Chapter 41
“What the… how? You didn’t die in the Feather Forest? Your powers managed to grow too?” mumbled Wesley, his eyes widened. He could not fathom how Zephyr had not only entered the dangerous Forest, but he even came out unscathed. Even the mere poison within the spirit pills were enough to kill Zephyr! According to their plans, the poison should have taken effect by now. But here he stood before him, all fine and dandy, overflowing with violent energies. “You sure are something else you b*stard!” Wesley hissed through his teeth.

“Enough! Where is Leah?!” demanded Zephyr, his body covered in righteous energy. “Leah? That harlot?” grinned Wesley, “Heh heh heh… she’s probably being spoiled rotten right about now!” Hearing this, Zephyr’s rage burst forth, his body quivered in anger. Was he too late? Even in a new life, was Leah’s fate sealed?

“Hahaha… die you b*stard!” Seeing Zephyr’s look of defeat, Wesley took this chance and sent forth his palm, letting it morph into a claw as it raced towards Zephyr’s face. As the claw approached, it emitted dark energies — wicked, evil, and poisoned, a truly terrible strike.

“Demon’s Claw!” yelled Wesley, as he unleashed his signature move upon Zephyr. This was Wesley’s strongest attack yet. He poured all his hatred and malice into this attack, were it to connect with Zephyr, it would drain away his energy channels, eating into his soul. Wesley could not help but flash a wicked grin as he saw his claw about to grab Zephyr. It was at this moment; a great wave of power came forth from Zephyr.

A great tide rolled forth, with it, a serpent-like blade waved in an out, shimmering in the light. Before Wesley’s Claw could so much as touch Zephyr, it had been utterly destroyed by Zephyr’s Blade, cutting through it like a hot knife through butter. “Begone,” Zephyr said, watching the look on Wesley’s face change significantly. Wesley could only watch as a great Blade rained down upon him, like the release of a guillotine. Wesley was knocked to the ground; the pressure was too much. He tried to raise his arm to defend himself, alas, it was swiftly followed by his scream of terror and agony as the air was suddenly filled with red mist; his arm had been lopped off.

“My…arm…” Wesley cried meekly as he rolled about on the floor. Seeing one of his most disdained enemies in this manner, Zephyr guffawed. He stepped forward with stride, like royalty, and only stopped to release a hellish foot upon Wesley’s chest. Zephyr watched Wesley’s face contort in both pain and terror, the color slowly drained from his devious face.

Wesley’s fear skyrocketed as he watched this once B*stard Prince having towered over him like the Reaper, he was unable to grasp how Zephyr could have improved so much, so quickly. It had only been two months since Zephyr left, that was all it took for him to shift the balance. “How did I lose to you?” spat Wesley, unable to admit defeat. “I would rather die than submit!” he chided. Zephyr smiled gently. The air gushed around them as Zephyr reeled back a fist, and called forth the energies to carry with it. Right as Zephyr was about to deliver the finishing blow, a great voice boomed forth from the pagoda.

“Don’t you dare!”