Her Personal Bodyguard

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Her Personal Bodyguard

By: Diving Shrimp OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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A mysterious ace of his trade arrives at the city and becomes the fiance of a gorgeous CEO, only to find himself ridiculed and scorned. Well, if she continues to complain more about him, he would tease her even more!Read on to see how Flynn Sheridan cruises among beautiful girls and patches things up with his smug fiancee who is inwardly affectionate!


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30 chapters
Chapter 1 Dream On
A young man seated at the dining table said with a dry chuckle, “Honey, uh, I have no money. Should you…”Eira Moore frowned. “Flynn, do you know you look so lowly that it’s nauseating?” “M-My money’s overseas. As my wife, help me out.” Flynn Sheridan rubbed his neck in embarrassment. It was his first time asking for money from a woman.Back when he was abroad, money was nothing to him. Now that he was suddenly back, he finally knew that nothing could be done without money.Despite that, he had a beautiful and rich wife. The relationship’s status was just a title, but they lived under the same roof. She should have enough for him too.Eira Moore was 22 years old. She was the CEO of Manya Apparel and the ice princess of Whittann. She wore a white blouse and black skirt that fitted to her perfect proportions like a glove, and her long shiny hair cascaded down her shoulders—her grace was apparent. Her arms were fair, and her neck was like a swan. The ethereal air she exuded made her
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Chapter 2 Manya’s Angels
Flynn did not have many plans, so long as he had a decent and stable job. If there were pretty girls, why not?It was his turn for the interview a while later. As he entered the office and sat down, the interviewer was a beautiful woman with a black uniform. Her features were delicate, and her figure was well-proportioned.She flashed a polite smile when she saw Flynn. Her lustrous hair only made her stand out even more.There were really plenty of beauties in Manya Apparel—first, the beautiful lady who collected resumes outside, and now this one who was even more charming.“You’re applying for the PR manager position?” Hazel frowned.Usually, men who wanted to join the PR department had ulterior motives. She knew well enough. Moreover, this man was applying for the manager role.Although his information matched the requirements of the PR manager, the authenticity was yet to be proven.People who knew Angliasc, Etaliasc, and Feransiac at the same time were basically in their 30s
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Chapter 3 A Tigress
The woman had delicate features, and her lustrous hair was captivating. Fair like snow, her face was angry and on guard. She was almost as good-looking as Eira.Flynn could not quite believe she would be into magazines like this.The woman was none other than Claire, who had just come back from the CEO’s office. She had wanted to get herself prepared for the evaluation in the afternoon, only to see this man just as she entered.The whole office was female-dominated, and she had never seen this man before. Was he a thief?Claire was nervous, but as the company director, how could she be easily spooked by a mere thief? She had trained in Taekwondo before and might bust the man’s nuts if he dared try anything on her.Claire crossed her arms and asked coldly, “Who are you? From which department?”“Miss, don’t misunderstand the situation. I’m just going around to familiarize myself,” Flynn said with a chuckle.“Familiarize yourself?” Claire was skeptical and looked down at the magazi
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Chapter 4 Shocking
“Heh, my apologies. Ms. Hewlett, I’m a short-tempered one. Don’t mind me,” Flynn said with a dry chuckle.Claire crossed her arms and ignored him. The b*stard had called her a tigress earlier. It would be odd if she had it in her to be nice.“You’re the gorgeous director here. You must be magnanimous. You wouldn’t mind such a petty misunderstanding, right?” Flynn pulled a wider, more ingratiating smile.Claire glanced at him. This j*rk was a scheming one. The j*rk would complain she was begrudging and petty if she remained unforgiving. In order to keep her goddess image, she jutted her chin proudly—the extension of her neck extremely tempting.“Fine, I’ll give you another chance. No more next time. If I come across this again, you pack your bag and leave.”“Thank you, thank you, Ms. Hewlett. The evaluation is in the afternoon, so you’ve got to have mercy,” Flynn said.Claire snickered. That was the man’s bad luck to have her as the interviewer. She would never pass him.The PR d
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Chapter 5 He’s a J*rk
“Simple. The company’s design lacks creativity the most, so I suggest that you can bid farewell to those designers and use those who are creative and dare to be creative,” Flynn suggested.Hazel could no longer conceal her shock. Claire’s question was so difficult, but Flynn could answer so smoothly. It would be impossible if he was not a professional.Claire only nodded, but she was equally shocked. To be honest, she had never expected this outcome when she prepared the evaluation. She had been under the impression that Flynn would just make things up and she could mock him. Now… she had nothing to say—Flynn had given her a perfect answer.“Ms. Hewlett, does this mean I’ve passed?” Flynn asked with a grin.“Mm, congratulations, Mr. Sheridan.” Claire nodded and looked at Hazel. “Ms. Slade, take Mr. Sheridan to HR for his employment procedures and return here. I’ll take him to get familiar with the PR department.”Flynn breathed in relief. He had assumed the tigress would make thin
