Chapter 116
In his previous life, Zephyr had travelled the world, he had met all sorts of fighters and prodigies, a lot of them. When compared with Jen, he was nothing but a d*mb pig. Besides, the fighters he met were undoubtedly prodigal in nature, yet their mindsets were much better equipped than the Straw’s. “What are you still doing here? Leave, no one’s stopping you. You wanted to leave yourself, how dare you blame our lord!” Mason boomed at Jen. “Yes, leave. We Khan have all we need, there’s no place for the likes of a ‘prodigal outsider’ like you!”

The others started to chase and heckle Jen. All of them were equally disgusted by his attitude. Just because he was stronger than most, it did not give him the right to be so arrogant, to not respect Zephyr. For Zephyr to be with them was an honor above all honors. How could they just let Jen’s attitude slide. “I will make you all regret this!” Jen declared as he glared at the Khan. With a huff, he clenched his fists and turned to leave, personally vowed to himself to take revenge on Zephyr.

“Good. The fourteen of you will soon be the Khan riders, the first batch of a long line of exquisite defenders! Congratulations!

“From now on, the Khan will greatly grow and nurture you. Never forget where you began, do not disappoint the expectations we have for you!”

Zephyr said to his men.

“We swear our hearts to the Khan, we will never let you down!” The remaining men replied, their spirits rolled over.

“Good. Allow me to teach you an augment technique — Unyielding Metal.

“This technique is a great one. Once you master it, your body would never stop strengthening itself, allowing yourself to be as strong, hard, and unhindered like a boulder. Once you achieve the full mastery of it, the skin on your body can never be harmed again!” Zephyr shared with the remaining men.

“Unyielding Metal, what a name!” Leo muttered to himself. Zephyr did not hesitate in teaching them the mantras and chants required to conjure the augment. This augment was created from his boredom during his previous life. Although it could never be as powerful as the Way of the Dragon, it was suitable for his current goal. As long as they continued to train, breaking into an Agile was out of the question.

If it were not for Typhoon and Spout being too old, Zephyr would have taught them this too. As for the normal clansmen, he determined that only those who would serve the Khan well could learn it. Based on his previous life experience, Zephyr understood that Unyielding Metal was not difficult to learn, he quickly allowed Leo and the rest to grasp it. After a few days, everyone had gotten an understanding over the augment, which quickly bolstered their bodily improvements. Word of Jen’s actions have also reached Motte Khan. Motte had scolded his wife over his brother-in-law’s insolence. Someone as selfish and self-guided as him would never truly be loyal to the Khan. If it were not for Jen being Yara’s brother, Motte would have dealt with him sooner.

On this day, Zephyr once again visited Skyfall, with instructions on how to create his pills. After today, sole responsibility for the balance pills would have been given to Skyfall, Zephyr would not be allowed to interfere anymore.

With that out of the way, Zephyr took his leave for other greater business.