Chapter 138
With a loud boom, Zephyr’s Might had resisted the Golden Devil. In the next moment, Zephyr felt his body float within an endless void, his eyes saw nothing but darkness. It ended as soon as it started, and when Zephyr came to, he realized his surroundings had changed drastically. It was barren, quiet, bloody, and most of all, full of despair. In front of him was but a thick jungle, yet it gave off an aura that made him feel uneasy.

A sense of dream and despair overcame Zephyr, and it smothered him dearly. He felt cold, as if his veins were made of ice. A roar came from within, Zephyr had used his Might to halt these dreadful feelings. ‘So, this is the Land of Despair, huh?’ Zephyr thought as he observed his surroundings, confirming its namesake. This place was dreadful and depressing. The air was still, as if there was no air to begin with. It was dark and damp too.

Suddenly, a scream came from afar, followed by a hollow ring. ‘Someone’s in trouble!’ Zephyr thought. They had just begun, he had not expected a fighter to fall so soon. He was not even certain of what fate they had met. Was it a beast, or a man? Zephyr did not have time to think before a shockwave of pain covered his body. The Golden Devil had done a number on him, regardless of his resistance. He was covered in cuts and wounds. “F*ck that thing!” Zephyr cursed.

He ignited Lightfoot, and quickly dodged to somewhere private. The jungle was vast, with no end in sight. The plants around were either dead or were rotting. Zephyr had not even begun to think of what venomous, foul, beasts lurked about, watching his every move. Reacting instinctively, Zephyr sent forth a palm of energy, and quickly killed a venomous snake. He quickly collected the snake giblets, eating it. He had yet to achieve an Agile state. No, he could not afford a no-sleep, no-food state. No matter how foul the snake giblet tasted, he had to consume it.

He needed to restore his strength. It took a lot out of him to resist the Devil. After hunting and killing ten more snakes, Zephyr found a private place for him to rest. He sat on top of a great tree, and quickly rejuvenated himself. Currently, the jungle was filled with not only ferocious and deadly beasts, but also top tier fighters. Anyone that dared to show themselves now would just be stupid.

Zephyr’s body vibrated while he channeled his Might. He was healing his flesh and bone. A great pain came about, as if a hundred thousand burning ants were ripping at him. Although it hurt, Zephyr gritted his teeth through it. Finally, after about ten minutes of agony, Zephyr had restored himself. He lightly moved his body, releasing a dozen scabs off of him. “F*ck that Devil, damn! I wonder how many could actually easily resist it!” Zephyr cursed, “Not even I could withstand it, I wonder how the other fighters fared…” he continued. “Besides, that f*cking thing appearing sporadically, how else were we supposed to dodge it!”

Zephyr continued to ponder about what had happened, what is happening, and what will happen as he stood on the tree, carefully observing his surroundings.