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Chapter 6 An Absolute Tigress
The beautiful ladies understood the situation. Flynn must have offended Claire for her to say something like that.Claire smiled. “Mr. Sheridan, I’ll brief you on your responsibilities.”Flynn rolled his eyes at Claire. The tigress was one with a vengeance. It was just a misunderstanding. Did she have to do this?How petty! She was a director, yet she was still so petty! He thought she and Eira were a match in being Manya’s Angels—they were so similar in their pettiness too.That said, Claire did not make it difficult for Flynn when she briefed him on his role. She only told him the basic priorities of a manager.Seeing that Flynn was serious in listening, Claire was much more appeased. She thought that the j*rk was not hard to handle. He was bowing down now.When Claire was about done, she turned to leave. Flynn chatted with Hazel on the side. Of course, they were talking about work. Claire nodded after standing by the door for a moment.“Hmm, ambitious.” Claire smiled in satis
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Chapter 7 Warm My Bed
Flynn pulled out an intricate music box and toyed with it. His gaze was reminiscing as he thought back to the night over ten years ago.…The sky was dark as gloomy clouds condensed above the city. A dirty and tattily clothed boy lay on the side of an alley holding a piece of stale bread.The passersby were hurrying along with the sole purpose of avoiding the rain, so no one cared about the little boy, not that he was hopeful.He curled himself up as he munched on the stale bread. Rain and tears wetted his face, but he paid that no mind. Perhaps death would be freeing in his case.It was then a pair of nice sandals came to a stop in front of him. He looked up to see a well-dressed girl.“Here, this is for you.” The girl retrieved a box of cake from her bag and put it in his hand.A cake bakery was next to the alley, so the cake must have come from there.At that moment, the little girl was the only ray of light in this dim world, lighting up the boy’s despaired soul.“This umb
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Chapter 8 Don’t Believe In My Judgment?
Half an hour later, Eira changed into a long white dress and looked ethereal standing there.“How dare the b*stard ask me to warm his bed up!? Who gave him that confidence!?” She gnashed her teeth and stomped her foot in anger.Flynn actually planned to go with her. He would make her warm his bed for him if what she said was not true.That would have been fine. Eira was more worried about Flynn embarrassing her. The b*stard had no social interaction skills and stayed home all day. Every time he spoke, it was annoying how plain he sounded. Moreover, they were a couple now. It would be surprising if he did not embarrass her.“Ugh!” Eira sighed and walked out of her room helplessly. Flynn was already waiting in the living room.She froze and widened her eyes when she saw how he was dressed.He was wearing Zegnia, and his class seemed elevated. He was already good-looking, but he looked hot in this outfit.His eyes were bright and clear, his nose was tall, and his features were char
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Chapter 9 An Aristocratic Temperament
Eira was completely speechless. It was a mistake to take this b*stard along. All he did was embarrass her.Yale had a cold look. The b*stard had been stopping him in various ways from the start, and he did not even get to experience feeling Eira’s dainty hand on his own. He was frustrated!Flynn smirked and sneered inwardly. ‘This fellow should take a look in the mirror before he tries taking advantage of my fiancee,’ he thought. Yale should see if he was worthy of it.Eira, too, was one to say so confidently that the guy was better than him. Where? Flynn thought that there must be something wrong with her eyes, so he ought to teach her well when they went home later.Guided by a Feransian woman, the three of them entered the restaurant.Most of the patrons there were from high society, dressed well and elegantly. There were also many actual Feransians there who spoke wonderful Feransiac.A piano was in the lobby's center, where a Feransian was playing wholeheartedly. If Flynn he
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Chapter 10 You Might Get Kidney Cancer Someday
Yale could not help being suspicious of Flynn’s identity when he could speak such fluent Feransiac.“Mr. Sheridan, you speak Feransiac so well. Do you work in a Feransian company?”Flynn glanced at Eira and shook his head. “No, I don’t have a job.”He did not want to announce it now. He wanted to wait until Eira, the CEO of Manya Apparel, to see him and surprise her.“No job?” Yale smiled mockingly and turned to Eira. “Eira, I remember your suitors could make a line all the way to the school gate when we were in university. You didn’t like even one of them. How did your taste turn so bad now? A jobless guy? Our other friends would laugh their *sses off if they found out.”Eira scowled. She did not like Flynn, but he was her fiance. She could mock and laugh at him but not others!“This is none of your business.”Yale grinned in glee. He felt that this was his chance. Flynn had hogged the limelight with the piano piece and Feransiac earlier, but he was not as lucky this time. A jo
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