Chapter 39
Zephyr’s movement was too fast, too agile, a Strength of level seven could not have kept up. Zephyr was but a b*stard to Puck, how could he have overpowered him? Puck rattled his brain for an answer. Zephyr sent his knee into Puck’s gut once again, causing him to scream in pain.

“Where’s Leah?” Zephyr demanded, he did not want to waste anymore time. “Leah? Your maid? Hahaha… she was such a nice plaything, her skin was silky smooth, also, her moans were heavenly, hahaha…” taunted Puck. Zephyr, in his angered state, sent a fist towards Puck. Zephyr’s strength had exponentially increased since he began training under the Way, it was comparable to an Agility fighter’s, and did not lag behind either. Puck was not going to last long.

Fist, after fist, after fist, connected with Puck's face, and mouthful, after mouthful of blood flew out of Puck’s mouth. Cry, after cry, after cry, came and went, before long, Puck’s face was swollen and deformed. “Zephyr, you b*stard, the lord will never forgive you!” A nearby guard cried out. Although some of the guardsmen survived and were near, none dared stop him. “Not talking?” asked Zephyr, a forced smile on his face, he reeled for another punch. “I’ll talk, I’ll talk… please, stop,” Puck begged. Zephyr punched him anyway, this time, far worse than those before.

Under his flurry of punches, Puck had coughed up a lot of blood; his face turned pale, like paper. “Zephyr, why didn’t you stop?!” Puck demanded groggily. He could not help but ask this question even though he was concussed, and could even barely stay awake.. “Next time, answer quicker. Let’s continue…” Zephyr said as he reeled his fist again. “Stop! Stop, stop, stop! Please! Zephyr! Master Zephyr! No, Lord Zephyr, please! Please I’ll tell you everything, just stop!” begged Puck. “Leah was just sent to master Lincoln, she’s not with me…”

Before Puck could finish his sentence, a slash flew past him. Puck screamed. “My arm!” with a voice full of agony. Zephyr had chopped off Puck’s arm, and without a second thought, tossed Puck aside and sped off towards Lincoln. “My-My Lord, are you alright?” His servants rushed to ask him once Zephyr left. The people around quickly wiped their brows and tended to Puck. “No, I’m all-left now, f*ck you! Get me, my father, now! I will f*cking kill that dog!” Puck screamed, his screams were like a madman echoing in the courtyard.

Zephyr’s Lightfoot was in full throttle, his face filled with worry. “F*ck! In my past life, Leah killed herself to avoid being defiled by Lincoln! I’ve gotten a new chance now, I can’t just throw it away like that! Lincoln… you b*stard, I’m coming for you!”

Lincoln was the Khan’s medicine man. When Zephyr’s father was still around, Lincoln’s position was average, but soon after his father’s disappearance, after Mist took over the Khan, Lincoln immediately bounced his way up the social ladder. Now, Lincoln barely acknowledges Mist, assuming the Khan now belonged to him, and him alone. Many Khan members disliked Lincoln; he was bothersome at best, a bully at worst. However, the Khan needed Lincoln, for only he could give them what they needed.