Chapter 46
Zephyr finally asked something he had been keeping for a long time. In his previous life, Zephyr had investigated news of his father, yet nothing came up. Much like ash and embers being put out mid-flight, Zenith disappeared without a trace. “I’m not sure, I don’t know much. When Zenith disappeared, I was away, that didn’t help. However, if my suspicions are correct, it must have something to do with your mother!” said Bruce.

“My mother?!” Zephyr said, with a frown. His mother’s circumstances were more mysterious than his father’s. Regardless of either lives, Zephyr knew little of his mother. He had never seen his mother, even when he was young. “Hmm… your mother’s identity is indeed mysterious, even I've never met her before,” Bruce replied. “But what I can tell you is this, your mother was a powerful woman, her history was unbelievably powerful. She wasn’t your ordinary lady…” he continued, after a brief pause for thought.

As the two chatted, Mist resided back in the Khan household on his throne, his fist clenched. “Father… What do we do? Lincoln said that if we didn’t kill Zephyr, he would leave,” Puck said angrily. Mist was not happy, Lincoln was an outsider after all, he had no right to be so audacious, yet what could he do? They needed him. “This b*stard, he’s getting more and more demanding! He’s nothing but a pet to us, how dare he overstep his boundaries!” Mist exclaimed as he slammed his fist onto a table. “And you, didn’t you say Zephyr was just a Strength of level four?” Mist turned his anger towards Puck, “Why was Lincoln so badly beaten? He is a Strength of level nine! Not even I could’ve taken him!” Mist furrowed his brows more at the thought of Zephyr’s strength.

“Father, I am just as shocked as you are! You know what Zephyr was like! Even I could easily kill him back then!” Puck replied, “Who knew his journey into the Feather Forest would enhance him this much! He even augmented himself!” Puck huffed. “Augmentation?!” Mist said, taken by surprise. “Augmentation is not your every man’s technique! Even if it was the weakest one, it would take years to master! How did Zephyr achieve this?!” he continued. Mist contemplated his words, a greedy look overtook his face.

The Khan, although a strong presence in Starlight, was but a minor clan. It was neither overly powerful nor averagely weak. However, augmentation was something no Khan member could master. Mist wondered if he could procure such skill, it would no doubt elevate the Khan status. “His moves were just as terrible! I had no chance of defending myself! The bastard might have even achieved a Status!” Puck continued. “A Status?!” Mist’s eyes widened at the thought, quickly following up, “Tell me everything that has happened today, up to the finest detail!” Mist ordered.

In this world, combat prowess can be categorized into different attunements, from weakest to strongest — Body, Mind, then Soul. Of which, every attunement can be further categorized into novice, adept, and master. All of these can be quickly summarized into a Status. Regardless if it was your standard Body attuned fighter, or the mythical Soul attuned fighter, it was not something the Khan could reach. All Khan fighters were weak compared to this level of Strength, in any case, the Khan fighters would be considered average.