Chapter 129
“Now!” huffed the smith, as he sent a volley of energy into the pillar. “Go!” Zephyr yelled, and sent his blood forth. A flash of crimson burst out from the pillar, attracting the blood droplets to be absorbed into the metal. This stream of blood carried Zephyr’s spirit and soul. Once it made contact with the metal, flashes of light shimmered and exploded from within. One could even make out a roaring dragon within the fire pillar.

‘What? Is this the essence of the weapon? How?’ the smith wondered to himself at the sight of the dragon’s silhouette. Weapon essences could only occur in legendary weapons, it was a one-in-a-million make. They were extremely rare. Although meteor metal was rare and highly sought after, it was not the most legendary material. Besides, Zephyr was but a Strength of level eight, how could he have given the weapon an essence?

As the smith pondered on this, a flash of light burst forth from the lava pillar. Something instinctively occurred within Zephyr as he slowly raised his right hand. A sword flew right into his grasp, it instantaneously looked to be an extension of his body. The sword looked to be very basic and common, yet on its blade, one could view the intricate carvings and weavings of a fine metal, much like a dragon’s form.

With a huff, Zephyr sent his energy into the sword. Before long, the sword replied with its own short burst, accompanied by the raging roar of a dragon. The energy the sword carried was that of a dragon’s! The blade shimmered in the light of Zephyr’s energy, lighting up the night sky. Upon further inspection, it was noticed that the sword may carry a will of its own. The draconic silhouette looked to be real, its body looked to be moving upon the blade itself, its claws grasped onto the metal, its tail swiped along the wind, and the scales shimmered brightly. It looked as though a living dragon had rested on his blade. With a final burst of energy that shook Mount Ashok, the sword returned to Zephyr’s palm.

“Henceforth, you shall be named Draken,” declared Zephyr as he observed his new found weapon. The sword rang slightly as Zephyr stroked it, showing its approval of Zephyr’s name. “What power!” the smith gasped silently, in awe of Zephyr’s abilities.

Although he had helped forge this fine blade, the most crucial step was Zephyr's. Only through his own energy and blood, could he make such a fine blade. In other words, this blade’s otherworldly characteristics came from Zephyr. The smith would go so far as to say this blade could rival the ones from legend.

“A fine blade!” Zephyr said, smiling. He quickly turned towards the smith, and bowed respectfully, thanking him. “Master smith, thank you so much for your work!” The smith smiled, “Enough, you needn’t thank me. The one who truly forged this was you, not me! Trust me kid, you’re one of a kind!” The smith continued, “Although I don’t know who you are, nor what you carry, but for you to craft such an excellent weapon… you my boy, are no simple teen!” The smith was taken aback by Zephyr’s power, through and through.