Chapter 171
This girl’s battle power was far superior than most, though Zephyr had little information on her. The reason she was called the ‘Meteor Queen’ stemmed from a battle she once had where she summoned a great meteor down upon another older, legendary fighter. After that, she was henceforth referred to as the Meteor Queen. It was said her battle prowess could be compared to that of a Goddess, capable of communicating with meteors. Of course, the ‘Queen’ part of her name stemmed from her impeccable beauty and elegance, on par with the images of how queens looked like. Though, the odd characteristic was that she often went barefoot, this left many men in manic envy.

‘Is this the future Meteor Queen?’ Zephyr thought as he looked her up and down, taking great notice of her feet. “You’re strong, but that Springwater belongs to me!” the girl said once more. “Well then, give me some evidence!” Zephyr demanded. “Unless you can, this belongs to me now! The spoils of battle!” he continued. “It’s mine!” the girl said, demanding. “No, it’s mine now!” Zephyr said as he rolled his eyes. “Mine!” the girl screamed. “Stubborn, are we?” Zephyr teased. “It's in my possession, so it’s mine! Leave me alone!” he retorted the barefooted person. “Everyone keeps stealing my things and bullying me!” the girl cried, her expression changed from that of stubbornness to a waterfall of tears. Her eyes were wet and red as if she was on the verge of tears.

“God damn it, fine!” Zephyr huffed, he had no words. He started to wonder, was this immature little girl really the future, revered Meteor Queen? “Fine fine fine, it’s yours it’s yours! I fought tooth and nail for this, at least give me some compensation for it!” Zephyr said. Although the Springwater was very valuable, it was not something he needed. Besides, the girl had not made any moves to kill him in their bout earlier. Therefore, Zephyr did not want to trouble her further. However, what truly put him over the edge was the girl’s wet, red eyes. Zephyr knew if they had continued, she would no doubt cry. Had the others from his previous life known that Zephyr had made the Meteor Queen cry, many would no doubt stare at him in disbelief. Though, he was used to that by now.

“Here, take these!” the girl said as she pulled a ring off her finger. In a flash, a bunch of items appeared on the floor. There were pills, poultices, and scoreboards that littered the ground. ‘“The heck? A hundred over points? How many had she killed?’ Zephyr thought as he looked at the items on the ground. If it were not for his own prowess, he would not have so easily battered her around.

“Eh?” Suddenly, Zephyr took notice of a ring. The ring was a white colored jade. Upon it carved many different runes. Although it looked old and common, it made Zephyr’s heart race. This was a loot ring! He noticed the ring she took off was a loot ring as well, albeit one of higher quality. Seeing the girl’s indifferent expression made Zephyr tiresome. ‘She’s filthy rich, isn’t she?’ Zephyr thought as he stared at the girl in disbelief.