It's thrilled to announce that Leap To The Top Writing Contest
has come to a successful ending!
We received numerous excellent novels during this contest,
thanks to our amazing authors.
If you miss out on this contest, feel free to check out
our other ongoing activities.
We believe there always will be one theme that is right for you.
Now let's proudly present the winners.
Round of applause, please!
  • By:Lord MOH

  • By:Dragon Sly

  • By:Estypen

  • By:Banin SN

  • By:Beautypete

  • By:Rytir

All rewards will be added to your March income and be paid to you in April. Thank you all again for your
support and participation. We welcome all authors to join us in the near future, whether you
are new to writing or already an experienced writer.
See you again soon!