Chapter 187
Soon, more points appeared but none of them were as high as the three current highest points holders.

“It’ll be noontime soon. Shouldn’t we close the entrance now?” asked the Master of the Grand Masters after some consideration. No one had come out for a long time. The death of the participants were overshadowed by the surviving talented fighters’ performance as there was a high chance they would be initiated into The Boundless Academy.

“Let’s wait a little longer,” replied the Academy representative. He was frowning as if deep in thoughts.

‘Wait a little longer?’ thought the Master of the Grand Masters. He was curious to know the reason but dared not ask for it.

“I now proclaim that the Inter-city Tournament has officially ended,” announced the Grand Master that stood next to the entrance.

The city mayors who hoped for their participants to come out from the Land of Despair blanched at the announcement.

“How did it all end up like this?” asked a frustrated Bruce as he stared at the entrance. Boxer gently sighed as he patted him on the shoulder.

The Ninth Prince was even more arrogant than before. “I don’t know what you’re still doing in there but you I hope you never come out!” The thought of Zephyr surviving sent chills up his spine. However, it was no matter, there was no way he would be able to come out of the Land of Despair alive once the entrance of the Golden Devil was sealed off. ‘You might have gotten a lot of points but you’ll never surpass me!’ He laughed sinisterly inside his heart as hatred could be seen through eyes.

Suddenly, a loud earth-shattering noise vibrated through the air. The entrance that slowly closed was forced wide open as a figure shot through it. Everyone turned to look at the figure shrouded in majestic aura as he hovered in the air.

“Impossible!” the Ninth Prince cried out. He was just as shocked as everyone else.

A sudden energy in the form of an air wave rushed toward the Ninth Prince. The sudden attack was too powerful even for someone like him that he was sent flying through the air.

Blood coughed out from his mouth and it splattered all across the floor. He could hear a voice mocking him. “Sorry for that. It’s just hard to keep my power under wraps.” The voice belonged to a handsome young man who wore a long black robe. The young man looked at the Ninth Prince with a faint smile on his lips. The fact that he had hurt a prince did not seem to bother him at all.

Who else could this young man be but Zephyr! Instantly, he became the focus of everyone’s attention. After all, it was not an everyday occurrence that someone could be strong enough to send a prince who was destined to be initiated into The Boundless Academy flying through the air. Not to mention, no one would have the guts to do it.

“Zephyr!” The tension on Bruce’s body became visibly relaxed at his arrival. He would never be able to forgive himself should anything happen to Zephyr for he was the one who brought him here.

“You rascal,” said Yang with that usual icy expression of his, though there was no denying deep down he was happy to see Zephyr as well. Even the barefooted young woman was moved as evident by the tears that prickled her eyes.

“How dare you!” a Grand Master furiously shouted as the royal guards surrounded Zephyr.

“What did I do?” Zephyr asked innocently as he scanned the crowd.

“Which city are you from? How dare you raise your hand against a prince?” asked another Grand Master vehemently. He wished he could squeeze the life out of the cocky young man that stood in front of him with his bare hands right then and there. There was no way he would let any harm befall upon the Ninth Prince now that he had the chance of becoming The Boundless Academy’s apprentice..

“Hey, it’s his fault for standing so close to the entrance. The entrance was closing so you can’t blame me for being a little out of control with my speed,’ explained Zephyr with big-sad puppy dog eyes as if he was the victim in the matter.

Upon hearing that, the Ninth Prince’s face turned purple with rage. He was a hundred percent sure Zephyr attacked him on purpose.

“Enough!” said the Academy representative who watched all that had happened from afar. “Feed a drop of your blood to the scoreboard to reveal your score.” It was obvious he was trying to direct everyone’s attention from the matter at hand.

“He and his entire clan will pay for this transgression!”

“Yeah, he’s too reckless.”

“He looks so weak. I doubt he would have gotten many points. He was probably hiding someone far off, making him late.”

Zephyr paid no mind to the sea of people who spouted venom at him.

“Count yourself lucky you’ve managed to come back at all,” said the Ninth Prince coldly. “Mark my words, I’ll make you pay for what you did to me in the Land of Despair!”

Even the Ninth Prince’s threat was not enough to shake Zephyr out of his indifference as a hint of fierceness flashed through his eyes.

“Look at him. He’s only the Strength of level nine.”

“Even those of Agility level perished in the Inter-city Tournament. What’s more to say about a person with his level?”

“It’s pointless of him to reveal his score. There’s no chance of him being initiated into The Boundless Academy at all.”

They all shook their heads when they found out about his level. It never once crossed their minds that he was not as weak as they thought. Of course, there was also the matter of him harming the prince so it was natural for them to distance themselves from him.

Bruce was not spared from the ostracization as some of the city mayors who were normally close to him started to distance themselves from him too. Only Boxer stuck by his side as he coldly scanned the crowd.