Chapter 246
In the village, a muscular man with a murderous aura patrolled the surrounding area with a weapon in his hand. Even till now, they had no idea who took down ten of their men.

“Sh*t, I couldn’t sleep well at all thanks to what happened last night! I can’t wait to torture the person once I get my hand on the culprit!” said a bandit angrily with a violent look in his eyes.

“Calm down! We’ve been searching for two hours and there’s still no signs of the culprit. He’s probably someplace far away now,” said a tall bandit calmly.

“I hope he doesn’t come back. Remember the hot chick we captured not long ago? How about we go and vent our anger out on her?” suggested a bandit with an evil and perverted face.

“Let’s go!” shouted the others excitedly as they rushed towards a wooden house. Soon, the sound of a woman crying could be heard from inside. The sound of her pitiful cries made the heartless bandits even more excited.

Right when they were about to reach the wooden house, a terrible force exploded. In the next instant, countless light beams rained down on them. The intruder’s punch was swift and powerful. The majestic true energy from the punch exploded the bandits’ bodies to bits.

When all the dust had settled, the surviving bandits saw Clay, who stood there with an enraged expression on his face. He did not hold back any of his attacks as he eradicated the bandits with his powerful cultivation. Although each of the bandits were quite strong, they were still no match for Clay.

“Let me help you, Clay,” said a calm voice suddenly. Then, Zephyr activated his Thunderfoot, drew out his sword, and sent out wave after wave of terrifying bladed energy. Instantly, the surviving bandits were enveloped in the bladed energy and dropped like flies.

Clay’s expression had darkened for he found himself to be enveloped in Zephyr’s bladed energy as well and had to put all his focus on deflecting Zephyr’s attack. This made it impossible for him to go and collect the Black Tiger Bandit cards.

“Oh no, stronger opponents are on their way here. Run, Clay.” Zephyr rescinded his bladed energy and collected the white-jade cards under the furious eyes of Clay. Then, he disappeared from where he was standing in a blink of an eye.

“That b*stard!” He could sense a terrifying aura that was made their way. Some of the auras were even more powerful than his. It was obvious that the Black Tiger Bandits had been alerted of commotion that went down here.

“D*mn you, Zephyr!” Clay’s face turned red with rage at the thought of Zephyr stealing his cards.

“Where do you think you’re going, punk?” a voice roared like thunder. “How dare you cause trouble in our territory! Die!” One palm attack after another descended violently from the sky, all of these were directed towards Clay as their target.

“Uh oh!” said Clay, on the verge of tears.