Chapter 166
Zephyr’s third scale was not as strong as the others, due to it being a gift of sorts. Zephyr slowly closed his eyes, and assessed his well-being. He realized he had been severely injured. He was suffering from great internal bleeding, and many of his veins had been ruptured. If it were not for The Way of the Dragon, his body would have given up earlier.

Without the threat of either the Dragon Lizard or Winged Serpent, it was the best time for Zephyr to train himself. As he controlled his Might, Zephyr’s body lit up once more. His body was like a black hole as it swallowed the energy from the Dragon Lizard. With this boon, Zephyr’s rune improved drastically. Finally, the rune fully manifested itself upon Zephyr. It glowed a mystical, faint blue color. On top of it, electrical sparks could be felt. It rested upon Zephyr’s forehead, signifying his increase in power. Zephyr’s Might itself improved by manifolds too. After the training, the third scale also looked to be more materialized.

Zephyr took the opportunity to heal himself as well. Not only did he restore his health, he broke through to a Strength of level nine! “Huh, the power of seven-tiered beasts is smaller than I thought!” Zephyr sighed. He had hoped his level would at least reach an Agility level by now. The Dragon Lizard would be rolling in its grave had it heard Zephyr’s remark. Was the electrical powers not enough for him?

In a flash, Zephyr’s composure returned. He had gained much from this experience. It was especially so with the addition of a third scale as it had bolstered his prowess. He even managed to break through to a new level. However, the most satisfactory thing he had gained was the electrical powers. Although this power was currently unable to compete with the natural power of true thunder, were Zephyr to train it further, it would no doubt grow to immeasurable levels.

“Heh, Sun guardian, Ninth Prince, I’m not dead yet! You guys are in for it now!” Zephyr said with a smile. Zephyr reeled back a fist, preparing a punch. Around his clenched fist, small streaks of blue sparked about. Zephyr released his punch filled with electricity, and it vaporized the Dragon Lizard’s corpse. His attack did not end there however, the attack of the punch went on for another 30 or so feet before reaching a boulder. His punch rendered it to dust before it turned to dust.

Zephyr was very satisfied. He poked the rune on his forehead. The rune glowed a deep blue. Suddenly, a small yet powerful energy could be felt as the gemstone slowly floated into the air. It was the Dragon Lizard’s pearl. ‘This thing’s power is that of a seven-tiered beast. I could try using it to help me break through to an Agility level later,’ Zephyr thought. ‘I should save it for future use. I just crossed a new boundary after all,’ he pondered further as he kept it safe.

An unwavering roar rang throughout his surroundings. Three small dragon visages danced among the scales. Among them, one of them had an electrical air around it. Zephyr closed his eyes to focus his attention on this feeling.

It had been three days since Zephyr fell into the quicksand. Within these three days, Zephyr had strengthened his foundation to this level, grasping the power before him. His Might has also further augmented his electrical powers, increasing them by tenfold. One could say Zephyr had become a new person. He could feel how powerful he had become.

Before, Zephyr had struggled against the Sun guardian and his team. Now, Zephyr was sure he could kill all of them. “Although I’m just a Strength of level nine, I definitely have the strength of an Agile of level four!” Zephyr gasped. He had no doubts were he to finish of an Agile of level three. ‘I wonder how strong I’d be once I reach an Agility state…' Zephyr thought. “The Way of the Dragon really is something else. Having this with me, I would no doubt reach the top of the martial arts world!” Zephyr concluded, eyes full of hope. At the same time, he studied his rune, concluding it had become stronger than the Lizard’s.

Now, Zephyr had two abilities. One of them was mastery over lightning. The other was a technique that would attack his opponent’s spirit directly. This was an overpowering unblockable move. Once a fighter’s spirit was destroyed, they would be nothing but a husk of their former selves.

“This is just the beginning, I’m sure this rune will become even stronger…”