Chapter 238
Therefore, no one could blame Maxim for letting out a cold shoulder towards Zephyr. This did not slip the notice of all the disciples in the room and it caused them to smile bitterly at themselves. There was no question of it — Zephyr had become Maxim’s punching bag.

Zephyr became dispirited when he noticed the other disciples’ side-eyed gaze upon him. However, it was not as if he did not want to progress to another level. He knew that in his pocket, he had a Dragon Lizard’s pearl, and once consumed he would be able to advance straight to an Agility of level two. The reason he did not do so was that he felt he was close to a breakthrough, so there was no need to waste a perfectly good pearl. He felt it was best to build up his foundation and to go with the flow.

“Brother, all the disciples are here. Shall we begin?” Dewey asked with a gesture towards the disciples as a way to divert the attention of everyone away from Zephyr.

“Yes.” Maxim had no choice but to tamper down his anger and speak to the crowd before him, “The reason I’ve gathered you all here today is to announce something important. There will be a martial art competition every three months for the new disciples. The point of the competition is to see how far you’ve progressed being here.”

‘Three months? But we’ve only been here for only a month,’ Zephyr thought with a puzzled look on his face.

“It’s only a simple competition so not all main peaks will participate. At most it will be a competition between two or three main peaks,” said Dewey, continuing on in Maxim’s place. "In order to ensure fairness, the competing peaks will be determined by drawing lots! Unfortunately, we’ll be competing against our number one rival this time — the Cloudemon Peak!”

At this, Zephyr finally understood why Maxim was in such a bad mood. He had known from their previous encounter that Maxim and Ethan were at deep odds with each other. Not to mention that the Cloudemon Peak had stronger disciples as compared to SupremePeak.

“Of course, we’re just drawing lots now. The real competition will be held two months from now. So, advance as much as you can with your training before then!” Maxim said while staring pointedly at Zephyr, leaving the latter with no doubt that the aforementioned words were directed towards him.

Zephyr became even more dispirited. ‘Am I not training hard enough?’ he questioned himself while he thought about all the training he had gone through in this one month.

“Another thing to take note of, remember to help each other out should any one of you come across any issues in your training,” Dewey mentioned as he sneaked an underlying glance at Vert.

“Yes, master!” Vert replied as the other disciples chorused the same sentiment.

Although their numbers were few, they made it up with their unity. That was the reason why Supreme Peak did not really lag behind by too much.

“Brother, you’re being too harsh on Zephyr. He wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Ethan. Why get all riled up about him when we all know he has a weak talent to begin with?” Dewey carefully spoke when all the disciples had left the main hall and were out of earshot.

“The fact that he’s here makes him my disciple! He should be training harder to make up for his weak talent,” said Maxim calmly.

Once outside the halls, Vert took this opportunity to speak to Zephyr. “Zephyr, the reason you haven’t broken through the Agility level is because you have a weak talent. The Boundless Academy is filled with thick primordial energy, what I meant to say is that the other disciples are progressing at lightning speed. You should spend more time training if you want to catch up to them.”

“Brother Vert, it’s not like I don’t want to advance to the Agility level as soon as possible,” said Zephyr helplessly. There was no way he could explain to him how hard it would be to break through with the Dragon’s Might.

“There’s no denying you have exceptional combat power. So now, there are two choices for you. One, continue on with your training to level up your martial art skills and experience. Two, accumulate enough points to train in the

Tower of Primordial Energy.”

“Tower of Primordial Energy? What’s that?”

“The Tower of Primordial Energy is a special place in The Boundless Academy. The amount of primordial energy inside the tower is way more than anywhere else. Your training speed will increase by tenfold should you train inside.”

“Tenfold!?” Zephyr could not wait to earn enough points to train there.

“However, even the worst room in the tower would require five hundred points for an hour of use. So I would advise you to go there if you have extra points lying around. If you don’t, I don’t mind lending you some of my points,” Vert shared with a smile.