Chapter 197
No one dared make a move, nor a sound. They had done nothing but stare at the young man who just brutalized a powerful guardian before them. Instantaneously.

“What… What just… happened?”

Within that newly made ditch lay nothing but a muddy pile of flesh and blood. A truly horrible sight to see. There were no doubts as to Zephyr’s power now. He had just made do with an Agile of level three easily.

“Brother!” the remaining Leed guardian cried out. He then charged at Zephyr in a manic fashion. He was as fast as lightning. His face contorted into a horrible sight as he charged at Zephyr with reckless abandon, sending forth all his energies to meet with the Khan. “Die, c*r!” he shouted. “My lord, be careful!” the Khan cried out.

“Hmph!” Zephyr scoffed, not moving a muscle. He calmly stood there as the guardian charged forward. Suddenly, he vanished, leaving no trace for the onlookers. “It’s your turn, old man!” an icy voice called out from nowhere. The Leed guardian became more alert. “No! How?!” the guardian cried, unable to comprehend as to what had happened. How could Zephyr just disappear like that?

Suddenly, a great force came from behind him. Zephyr’s right hand rushed forth like a dragon claw, and it grabbed onto the guardian’s neck. Before the guardian could react, Zephyr had crushed his windpipe. Thereafter, Zephyr picked up the guardian, before smashing him into the ground again. And again. And again. And again. And again.

All the fighters could only watch in horror as Zephyr mangled the Leed guardian once more. Zephyr’s expression was cold and merciless, like a monster. The Leed guardian could not defend himself at all. He could only gasp and cry out in agony. Soon, a pool of blood formed beneath them. Another Leed guardian had fallen.

Zephyr stood there, unbeaten and unchallenged. The remaining Leed fighters could only watch in horror, mouths agape with ice in their veins. They felt like they were facing a monster, a beast. Zephyr’s gaze turned to the last remaining Agile, the most powerful one at that — the Zane guardian. “You young’un!” the guardian cried, unable to accept that a measly Strength of level nine had just murdered two Agiles of level three just like that with little to no effort. Even the experienced guardian felt a chill run down his spine. ‘He must die today!’ the Zane guardian thought as his eyes flashed deadly intent.

He made the first move, coming fast at Zephyr. “Zephyr boy! Watch out!” spat Spout through a mouthful of blood. He could sustain himself no longer, falling to the ground as his vision faded. His injuries were too severe.

“Sons of Khan, attack! Khan Riders, go!” Zephyr calmly commanded as he faced the Zane guardian’s attack unwaveringly. “Charge!” the Khan yelled, inspired by Zephyr’s call to action. “Only dead men would provoke the Khan!” Mason howled.

“Die!” the Zane guardian cried out, his silhouette quickly appeared beside Zephyr with an attempt to envelop him. At this moment, Zephyr had let out a burst of energy. As their forces collided, the whole of Starlight shook. A thunderous clap rang out through the streets. The two began their battle as they exchanged and deflected blow, after blow, after blow. Unwavering and ungiving.

Suddenly, Zephyr shot out a fist, Earth-shatterer! This fist came like a mountain, and it packed a punch akin to a hill. It came strong as it struck through the air. At the same time, Zephyr summoned the energy from the three scales, bolstering his attack by threefold. “Die, kid!” the Zane guardian cried out, displaying a final attack as he felt the rush of Zephyr’s oncoming attack.

Once again the two traded blows. However, the Zane guardian’s expression swiftly changed. The force that came forth was too strong. He could not even react before he was blown away. The guardian was blown back several steps before everyone’s eyes. ‘Impossible!’ the Khan people thought. They could only stare wide-eyed at Zephyr like he was a monster. He was the one they wished to protect earlier! How could a Strength of level nine overpower an Agile of level four? Impossible!

‘This b*stard continues to surprise…’ Spout thought with a shiver as he watched the calm and indifferent Zephyr. ‘He’s grown up brother, he’s grown up,’ Spout thought. “Die! Kill these bastards!” a Khan called out, rallying themselves for one final push against the Leed. Zephyr’s power had empowered the Khan, his presence had given them newfound confidence in this battle.