad to announce that MegaNovel Annual Writing Contest has come to an end. In the last 12 months, we have received plenty of great books and worked with their amazing authors!
We're thrilled to see all of your books thrived on MegaNovel. Thank you for all your hard work. It's worth mentioning that the selection of winners of "Awards for Each Category"didn't entirely depend on how authors classified their books, but rather on the book content. We hope to see more authors sorting their books into more compatible genres, and we will select the winners accordingly in the future.
Choosing winners from so many good works wasn't easy, but now it's time to cheer for our outstanding winners!

Reincarnation Of The Bullied

By:Udoka Okoh

After dying from jumping out of a skyscraper with his bully, he got reincarnated as the weak son of Lord Enzo. Aleric Swore never to be bullied again and he needed strength inorder for that to happen, so he started his training.

  • The Trillionaire's Heir


    Damon is the poorest son in-law of the billionaire family of Lilian, his wife, whose mother in law treats him as the worst and does everything in her power to get rid of him because of his financial status, despite the fact that he has a child with her daughter, they want him gone, but when worst comes to worst, Damon discovers a powerful secret about his child and the selfishness of his wife which breaks him, but he gets stunned more to discover that He's the richest man alive.

  • Martial God Gamer


    Chen Ming was transmigrated into a cultivation world with a super cheat gaming system. He will soar through heaven while living his life as he pleased!

  • The Founder Of Qi Cultivation, Reincarnates?


    In the God Domain, Cultivators were few but each of them wielded power that would make them known as gods. How did they come to have such power? By comprehending the laws between heaven and earth and became those very laws. But something occurred, a youth that hadn’t gained the acknowledgment of the heavens to become a cultivator chance upon Qi. Determined to reverse the bad hand faith had dealt him he started researching it and came to a shocking conclusion. The laws that the heavens prevented him from comprehending were swirling around in this strange energy! The youth thought that if he could somehow control Qi then he could defy the heavens and become a cultivator. Without any hesitation, he began researching more and found that the only way to control this newfound energy was to absorb it into his body. After many years of preparations, he did exactly that. However, he promptly died from the finger size strand he absorbed. Ten years after his death a cultivator found his journal and decided to further study this fascinating idea! Skipping forward to an unknown period in the future and a baby was born into a powerful royal family as the second prince. Upon his birth, this child had the laws of heaven and earth swirling around him. This sent the royal court into a stir, everyone thought the heavens had blessed the Emperor’s second son! But while this was happening, the baby prince that was just born saw the midwife conjure water to clean him from thin air using a Qi spell. Upon seeing this the baby’s eyes widen into saucers while a voice screamed hysterically in his head. “W-WHO THE FUCK STOLE MY IDEA!?!” ** 2nd novel: Immortal Journey of the Wu Clan's Twin Dragons

  • King of succubus


    Alvine opened his eyes and suddenly found himself in the body of a boy celebrating his 18th birthday. [ Ding!! ....] [The host has reached the age required for activation of the Incubus legacy ] [The turning process into an incubus will begin in 5 seconds... 5....4...3..2..1...] (The profile does not belong to me. The owner can contact me!)

  • My Werewolf System


    Gary Dem is a person with a secret. He does everything he can to keep this from the people he cares about. For his path is one that led him to become part of the underworld. It was only meant to be a side job, he was never meant to dig in too deep, but on a mission for his gang, something went wrong, something changed him. [You have 5 days until the next full moon] [Your bloodlust is increasing] The lone wolf... is about to go on a hunt!

  • World System Among Gods


    What would happen if the soul of a soldier who died in modern times reincarnated into another world and suddenly became a Prince? Ares Shaddai is a young soldier who died on a mission. But because neither heaven nor hell accepted him, Ares' soul did not enter the realm of judgment; instead, he transmigrated to a different world and entered the body of a Prince who had just died at the exact moment as him. Prince Shaddai is the second son of Emperor Dylan Shaddai. He is a noble prince known for his kindness, and people love and adore him. But his blood relatives despised him for that. Some said bad luck came to him while training in the forest. He got attacked by wild beasts, and his body was tossed there all over the forest. That tragedy cost him his own precious little life. When Prince Ares' body left his original soul, a different soul entered the body. Someone with the same appearance, age, and even name. The soul of Ares Shaddai, a soldier, merged with the prince's body. [Meganovel First Winning Contest] [Editors picked - Must Read Novel] [King of System]

