Chapter 192
Meanwhile, as Frederick discussed the next steps with his crew, he suddenly felt a powerful wave of energy. The sheer amount of power had drastically changed his demeanor to high alert. He wondered who had dared to cause offense to Zephyr when he saw the young man’s vehement expression.

“When can we set sail?” asked Zephyr.

“We’ll need half a day more to fully replenish the Dragonboat,” answered Frederick.

“Half a day more?” repeated Zephyr with a frown. He was afraid that half a day might be too late to save his clan.

“Master Zephyr, if you’re in a rush to go home, might I suggest you take the Cryptic mount?” said Frederick carefully when he noticed Zephyr’s upcoming panicked expression.

“What Cryptic mount?” asked Zephyr, narrowing his eyes.

“We have a tier-two beast, the Cloud-piercing Eagle, for emergency purposes…”

Zephyr did not wait for Frederick to finish his sentence. With that little information, he immediately left the room in haste. By the time Frederick and the rest of the crew recovered from their surprise, they could already hear a high-pitched screech from a bird in the sky.

With a shout, Zephyr flew up to the sky on the Cloud-piercing Eagle. The Cloud-piercing Eagle was around ten meters tall with black feathers. It did not take the duo long to disappear far into the distance within a blink of an eye.

Frederick was still confused at exactly what had happened. Moreover, he too, started to get the feeling that something big was about to happen. Bruce and the rest of the guards arrived back at the Dragonboat not long after Zephyr’s departure. They all had puffy red faces and gasped for air from the sprint here.

“Where’s Zephyr?” asked Bruce, not bothering to explain what was going on.

“He flew off on the Cloud-piercing Eagle. Did something happen? Why’re you all panicking?” said Frederick.

“While we were strolling about, we overheard someone saying that some skilled fighters were attacking the Khan’s clan as of now,” replied one of the guards.

“What?!” Frederick’s neck began to prickle with fear at the thought of an all-out war that was about to happen.

Zephyr was the kingdom’s most important genius right now, and not to mention the newly acquired Academy apprentice of The Boundless Academy. Should anything bad happen to Zephyr, it would be Frederick’s head on the chopping board.

“Sh*t! Why are you all still standing here doing nothing? Quickly replenish the Dragonboat’s energy now!” ordered Frederick furiously.

Although the Cloud-piercing Eagle was a two-tier beast with a natural thirst for blood, it was immediately intimidated by Zephyr’s terrifying aura. It mustered all its energy and flew as fast as it could. However, it felt like it was still not fast enough for Zephyr for he became more and more anxious as each second passed.

Zephyr started to come up with a list of people who could possibly dare to go after the Khan Clan. He remembered the Sun guardian had mentioned that the Zane guardian was seeking revenge against the Khan Clan.

‘No, it can’t be him. The Zane guardian doesn’t have the power to go against my clan. It could also be other skilled fighters like the Leed Clan from Celadon.’ Zephyr debated with himself internally. He would not be too worried if the attackers were from the two clans that he thought about. Only one man worried him, and that man was the Ninth Prince.

‘You better not do anything stupid or else…’ The expression on Zephyr’s face left no room for doubt. It looked as though he was prepared to go all out.

Meanwhile, at Starlight, the sound of terrifying explosions could be continuously heard above the Khan’s home ground as fighters continuously fought with each other. Even the city guards were deployed to fight off the intruders.

“People of Celadon, how dare you show your face in Starlight?” Linus asked with a roar of fury. There was a stubborn determination on his face as he stared them down.

“No one would miss a backwater town like Starlight when we completely wipe it out from the face of the planet!” said a young man that wore shining armor and wielded a sword. “This is what you get for going against the Celadon’s Leed Clan!”

Linus’ face became darker and darker as the intruders’ attacks kept overpowering them. He and the rest of the group could only stall the enemies for a while. This meant that the Khans were playing right into their hands as the enemies had already sent out vast amounts of skilled fighters to wipe out the Khan Clan. He only hoped that they would be able to come out of this alive.