Chapter 184
“She’s so gorgeous!” After having gone through so many trials and tribulations, the talented fighters were overcome with lust as they witnessed the sight of a beautiful woman. Although each of them was powerful in their own right, they were still hot-blooded young men after all. Some of them dared to even walk up to her to shamelessly flirt with her.

However, one of the men suddenly remembered something and his expression drastically changed. He quickly pulled them aside and said, “Are you crazy? She’s…” Everyone’s faces blanched when they heard the name. As for the woman, she left without a word after she scanned the crowd.

Deep in a forest somewhere, a man slowly opened his eyes and a smile appeared on his cold face. "It's finally over. Thanks to Zephyr I was able to successfully advance to the next level!” The man was none other than Yang who had just advanced to the Agility level. This achievement had successfully boosted his energies manifold.

On another end, a group of men was galloping through a secret location. Leading the pack was the Ninth Prince as he sported an excited smile on his face. “Haha, we’re so lucky to get our hands on a tier-four beast’s pearl. This alone is worth ten thousand points. I’ll win the tournament for sure!” He then laughed maniacally, making him seem crazy.

“Yes, this time you’ll get into The Boundless Academy for sure!” chorused the four men beside him. It could be seen that they were all heavily injured by the fresh blood that flowed out of their wounds. At last, they would be rewarded for their contribution. Although they themselves would not be able to join The Boundless Academy, their families would be richly rewarded by the Ahi Dynasty. All they had to do was to leave the Land of Despair alive.

“Hurry! Let’s get back as soon as possible!” said a muscular man as he increased his speed. His eyes were full of anticipation of the reward he would soon receive.

More and more fighters came from all four corners of the Land and their movements created mini tornadoes along the way. They were visibly relieved that the long-running Inter-city Tournament had come to a close. The seemingly never-ending bloodshed had mentally exhausted them and they felt unable to go on any longer.

With so many fighters gathered in one place, it was a good opportunity for those less scrupulous to engage in the act of stealing points. However, no one was foolish enough for they knew they would never win against so many talented fighters. No one would benefit from another bloodshed. It was not easy surviving till now, therefore they did not think it was worth it to lose their lives over some points.

All the participants’ city mayors and elders all waited patiently outside at the Golden Devil’s entrance with worried expressions. This Inter-city Tournament had held great importance to them all for it possessed the ability to change their fates. Even if they were not chosen to join The Boundless Academy, the fact that their prodigies had come back alive was still cause for celebration as the participants were all the best of the best in their city. Surviving this would show that they were destined to become even stronger fighters in the future.

“It’s starting!” shouted Boxer who stood outside with a panicked look on his face. He kept on sneaking glances at the Golden Devil.

“What are you panicking about? It’s not the time yet,” said Bruce, unable to conceal a smile, though there was a hint of worry just the same as his friend.

Boxer squirted at Bruce and huffily said, “You’re one to talk.”

Bruce threw back his head in laughter as an admission of what Boxer had implied. In fact, the same could be said for all the other city mayors. A group of Grand Masters could be seen standing at the entrance of the Golden Devil. Their expressions were more stern than usual.

“It’s finally ending. I wonder how many of the talented fighters from the Ahi Dynasty would be chosen to join The Boundless Academy,” said one of the Grand Masters.

“At least one of them will become an Academy initiate, this will benefit the Ahi Dynasty greatly!” said someone standing next to him with stars shining in his eyes.

“You’re right!” chorused the rest of the group. They started to perform a series of hand movements to open up the Golden Devil. Thereafter, along with a loud crashing sound, a dark tunnel appeared in the middle of the swirling Golden Devil.

Somewhere in the sky, two people were having a discussion. Although they were being whipped by strong winds, they did not display any signs of discomfort at all. One of them was enveloped by flowing light while the other looked absolutely normal, except for the deep luster in his eyes.

They were none other than the Master of the Grand Masters with a status only second to The Emperor, the other was the Academy initiate who had happened to be the main organizer of the Inter-city Tournament.

“The tournament is finally ending after such a long time,” said the Academy initiate from The Boundless Academy with a soft smile on his lips.

“Yes. It was all due to your hard work,” replied the Master of the Grand Masters respectfully. He was careful not to cause any offense to the man from The Boundless Academy.

“Don’t mention it. It was my duty after all,” continued on the man said serenely.

“Do you already have a name in mind?” asked the Master of The Grand Masters curiously.