  • The Lich's Master


    ‘Perhaps being stuck in a game isn’t so bad!’, Kyle thought moments before he was mistaken for a hidden boss by a rather dim, but quite powerful knight. That was the moment he learned what immediate regret meant. Kyle was an ordinary student at an insignificant university. Being the pinnacle of ‘average’, his life was as mundane as it could get, that is, until he found himself unable to log out of the full dive game that had recently released. Life in a game wasn’t too bad, that is if one’s not hunted day and night by the players, who mistook him for a special hidden boss with near human level A.I. And no amount of trying to convince them that he was, in fact, human helped. He survived a while until a knight kicked him though a boss door in a dungeon. Usually, facing a lich at such a low level would be a death sentence. By all means, it should have been. But lady luck smiled on him for once in his absolutely mundane life, and he found himself in the possession of said lich. About as confused as he can get, Kyle’s new life took a rather awkward and bizarre turn. And as such, his life of adventure fille with colourful and quirky characters, ferocious monsters and downright terrifying encounters began!

  • My Sniper System


    Aoi, a Japanese kid, stumbles upon a portal and witnesses his parents die in front of a masked man wielding a gun in his hand. He becomes an orphan and lives with a foster family, which fortunately treats him as their own child. Hina, Aoi’s step-sister, grows up and takes a liking to Aoi. However, something terrible happens. After twelve years, portals have emerged once again and granted most people powers beyond their imaginations. And Aoi is one of them. He receives a system and a sniper as his primary weapon. But after everything he has been through, Aoi struggles to use his sniper and system. So when a portal materialises in their school, Aoi has no choice but to fend off the monsters inside the portal and hunt down the masked man who killed his parents twelve years ago.

  • Supreme Alchemist

    By:Know Micro

    Goldearth--A bizarre planet! Goldearth boasts numerous lofty ranges and towering mountains, where precious stone, exotic flowers, and rare herbs are secretly hidden. Human beings there, living in the midst of air, all want to discover and use them as ingredients to refine pills that can enhance their cultivation. Their greatest dream is to become the strongest alchemists, able to lift themselves out of the revolving wheel of rebirth and finally ride on the ship of immortality. It is not an easy task, however, for those precious ingredients are usually guarded by a wide variety of powerful magical beasts, from bears that can fly in the sky and escape through the ground, turtles of absorbing natural energy, to lions of swallowing heaven and earth. Struggles, fights and battles are inevitable. Tolly McCoy , a gold miner who lost his life in the collapse of a cave, where lost treasures were deeply buried by Medieval pirates or kings , reincarnates to this world, a world where everyone works hard to be an alchemist. Can he fit in and rise to be a successful one? Follow him along his journey, from zero to hero, from child to Supreme Alchemist. Come witness the legend of Tolly McCoy in the making!

  • Conquer the Heaven World With the Ouroboros Snake's Sigil


    Lin Feng was reincarnated into the body of a blind youth with no cultivation talent. At first, he felt very hopeless, but that all changed after the changes that occurred in his two eyes. However, the abilities he had acquired were not something that could be predicted. Illusion ability? Gravity ability? The ability to control all elements? An ability that can control space and time? Lin Feng had it all just relying on his two eyes which would slowly become perfect!

  • Soul Immortal


    After a tragic incident, Zhang Fei's soul was transmigrated into a sacred body in a world of mortal cultivation. His tragic life continued when his new parents, along with his relatives, were killed in the hands of the beast demon clans. In this world where only the strongest survives. Fei's only solace came in the spirit form of an ancient cultivator who resided inside his body. How would a spirit work together with Fei to survive the world of powerful cultivators, deadly beasts and ancient demons? Live the tale, and tell the story.

  • Tales of the Slime Tamer

    By:Rapture Tales

    Flay Eulser is on the brink of death. Even though he came from a long line of ability users born with a gifted Taming Hand that allows them to tame and control monsters, he was unable to use it and was considered a 'dud' in his tribe. Worst still, he accidentally tamed a Slime! Which is one of the most worthless creatures among all monsters! But the Slime was more than it seemed as it showed an amazing power to turn into a sword and have a consciousness of its own! And as the two unlikely partners struggle to get through the deadly circumstances Flay has led himself into, the two quickly discover that there were more mysteries regarding Flay Eulser himself. Witness the self-discovering, slime-taming, town-building, love-budding and world-saving Tales of the Slime Tamer!

  • The Chronicles of a Mage God


    Lukas Bellingham, a 21 year old youth dies from an illness that is dominant in males in their family. But that's not where it ends. He wakes up in the body of a boy, in a world where everything is the opposite of Earth. A world where Mortals become Gods. Will Lukas be swallowed in such a world or will he rise against all challenges and become a Deity which all mortals look up to?

