Chapter 148
“It’s a Meteoric Bow, how lucky!” one of the new arrivals said to a thinly built friend. There were a total of five of them. This thinly built man looked extremely indifferent, though his eyes carried lethal venom, enough to freeze blood. Behind him bore a great bow of intricate make. “Indeed, this bow is a treasure hailing from Meteor. If I’m not wrong, it is an heirloom passed on by the mayor to his son! Who knew I’d get a chance to have it!” the thin man continued, and then he laughed wickedly. His eyes were locked onto the bow, carrying greed and want.

“Hey brat, this bow doesn’t belong to you. Give us your points while we’re still in a jolly mood, or else!” the man who spoke previously coldly spoke to Zephyr. Once again, Zephyr was treated like nothing. However, he was a Strength of level nine, for him to look down on Zephyr was expected. “So that’s its name… Meteoric Bow, nice!” Zephyr said, nodding at the bow. He knew he should not part with it now. “Looks like we’ve got ourselves a hero!” the Strength of nine said quietly. “Stop at once!” the thin man yelled as he saw Zephyr continue to reach for the bow. He too reached for his own bow, quickly firing an arrow upon him. “Ha!” Zephyr laughed.

“Sixth Slash!” Zephyr cried as he went to defend himself. Once again, his attack felled the remaining trees around, kicking up a bunch of dust clouds. “This guy’s nuts! How dare he try to block my arrow! He’s just a Strength of level eight!” the thin man laughed.

“I don’t think even the Strengths of nine could take your arrows on!”

“Once you get a hold of the Meteoric Bow, your power will no doubt grow!”

The group was quick to glorify their archer, but right then, a loud noise came from the dust cloud. A sudden flash came through! Everyone’s faces were suddenly filled with shock. An unmistakable flash of energy cut through the dust clouds, and headed towards the thin man. In an instant, all life faded from the thin man’s body as Zephyr’s attack punctured a hole in him. All he could do was stare at Zephyr in disbelief.

“F*ck! He survived!”

“Impossible! He’s just a Strength of level eight!”

“Enough talk, kill him!”

Everyone roared in unison.

Zephyr’s swordskill filled the air as the others approached, looking like a demon of swords.