Chapter 173
Zephyr felt as though there was some prideful, higher power that stood before him. Its presence made him uneasy. Finally, Zephyr put his all into focusing upon it, observing the force closely. He realized he could only look at a portion of it. It was a god ray. This ray of divine light looked very common, yet had the power to decimate any being. Even just being near it was enough to cripple someone.

Zephyr’s heart raced as he realized he was looking upon an unbelievable sight. This was a divine weapon. Although Zephyr could only make out half of it, he noted the many, many different engravings upon it. The weapon was covered in a storm of electricity. One could even compare it to a Thunder God.

“What is this?” Before Zephyr could continue, a great boom was heard. Such a force sent him flying out of his spirit realm, back into the corporeal world. “What power!” Zephyr sighed, after regaining his composure. He was shocked to the core. Although he had only seen half of the divine weapon, the power he had felt from it was unforgettable. ‘I have no right to hold that weapon! No, not in this state!’ Zephyr thought. “However, I’ve already unlocked a portion of it. If I continue to improve, no doubt will I be able to wield it in due time!”

Zephyr was not going to give up so easily. He took a few more deep breaths, and focused on his spirit once more. He slowly closed his eyes. The divine weapon was too strong, Zephyr’s spirit realm could not hold it much longer. ‘I’ve already made it to a Strength of level nine, the next step would be the Agility level! I’ll have to work harder!’ Zephyr thought as he formulated a plan in his mind.

Given his condition, Zephyr would never make it to an Agility level in the Tournament. Fortunately, he had enough points now. He could currently put his mind elsewhere. The Land of Despair held many secrets and many treasures. As being here itself was a great opportunity already, Zephyr decided to capitalize on his time here. He needed to look for these treasures. ‘I’ll need to train for a few more days then! After that, I’ll pay my respects to the prince!’ Zephyr thought.

‘Eh?’ Zephyr thought, his eyebrows raised. With his new breakthroughs and powers, Zephyr was more attuned towards the signature of primordial energy. Zephyr could feel a great aura that hovered in the air. It was a strange, old aura. It emanated weird evils, yet had an air of divinity in it. This crisscross of energies left Zephyr curious. ‘This aura… it feels like… Yang?’ Zephyr thought and quickly turned to face the direction he felt it.

From afar, within a dark and mysterious mountain range, Zephyr felt its source. Only Zephyr could have felt this feeling as it possessed a powerful spirit and all. No one else but him could be this perceptive. “Hmm, he’s about to break through to become an Agile, what a guy!” Zephyr sighed. Yang was a prodigy on his own. For him to breakthrough into an Agile at his age, was cause for wonder and awe.