Chapter 14
Mist was confused, but quickly feigned a smile, “Zephyr boy, come here.” It was unbelievable, the usually cold and resentful Mist greeted Zephyr with warmth and welcome. “I wish to speak to him in private!” Aurora stood up and demanded coldly. Mist would not dare deny her request, and hurriedly allowed it, “Of course, Zephyr boy, lady Greenwood is an honored guest, treat her well.”

At a small terrace, Aurora examined Zephyr before she spoke coldly, “You know why I’m here, don’t you?” Zephyr offered a small smile, “Yes, I know. You’re here to cancel our wedding, isn’t it?” In his previous life, Zephyr was utterly grief-stricken, yet, no, he was nothing but calm and collected. Aurora was taken aback by the calmness of the man who stood before her, “Aren’t you mad? Don’t you hate me?” she asked. She could not help but gazed at Zephyr with a quizzical stare. “Why would I be? If we aren’t fated to be, then that’s that! Besides, you even saved me the embarrassment of publicly cancelling it, I should be thanking you,” he replied, taking the time to appreciate the beauty of the person standing before him. Aurora really was beautiful, but even so, nothing could waver his heart. “Do you really think so?” Aurora asked once more, unsure of things. Before she arrived, she had pondered the detrimental effects of cancelling their wedding, what that would do to Zephyr. She even thought up a proper script to ease the blow. However, she never once considered that he would be so calm about it, this left her clueless. At this moment, Aurora felt a sliver of interest towards him.

“She’s great!” exclaimed Zephyr. Even though he had ancient Might, he recognized that Aurora was the prodigy daughter. She was barely 16 and had reached a level far beyond what was possible, she truly had no equal. After their discussion, they continued to talk for a while before Aurora took her leave back to the Khan hall.

“Here, take these pills, hopefully they may help you in your travels!” Aurora handed Zephyr a box with 20 crystalline pills. “Woah, are these rejuvenating pills?!” The Khans clan’s eyes widened at the sight, unbelieving of what had happened. The pills were pearl white, with a smooth surface, and had a nice smell to it, one sniff was enough to rejuvenate someone. Rejuvenating pills were considered a high-tier commodity, it was already a huge boon to Agility fighters, much less Strength fighters. “One of these would be worth 20,000 gold pieces! And there’s 20 right here!” Puck, pure shocked at this point, while Zephyr remained calm. To Puck, Zephyr was unworthy of these treasures, even if he were to accept them, Puck was sure he was able to get them from Zephyr easily.

Zephyr remembered his current state — a Strength of level six, were he to use these pills, he would reach a Strength of level nine easily. For one to reach a Strength of level nine in Starlight city, they would be known as the best fighter around. “Zephyr boy, hurry up and thank lady Greenwood for her gracious gift.” Mist noticed Zephyr’s unmoving lips, and started to get antsy. He knew that one pill could vastly improve all the fighters in Starlight, much less 20 of them. Mist himself was at a Strength of a level nine fighter, almost peaking into Agility. Were he to use a few of these pills, he would definitely break through. Either way, these 20 rejuvenating pills would be a great boon to him and his son, Puck.

“Thanks, but no thanks,” Zephyr replied calmly with a grateful smile hung across his lips. “What?!” Everyone present was utterly shocked to their cores, even Aurora herself was taken aback.