Chapter 195
“Take no prisoners! Kill them all!” The intruders' battle cries sent their blood pumping.

Suddenly, wave after wave of thunderous sound rolled in from somewhere in the city. All the fighters halted in their charge and directed their attention to where the sound came from. These fighters were greeted with a strong push from the wild true energy that clashed in the air.

Typhoon spurted out a gush of blood from his mouth and collapsed on the ground like a sack of rice. More blood spilled out from Typhoon as he tried to heave himself up from the ground. The other two elders were sent flying through the air as he tried to get up.

“This is what you get for messing with the Zane Clan,” said the Zane guardian with murderous intent. He still could not forget the despair he felt when he found his clan to be completely wiped out after returning home from his training. He vowed to not rest until each and every one of the Khan Clan members had been buried six feet under the ground.

“The three of you should give yourself a pat on the back for lasting this long,” said one of the Leed elders.

“Yes, it’s a shame for all of you to die here, because if given more time the Khan Clan would have surely been the most powerful clan in Starlight,” said the other elder in a sinister tone.

“Typhoon, how are you holding up?” asked the Khan elder with the signs of fatigue that was etched on his face.

“I won’t die so easily,” replied Typhoon in a low voice as he wiped the blood away from his mouth. He was the weakest of the three; so he had sustained greater injuries. Then, with gritted teeth, he muttered to himself, “I must fight them off no matter what!” He ignored the agonizing pain that racked his body and readied himself for another attack.

Typhoon and the two Khan elders would not have lasted this long were it not for their strong spirit and the thought of stalling enough time for their people to escape. Only then, would the Khan Clan be able to rebuild itself to its former glory!

“D*mn it. They’re trying to stall us so the others can escape,” roared the Zane guardian when the realization of what they were doing dawned on him.

“What?” cried out the other two elders simultaneously. Their expressions immediately changed.

“Kill them all!” he shouted. His command was mixed with the sound of weapons clashing, and it never stopped echoing throughout the place. Alas, the end of the Khan Clan seemed to be near. Moreover, not one member had successfully escaped even though the calvaries had tried their best to fight off the intruders. The thought of preserving the Khan’s bloodline spurred them on to fight with every ounce of their last strength.

“Hahaha, fall into despair with the futility of it all!” said the Leed fighters who all broke out in cruel laughter.


The atmosphere started to reek with the Khans’ desperation. There seemed to be no end in sight of escape from the intruders who became progressively more aggressive at their impending victory.

“We must ensure the survival of the others even if it means losing our lives!” cried Spout as he cut down an intruder with his sword. Alas, they were outnumbered and the Khan Clan could only stare helplessly as their members were cruelly picked off, one after another. In the end, Spout was sent flying to the air when he was attacked by six Strength of level nine fighters at the same time.

“Is this really the end for us?” asked Spout in a faint voice. He started to rage against the gods. How could they let this happen to his clan when they were on their way to going down in history as the most powerful clan in the world?

Suddenly, a powerful stream of energy shot up to the sky like a dragon as the air around Starlight crackled with electric currents. Wave after wave of the same powerful energy washed over the city, shocking everyone. Even the Leed fighters all quaked in their boots when faced with the seemingly godly energy.

“Where did it come from?”

“What’s going on?”

“Who does this energy belong to?”

Every fighter in Starlight turned their wide-opened eyes to the direction of the energy. All they could see was a black figure that was advancing towards them at the speed of light. As the figure got closer, they could clearly make out that it was Zephyr who rode on the Cloud-piercing Eagle. The flappings of the beast’s wings cut through the air with a sharp sound as if the sky was being torn apart.

“It’s a Cloud-piercing Eagle! A tier-two beast!”

“Who could possibly command such a beast?”

“Look, there’s someone on top of the beast!”

They were of course talking about Zephyr who currently stared down at them with cold eyes.


“It’s Master Zephyr!”

Spout and the rest of the Khan Clan began to jump with joy. Their confidence had been restored with Zephyr’s arrival.

“Huh! Only Strength of level nine! I was expecting somebody more powerful than that,” said the Zane guardian mockingly. “How nice of him to serve himself up on a platter like this.” His sentiment was received positively by the two Leed elders.