Chapter 51
The person before him was a wicked, vile man; a murderer of people, a scandalous fellow, yet here he was, trembled before Zephyr. “We are Sun men, please, don’t torture me, give me a chance- ah!” the man begged, Zephyr cut his groveling short with a twist of his bladed energy, and winded it throughout the man’s body. “Sun men? Why are you here on Khan grounds? Why haven’t any of us noticed you?” asked Zephyr quizzically. The men he found were not weak either, the most powerful one being a Strength of level seven. The Khan would have noticed them quickly. Zephyr wondered as to how they could have infiltrated the Khan grounds.

“Our master, he conspired with Mist Khan, yet, as a preventative measure, our master sent us to infiltrate the Khan to spy on them!” he answered. “And you, your powers are frightening, it caught our attention, we wanted to, no, needed to know how you got so strong…ah! Please! Stop torturing me, just let me die!” the man begged and begged. Zephyr’s energy cut deeper into the man’s insides. The man felt each second get worse than the last, so much so that he would rather die.

“What did you say?!” Zephyr asked. Zephyr had never thought Mist to betray the Khan like that, to conspire with the Sun clan was a traitorous offense. No wonder these fools could easily infiltrate the Khan. The Sun were the biggest clan in Starlight, far more powerful than the Khan, they possessed many strong fighters. Their roots were old and strong in Starlight.

Zephyr ended the man quickly by forcing his blades out of his body, this sent him to burst into a fine, red mist. ‘Mist you b*stard, when did you start conspiring with the Sun? Was it before my father disappeared? Or after you became the head?’ Zephyr thought, his brows furrowed yet again. This was bigger than he thought. Many questions raced through his head. How powerful were the people of the Sun clan now? Did Mist expect to be spied upon himself? Besides these four, there must be other spies around, who watched the Khan. “They must be after us, to wipe us off Starlight!” Zephyr gritted his teeth, “Mist, you f*cking idiot!” he cursed.

The thought of Mist Khan, who currently held the Khan’s fate as a bargaining chip in his silly games, filled Zephyr with much anger. Regardless of how they treated him, Zephyr was still a Khan, how could he just let the Sun clan takeover?

“It seems that I’ll have to pay that place a visit,” Zephyr muttered to himself while he looked at the moon. He frowned for a bit, contemplated for a while, and went back to work, he began by hiding the bodies. Soon, he sped off to his destination.

Lightfoot masked his movements well, the darkness aided to it. Before long, Zephyr arrived at a cliff face. He stopped to observe the area around him. None have passed through so far, it was barren. “Here it is!” he uttered to himself. He took a few steps forward and walked towards the wall. Suddenly, right as Zephyr neared the wall, a great power came and crashed down upon him.