Chapter 185
“A few names actually.” The Academy representative smiled enigmatically. Everything that happened within the Land of Despair was under his control so no one would be a better judge than him.

“The Ninth Prince from my dynasty possesses great skill so I’m sure he would have gotten a lot of points. I hope it’s not too much to ask but I would be more than grateful if you were able to take him under your wings once he’s in The Boundless Academy,” said the Master of the Grand Masters.

“Hmm...” A mysterious smile appeared on the man’s face. “He will be the one taking care of me should he become an Academy representative.”

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Suddenly, a group of men rushed out from the Golden Devil.

“They’re finally here!”

“Took them long enough.”

“You brat, I was so worried about you!”



There was an air of happiness as the fighters flooded in. Many were reunited with their mayors or masters. The mayors and masters who were unsuccessful in search for their disciples all had an expression that warned the others to not approach them. Many of whom did not dare to approach as they themselves would not want to cause a scene. This was because watching other skilled fighters return meant that theirs have been taken out.

“Why isn’t he out yet?” muttered Boxer to himself in a state of panic as he continuously scanned the Golden Devil for signs of Yang. It was obvious he had been worried sick for Yang’s safety.

“Don’t worry. Yang is strong and calm in the face of danger. I’m sure he’s fine,” said Bruce comfortingly. However, his eyes were filled with worry as Zephyr had not appeared either.

“You’re right. My disciple would not be taken out so easily,” said Boxer, nodding in approval as he clenched his fist. It was obvious he was trying to convince himself of what he just said.

A figure that emitted a cold aura flew out from the Golden Devil. His strong aura made the surrounding fighters involuntarily take some steps back. Even the group of Grand Masters were surprised at the imposing aura. He was none other than Yang. His complexion was as cold as ice and there was a certain calmness in his eyes.

“This kid’s aura is strong! He’s definitely stronger than most of the people here.” The crowd was filled with admiration while the other city mayors became filled with envy and tried to find out which city he was from. The mayor of Claymore in particular was staring at Yang with a murderous expression in his eyes. This was because Yang’s safe return did not bode well for his son who was still inside the Land of Despair.

“Well done!” commended Boxer with a booming voice. “What took you so long though? I thought you were as good as gone.” He then slapped Yang at the back of his head, though his face was one of happiness.

“Yang, did you come across Zephyr?” asked Bruce in a panicky tone. How could he not be worried when there was still no sign of Zephyr?

“Once. He saved me back then,” replied Yang calmly.

“Saved you?” Even though Bruce still had no idea how Zephyr was doing, hearing Yang’s reply made him worry less.

“Yes, in terms of power, we’re about the same. I bumped into him a few days ago.” Yang was trying to comfort Bruce, though his cold tone could be mistaken as otherwise.

“What happened?” asked Boxer. His forehead scrunched up with worry.

Yang did not say anything and pointed at the Claymore’s mayor instead.

“I knew he would pull some shady sh*t!” Boxer’s face darkened at the implication.

“Don’t worry. His son is dead now,” replied Yang, calm as ever. A cold smile crept up his face.

Claymore’s mayor eyes widened at the news. “You *sshole! How dare you kill my son?”

“Oh pipe down! Your son deserved it for going after Yang,” Boxer argued without backing down. He then unleashed his true energy and went head-to-head with the mayor of Claymore.

“Stop at once!” commanded a furious Grand Master. “One should be prepared for death when one enters the Inter-city Tournament. It is unbecoming for the two of you to behave like this here.” His oppressive aura caused the sky to tremble and all the colors drained out of the onlookers’ faces. No one, including the mayor of Claymore dared to move after that. No matter how furious he was, he could only stare vehemently at Yang.

The seconds ticked by. At first, the participants came out in hordes of thousands, then hundreds, then tens until finally, none came out in the span of two hours.

Suddenly, a group of people rushed out from the gates with the Ninth Prince leading the pack. Their arrival was greeted by the smiling Grand Masters. Even the Master of the Grand Masters nodded his approval at them. However, the same could not be said for the Academy representative as his expression was unfathomable. “Participants, please present your scoreboards to The Boundless Academy’s disciples for recording purposes!” The man announced in a booming voice. Immediately, his disciples of the Agility level appeared on the grounds.

“Hand it over!”

“You there! Did you not hear the announcement?”

The Boundless Academy’s disciples did not waste time in pleasantries as they arrogantly ordered the participants around. To the disciples, these participants did not deserve their respect. Not until they had joined the Academy.