Chapter 107
The man was furious. This was all because of the behavior from that woman which made Noah crippled. If it were not for the arrangements, he would have killed Opal. “You’re lucky you have Starr behind your back. But never forget, the Leeds will not stop until all traces of the Khan are gone! When Celadon and Starlight go to war, you will regret that this day ever happened!” the elder exclaimed through gritted teeth.

“I’ll never regret anything!” Zephyr replied stoically. When the Leeds left, Bruce’s expression changed to a solemn one, “What have you done, my boy…” Zephyr replied with a smile on his face, “What haven’t I done?” He had no concern for the Leeds, after all, he had every right not to be. He was currently a four-starred medicine man, with enough time and resources, his pills would be able to carry him through anything. Even if he could not withstand the Leeds, he just needed to reveal his medicine-making skills, and almost everyone would flock to his defense. He had nothing to fear from the Celadon.

“Father!” Linus called, bringing Leah to Bruce Starr’s side. The battle between Zephyr and Noah had shattered any ego the boy once had. “Is this the girl you like?” Bruce asked as he gave Leah a once-over, and nodded approvingly. He knew who she was. He knew she was the kind-hearted girl who cared for Zephyr throughout his ‘exile’. She was a good fit for Linus. “Yes, father. This is Leah, I like her very much,” Linus replied seriously. “Indeed, she’s a good girl!” Bruce nodded at the worried Leah. He then turned to Zephyr and spoke earnestly, “The town guards will come and clean this up soon. Zephyr, follow me, we have much to discuss.”

Zephyr nodded, and with a few words to Lewis, he left the market with Bruce.

Once they arrived at the office, Bruce spoke first, “You wanted to ask me something?” Zephyr nodded and replied, “Yes, when the Leed leader left, what did he mean by a war between the cities?” Hearing this, it caused Bruce to give out a hearty chuckle. “Even if that b*stard didn’t bring it up, I would’ve discussed it with you sooner or later!” He continued on, “A war between cities would be huge, I wanted to discuss this with the Khan earlier, but since the Leed elder brought it up, I suppose I could explain more now.”

Bruce’s expression became more grim. “The war between cities he referred to wasn’t just a small feud between Starlight and Celadon. In fact, it’s a massive Inter-city Tournament that's held amongst each city, an event that takes place once every twenty years!” He continued, “Every city in the Ahi Dynasty would send a representative to battle, and for Starlight, that representative would be you, Zephyr!”