Chapter 229
Maxim and his group of initiates quickly raced towards a mountain peak. The top of the mountain was shrouded in clouds and mist. The closer they got to the mountain, the more they could feel powerful energy exuding off it.

The group of initiates was made up of Zephyr, Yang, and five others. Each of the five was equally talented and amongst the seven of them, there was only one female initiate. Along the way, none of the five initiates paid any attention to Zephyr. After all, it would not benefit them to waste their time on a talentless person. The same thing could not be said for Yang though.

However, Yang had the same cold personality as Maxim, so he did not really join in their conversation. What really puzzled the five others was the seemingly close bond between Yang and Zephyr. When did the strongest of them all and the weakest of them all become such good friends?

“Don’t mind them. I’m sure even with your abysmal talent you’ll become stronger if you’re willing to train hard,‘ said Vert as he tried to console the younger man.

“That’s very kind of you, Vert,” replied Zephyr with a smile.

“Our peak doesn’t have a lot of initiates so we must all stick together. Our unity is what makes us strong.” It was obvious from Vert’s tone that he showed deep attachments towards Supreme Peak. “Our master is a man of few words, but he truly deeply cares about every one of us. You’ll see that once you get to know him.”

Zephyr acknowledged what he said with a nod. Soon after, the group arrived at Supreme’s Peak. The peak was filled with a chilly aura and a vast amount of primordial energy. Zephyr found himself to be enjoying the presence of it all. ‘This is the perfect training ground,’ he thought to himself while he scanned his surroundings.

The main peaks of The Boundless Academy were all suspended in mid-air. Surrounding the peaks were countless glistening runes which created a powerful formation. The group passed through the barrier and was greeted with a beautiful view of many buildings.

Maxim then led his group to one of the many buildings. Outside the building, there was a spacious square and there were already ten or so people who waited for them there. The leader of the group was a likeable chubby man with a friendly smile. His smile lit up even more when he saw Maxim.

“Maxim! How did everything go? I heard all the initiates assigned to you were all of exceptional talents. Is the initiate from the Ancient Draconic bloodline with you?” asked the chubby man animatedly.

“Yes, he is,” replied Maxim. His expression became softer at the sight of the chubby man before him. ”Everyone say hello to my clan-brother, Dewey Hobbs!”

“Hello, master Dewey!” chorused the initiates.

“Hello and welcome!” Then Dewey turned to Maxim and said, “It must’ve been difficult to get your hands on the initiate with Ancient Draconic bloodline! That Ethan surely used all the tricks up his sleeves to prevent you from doing so,” said Dewey.

At this, Maxim’s expression became one of resignation as he glanced at Zephyr. “I’ll tell you all about it once inside. Yang, you come too!”

“All of you, feel free to take a look around. We have plenty of rooms and you may choose one to your liking.” The initiates began to relax once Maxim, Dewey and Yang went inside.

“Come on, Zephyr. I’ll show you around,” said Vert with a smile.

“Thanks!” said Zephyr, returning Vert’s smile.

The Supreme Peak was indeed a huge place. Under Vert’s guidance, Zephyr found a quiet place to settle in. The primordial energy there was also thicker than the rest of the place which suited him well. The room was clean and had all the necessities one would need.

After some light tidying up, Zephyr and Vert sat down for some rest.

“Our master can be cold sometimes but I cannot stress how good he really is to us. He would not solely outcast you just because of your weak talent,” said Vert. He was worried Zephyr might become demotivated by Maxim’s indifference.

“Don’t worry about it. I won’t take it to heart,” replied Zephyr with a nod. He did not know whether to laugh or cry at the fact that everyone had mistakenly thought he had a weak talent just because of what happened at the talent test.

“By the way, why did all the elders want to get their hands on Yang and the two others so much?” Zephyr had been curious about this for the longest time.

“Our master will explain to you all in good time. But I’ll tell you now since you’ve asked. According to history, in the times of Ancient Draconic, the primordial energy was much more than what we have now. This brought on great development in the world of martial arts, which then beget an infinite number of academies. However, the good times did not last long...