Chapter 193
‘Please come back as soon as possible,’ thought Linus as he tightly gripped the spear in his hand. It could be seen that he had sustained multiple injuries. It was getting more and more impossible for him to hold off the intruders much longer. With a burst of energy, he screamed at the Leed Clan’s fighters once more. “Dieeeeeeee!”

Typhoon Khan and two elders appeared outside of Khan’s home ground. Their eyes bore looks of murderous intent as they exuded their energy across the ground. This caused the air around them to shake for their high Agility levels.

“Haha, your attacks are useless on me!” said a mocking voice. An elderly man with a terrifying aura slowly walked into their vision. The giant bird he conjured out of thin air easily took out Typhoon and the two elders.

“Brother Zane, you’ve improved a lot!” The two men praised the power of the elderly man. Their skeletal faces and hunched bodies made it seem like they could trip and die from old age anytime. However, Typhoon and the two elders could sense a bone-chilling terrifying aura that exuded off them and they could not help but become worrisome.

The only reason they were able to take out the Agility level four Sun guardian was because he had sustained internal injuries prior to the fight which greatly limited his combat power. Even so, it took them great effort to win over the fight. They were right to worry this time. This was because before them, stood three Agility level fighters.

“You’re from the Leed Clan!” cried out the Khan’s Big Elder when he recognized one of the old men from the group.

“Bingo!” said the Leed Clan’s elder with a smile.

With this, Typhoon and the two elders’ faces became even darker as the pressure on them had doubled. What hope did the Khan Clan have against a clan as powerful as the Leed Clan?

“Master!” Inside the Khan’s family home main hall, the Khan elders and elite all stood on their grounds as they glared with stubborn eyes at Spout Khan.

“Master, we’ll never leave here,” said a twenty-something-year-old youth determinedly.

“Yes, we’ll never turn our backs on the Khan Clan!”

“I’m willing to give up my life for the Khan Clan!”

Their cries moved Spout for their loyalty was the foundation of the Khan Clan’s greatness. Spout was confident that, if given enough time, the Khan Clan would be able to become the most powerful clan in the kingdom. Alas, that opportunity was slipping through his fingers as more attacked came by.

“Silence!” boomed Spout. He turned to face them with eyes as fierce as a beast. He scanned the room and continued on in a furious tone, “People are fighting outside as we speak! Even the elders have taken up arms, and for what? So that you young elites would be able to escape and build up our clan again!” He trembled with the resignation of it all. “The enemies we are facing now are more powerful than the Khan Clan so you all must get out of here alive!” His expression became filled with pain.

“Master, I don’t want to go. I want to stay and fight off the enemy!” said a nine-year-old boy with raised fists, unwilling to give up. Knowing this, everyone became even more dejected. They had finally realized just how dire of a situation they were in.

“You must all listen to me for I am the Master of this clan!” roared Spout.

Everyone stayed rooted in their spot. Not one of them was willing to carry the burden of survivor’s guilt.

“Leave now! Do you really wish for our blood to be completely wiped out?” roared Spout louder than before.

Finally, a Khan man spoke up to the woman beside him, “I’ll leave the kids to you. Please take care of them well.” Then, he turned to the rest of the group and said, “All the women should take the kids and leave!” It was then decided that the men of this clan would stay back and fight while the women would escape with the kids.

‘Please stay away from here, Zephyr. You’re our Khan Clan’s last hope,’ thought Spout as he closed his eyes in defeat.