Chapter 189
However, the Ninth Prince knew that he should not act rashly towards Zephyr, for the latter’s status had been elevated to an apprentice of The Boundless Academy that even a prince such as he would not be able mock.

‘D*mn you, Zephyr, just you wait. It’s true I won’t be able to do anything to you in broad daylight now, but when night falls… You’ll surely pay for this,’ thought the Ninth Price. Zephyr must have sensed the prince’s hatred when he turned around to look at him.

“Huh!” scoffed Zephyr, not at all intimidated by the Ninth Prince.

The nation was struck with bouts of festivities. Zephyr becoming an Academy apprentice was likened to a Magikarp evolving to a Gyrados. The whole of Starlight and the Khan Clan’s status had been elevated too!

There was even a chance for the Khan Clan to become the most powerful clan in the kingdom now! It was general knowledge that not anyone could become an apprentice of The Boundless Academy.

“Not bad, not bad at all,” said the Academy representative. He then discussed a few things with Zephyr before taking his leave.

“From today onwards, Starlight will be elevated from its small town status to the most powerful city in the kingdom and it is all because of you,” commented the Master of the Grand Masters who looked at Zephyr with a face full of smiles and friendliness. His intention was to forever bind the kingdom to Zephyr.

Zephyr knew what the Master of the Grand Masters was trying to achieve, but he did not say anything. His attention was fully taken up by the anxiety in his heart, it was as if something big was going to happen. So, after the pleasantries, he immediately took his leave.

Due to his newly elevated status, Zephyr had been given the best room in the Dragonboat which was a far cry from his previous room. He slowly trained himself in the room and gathered a vast amount of primordial energy. Although he had earned the spot of being an Academy apprentice, he dared not waste time on anything else other than his training. This was because he knew that his level of power was only peanuts compared to the others in The Boundless Academy.

He would still probably be stuck in the Land of Despair if it was not for the fact that he had woken up after the Chrono Grass was used up. In his room, he continued on his quest of trying to comprehend the Divine Spear’s apparition in his mind. Thunder and lightning crashed in his Spirit Realm and in the middle of it was the terrifying Divine Spear. It seemed to be imbued with a divine power that was capable of razing everything to the ground.

The Divine Spear was so huge that there was only a little part at the end that Zephyr could comprehend. The Divine Spear would be revealed in all its glory once Zephyr successfully comprehended the last part. With that, he would be able to use its force.

‘I can’t wait!’ thought Zephyr as he continued on, going deeper into his state. Although he did not have the help of the Chrono Grass this time, he was confident that it was only a matter of time before he would complete the Divine Spear’s comprehension. The rune between Zephyr’s brow never stopped blinking as it filled his room with mysterious beams of light. The days melted into one another with Zephyr not resting or eating. Bruce, who stayed in the room next to Zephyr, could feel waves after waves of powerful aura that emitted from Zephyr’s room.

‘How freaking powerful is this kid?’ he wondered to himself, shocked at the over-domineering power. Even he, with all his years of experience, had never come across a power so terrifying.

One day, while he was still in the state of training, Zephyr suddenly heard a loud crashing news that came from outside. He swiftly opened his eyes and the rune between his brow flashed brightly. Anyone with eyes could tell he had become even more powerful than before.

‘What’s going on?’ A hint of surprise flashed across his face as he sensed that the Dragonboat was landing. ‘Surely we have not made it to Starlight yet,’ he thought to himself.