  • Paths of Extinction


    Zeke, a student in the prestigious school known as Erys, is leading a monotonous life in which he is bullied due to his inability to manipulate Aether. However, upon coincidentally seeing a falling red star, his life drastically changed. He was granted the Paths of Extinction System. What was a first a mean to empower himself quickly turned into something beyond his control.

  • Early Access System Volume 1: Shadow Of The Behemoth


    After the death of his father, Arthur gets blacklisted from good-paying companies forcing him into a life of misery and depression. He remembers that his father left him something before he died. "My son...when you are ready...break this" After he breaks the glass a hologram suddenly appeared in front of him. [EARLY ACCESS TOWER OF DEOS UNLOCKED!] Donation Link: PayPal.me/ChadGuy45 (The link is case sensitive) There will be a sequel to this novel.

  • My Zombie Revenge System


    Alex Bart died trying to avenge his sister who has been kidnapped and killed by the strongest evolvers in the world, the ten emperors because of her healing abilities. but when he thought all was over, he suddenly woke up three years into the past just a few days to the apocalypse with his memories intact and a unique system that allows him to grow stronger by completing missions. Taking advantage of this new opportunity, he swore to protect his sister this time around and take revenge on all those who have trampled on him before. But what is the origin of the system, who granted it to Alex and for what purpose, Alex will eventually find out eventually, for now he has to level up and exact his revenge!

  • Levelling Up The Weakest System

    By:Matthew Harris

    With a scourge of magic-eating creatures ruled by an evil demon king sweeping the land, the Royal Defence Corps are the last thing standing between the Drasini Kingdom and destruction. Administrars grant Initiates powerful magical abilities and weapons to fight back against the hordes, but the war is slowly being lost. Alexei was granted what many would call The Weakest System, but levelling it up will prove that any abilities can be used to incredible effects!

  • The Useless Son In Law

    By:Blue white

    People aren't always who they appeared to be. James Miller knows very well that he is not the Bailey family's first choice in a son in law. His haughty mother in law, especially, makes her dissatisfaction with the arrangement very clear by tormenting James on a daily basis. Facing the unemployed James, she constantly puts up a cold front and keeps her distance from him. In the eyes of the Bailey's and those around them, James is a black sheep and an embarrassment to the family. Little did they know he is the heir to a multinational companies around the world. How will his life and relationship with his family change once his true identity is revealed? Will Ava finally accept James as a worthy husband? Disclaimer: This is purely a work of fiction and any similarities in names and characters are purely coincidental

  • From Rags To Silk


    Daniel Lane couldn't seem to catch a break, from losing his job to losing his girlfriend, and then finally losing his scholarship on the same day. He was set up, humiliated and soon reduced to the status of a worthless man. To make matters worse, his only close relative became critically ill and was immediately hospitalized, in need of a large amount of money. Just as Daniel hit rock bottom, he found three letters written in code in the study ...

  • Bro, what! He has a Quintillion?


    "Who are you? I'm not sure I've seen you around... not in any of the meeting of the company." Alves wanted to tell Manuel as much as he could. About how he has been deprived of every right in the house. About how he was made to live like a dog and barely noticed. Often talked down. But Madam laughed out loud, "Oh, he's Alves, our gate man's son!" |---------------------| Yes! The gateman was treated better than him. He was treated like a riff-raff and eventually thrown out in the rain, on the same day his grandpa died; the man who had been his only hope. But that can't be all. Fate has a tricky card... And when the card is tossed, no one will be able to look him in the eyes, not even the deitified madam!

  • The son-in-law's revenge


    After losing his parents in an accident, Richard lived in an orphanage and was then chosen by Mr Travison to marry his granddaughter Hellen, the beauty of whom many dream of. Mr. Travison chose him because he knows his origins, he knows that his grandfather is a very rich man but he did not reveal this secret to anyone. Unfortunately after the death of Mr. Travison, Richard has been enslaved in return for all that work he is paid for with ridicule and name calling. When his grandfather dies, he will inherit his Enterprise and he will become a billionaire in no time. With his personal powers and the money on his card. The whole world around him will become his territory. When his in-laws learn that he is now rich, they will all be devastated by the news. what will become of them? Will Richard take revenge?

  • Crash-landed On An Island With Nine Beauties


    Damien was a loser, dejected, hated, spat on, ridiculed and slammed. But his story took a new turn when the jet supposed to take the nine amazing ladies to a VVIP location, was hit. Unlocking a powerful survival system. They crashed on a uninhibited island... What will happen when a loser turn into the host of a powerful system? When the life of these nine beauties who'd once trampled upon his ego depend on him?? Discord: https://discord.gg/6BkaddZD

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