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Twist Of Fate
Sweet Revenge Romance
Enahoro BHB
After finding out her husband has been and is cheating on her, Diana meets with a terrible accident on her way from a night club party, where she had gone to drown away her sorrow. When she wakes up few weeks later, she loses her memories and was unable to tell who she was. "Ma'am, you're weeks pregnant and though lost your memories due to the accident" the Doctor stated. How she got pregnant she didn't know? Who she was, she didn't know. Six years later, After rehabilitation, she returns back to the city with her triplets and meets her ex husband whom she no longer recognizes. Now, Her husband is set to win her back as well as her triplets but, her triplets has a striking resemblance with the president General.
MegaNovel Author's Guidebook
System Fantasy Sci-Fi
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The Enforcer's Sister
Badboy Dark Romance Billionaire
Désirée Nephus
Archer, the unapologetically bad son of a crime boss, meets Adele, an innocent girl who he falls in love with. After a drunken mistake, Archer breaks Adele's heart, and she leaves town. Years later, they meet again when Archer offers her a job in his biochemistry company. However, their past is still present as Archer's stepmother and stepsister fight over him, and things escalate when Archer's stepmother is found dead and Adele was arrested for drug-related charges. As tensions rise, Archer must navigate his family's criminal ties and his complicated past with Adele. Will she forgive his blood ties to a criminal empire, his part in her brother's death, and his whoring past which involved his step-sister and step-mother? Find out in this thrilling and steamy saga!
You Are My Savior
Intelligent Revenge Love
Leah Felix
Rhianna Evangelista with her mother and younger sister Ylona was imprisoned in a mansion far from town and in a remote area owned by her stepdad Don Ysmael who's a well-known Drug Lord in the country who could not be apprehended and not get caught because of the connection he has.Because Rhianna wanted to save her mother and sister, even herself. She decided to run away from his stepdad to save her mother and younger sister. Then, she met Leonardo Estralta Jr., an Agent who saw her and protected her. She became a member of their organization and had the intent to hunt down and overthrow the people behind in helping Don Ysmael. was forbidden in the group.However, as time goes by, Leonardo falls in love with Rhianna and realizes that he loves her. Is he ready to relinquish the role of their group for the woman he loves and be with her until they get old and form a family with Rhianna or will he put aside his feelings and continue to serve the town?
Crime Gang Mafia
Herbert Halloway was a political and high-profile criminal (mafia boss) whose malevolent acts were with zero traces. He was wanted by the Nigerian government - five Supernumerary (SPY) female Police disguised as cocotte at the Oriental Hotel. Herbert Halloway fell head over the heels forthwith he caught sight of them. The five Supernumerary female police executed the duty. Herbert Halloway’s Achilles heel had been gripped. Amidst the police plan to apprehend him, one of the Supernumerary police discovered that Herbert Halloway was her father who saved her mother, Ma’am Akwete from being murdered years ago. She was coerced to disclose the police plan to Herbert Halloway and he was on the run with his daughter.
The Billionaire's Stuttering Bride
Marriage Badboy Romance
Shabnam Tiwana
Xavier Knight, a 25-year-old billionaire playboy, leads a life dedicated to relentless work and extravagant parties. He relishes his freedom and lives by his own rules, shunning commitments. Contrastingly, Aurora Johnson, a 20-year-old orphan girl, was taken in by her guardian Uncle Thomas. Her existence is governed by the oppressive regulations imposed by her cruel relatives, leaving her feeling helpless and yearning for affection and care. Additionally, Aurora grapples with a stutter, further enhancing her vulnerability. The paths of these two individuals converge due to William Knight, a 50-year-old man who must fulfill a long-forgotten promise. In a world where alliances are formed through arranged marriages, Xavier Knight finds himself ensnared in a union with a woman he perceives as a calculating manipulator. Compelled to wed Aurora, a seemingly innocent young lady, Xavier nurtures a deep-seated resentment towards her, convinced that she employs her beauty to deceive his family. Determined to make her existence a living nightmare, Xavier embarks on a vengeful journey, vowing to expose Aurora's true character. However, as their lives intertwine and secrets unravel, Xavier begins to realize that things are not as they appear. Amidst a whirlwind of emotions encompassing anger, attraction, and the pursuit of justice, Xavier and Aurora find themselves on an arduous voyage where love, betrayal, and redemption intersect. Will Xavier's thirst for revenge blind him to the truth? Or will he uncover the depths of Aurora's innocence and unravel the enigmatic tapestry that weaves their intertwined destinies together? Prepare yourself for an enthralling tale of passion, deceit, and unforeseen revelations as the boundaries between love and hate are tested."
The House By The River: A Paranormal Horror Novel
Tragedy Marriage Sensitive
W.B. Merlin
Good things come to those who wait. For Matt and Emmy Millar, the adage could not have come true at a better time. They’ve waited long enough. Snagging a deal on a property, the couple set out to build the house of their dreams. Designing it from the ground up, the couple sacrificed their time, savings, and most of their income for the foreseeable future to see the plan through. When the day finally came, the Millars, together with their two daughters – Gina and Jean, eagerly moved in to their brand-new house. All’s well that ends well. For the Millars, this was not the end. It was only the beginning. After holding a housewarming party, Matt and Emmy swelled with pride, with a sense of accomplishment. The house was a testament to how good they were together. A validation of all the hard choices they had to make to provide a better life for their children. This was the first, significant step. A true beginning. It was only the beginning of something else too. Warning: The book contains foul language, graphic sexual depictions, sexual innuendos, and graphic depictions of violence. Not for the faint of heart.
The Supposed To Be An Extra Will Change The Game!
Reincarnation Alternate Universe Action
Rafael Evans, a 10 years old boy who remember his past life and found out he live at a Otome Game he knew, what’s more. His Cute little sister is the entourage of the Villainess! Unforgivable! I Shan’t let my Sister Die! Why do I have to be reincarnate in this Otome Game anyway!? He, who remember his past life will change everyone’s fate. he who supposed to die. he who shouldn’t have existed. this time, Rael, Will change the Game. however, there is a problem. does he think that this world is still the Otome Game HE had ‘played’? The world is wide and full of dangerous place, Evil cult, Organization and kingdoms. what will Rael do if he met such unexplainable conflict. will he survive? will you join how will he continue his life? its up to you.
I Returned To Being A Yakuza Underling
Light Novel Reincarnation Revenge
Matsuoka Shou, the average person who got involved unknowingly into the largest Yakuza groups in Japan, rose up to the very highest ranks, only to get killed at the very end of his life. But as death pulled his soul from the mortal coil, he found himself back in that same old room, that old apartment, where peace lingered, and conflict didn't exist. He was back, in his younger self, aiming to take revenge on those who wronged him.
The Magic Black Card
Love-Triangle Crime Brave
Boss Ruddy
Ethan thought his life was over when his mother fell sick, and the costs of her operation were astronomical. Desperate and without any hope, he married Chloe in the hopes that she could help him. Hoping that she would provide the much-needed support and financial relief he sought. However, Ethan soon discovered that his marriage to Chloe was a mere façade, lacking the genuine empathy and concern he yearned for. She appeared disinterested, detached from his personal struggles, her focus solely on her own pursuits. When he couldn't produce the funds for his mother's surgery, Chloe mother urged her to abandoned him. Just when he thought things couldn't get any worse, a mysterious man approached him with a black card and the promise of riches beyond his wildest. "Greetings, young master," the man spoke with a sense of purpose. "I've been searching for you for a long time."