Chapter 43
A loud crack echoed throughout the courtyard, Zephyr had sent forth his fist to defend himself. Lincoln’s palm shattered, sending a stunning array of colors cascading across the sky. The punch did not stop there; however, it found its way to Lincoln’s actual palm with a sickening crunch, followed by screams of agony. Lincoln could not help but stare at his now broken arm, being helplessly flopped down next to him. Seeing this, Lincoln let out another shrill of cry. However, Zephyr did not stop, he grabbed Lincoln’s wrist and sent him tumbling into the air. Zephyr was already powerful, but his anger over Leah’s well-being sent him into a berserker rage.

Zephyr grabbed a hold of Lincoln, before pulling him down, back onto the ground, face first, each connection rang throughout the courtyard as the ground cracked under Lincoln’s jaw. Lincoln could only stare helplessly as he allowed Zephyr to manhandle him, never had he thought Zephyr could overpower him like that. However, these thoughts quickly dissipated, he knew, if he did not act fast, he would be torn in half. Zephyr’s moves were getting faster, stronger even. Lincoln was being tossed around like a dog toy. Zephyr was relentless, every disdain, contempt, anger, hate… everything that he felt for Lincoln, was put on display here.

Before he knew it, Lincoln spat out fresh splats of blood, staining his fine clothes, clothes that were now torn and tattered. He looked more hobo than honorary now. No one could tell this man was once a great and revered medicine man. “Hurry!” a voice came, it cut through Lincoln’s punishment. “Zephyr, what the f*ck are you doing?! Stop!” ordered the voice, loud and bashful. Mist Khan had arrived with a platoon of men, his face bore unending anger. “M-Mist Khan! How dare you humiliate me like this?! How dare you?!” called out Lincoln, face full of venom and blood, he stared daggers towards the Khan patriarch. “I am a revered medicine man, and yet, here I am, being manhandled by one of yours!” he continued. “Master Lincoln, please, this is all a misunderstanding!” Mist replied, flustered. Without the pills, no clan can be great. Without Lincoln, there can be no pills. However, as he saw everything before him, Mist felt a shiver go down his spine. He had never once thought to see Lincoln, bloodied and mangled, hanged over by Zephyr’s hand.

Beside Mist was Puck, brazened by his father’s presence, angrily called out to Zephyr, “Zephyr you c*r, let master Lincoln go!” Mist continued, “Zephyr, do you hear me? If it weren’t for your father, I would have removed you from the Khan long ago! Now get on your knees and beg for forgiveness, boy!” Zephyr ignored their demands and turned to Lincoln. “Lincoln. Where is Leah?” Zephyr’s eyes were filled with killing intent, it was as though swords were protruded from his eyes, stabbing into Lincoln. “That b*tch…” Before Lincoln could finish his sentence, Zephyr sent a devilish kick into his chest.

“Enough! Get him!” yelled Mist. Mist did not intend on forgiving Zephyr, he had not only wronged Lincoln, but brought great shame to the Khan. However, Mist was still curious as to how a b*stard like Zephyr could have gotten so strong, so quickly. He had no casual access to pills either, Mist had already seen to that, yet here he stood as he beat down Lincoln.

‘Did he have some great treasure on him, enchanting his person? Or did he always have this power, but kept it hidden?

‘No, that’s impossible, no matter how hard or well he hid it, someone must’ve felt it! He must’ve had some form of help! Once I get a hold of him, I will make him talk!’

Thinking about how Zephyr might have some great boon on him, sent a wave of excitement over Mist.