Chapter 54
Zephyr flashed his sword, it sent him and his sword into a dance of death, deflecting here, slashing there, slicing here, stabbing there, all the while accompanied by the roars of a dragon. Even though he was faced with the Elders’ onslaught, he had no intention of backing down.

Their powers crashed with each other, it shattered the breeze, the air, and even the silence around them. Zephyr took a great hit, the impact sent him reeling back a few steps. The Old Khan did not leave Zephyr any leeway, they immediately followed up with another attack. “Kneel!” they commanded. “This is bad, they’re stronger than I’ve thought, incredible! If it weren’t for the Way, I would’ve been sent flying to the nearest healer by now!” Zephyr thought, right now, he was afraid, yet excited at the same time. ‘It seems like they leave me no choice,’ he thought. Zephyr stood still, ignited Lightfoot, and gathered up his Focus, he was going all in.

“Elders, please, hold your hands!” Right then, an old voice rang out. After hearing this, Zephyr’s Focus dissipated, and like the end of a lightning strike, stood still in his place. This voice was familiar to him. Zephyr’s eyes could not help but tear up at the realization, “Grandfather, is that you?!” Zephyr knew this voice well; it was Typhoon Khan. “Typhoon? What are you doing here?” asked one of the Elders. “Old Khan, let my boy Zephyr in, please,” said Typhoon.

Zephyr frowned, upon hearing Typhoon’s voice, he could tell something was wrong. He sounded as though he had not much energy. Suddenly, as soon as Typhoon’s plea ended, the face of the cliff in front of Zephyr began to stir and shake, suddenly, it revealed a small slit which slowly opened. The slit opened into a hole, the size of a door. Although the cave mouth looked tiny, the insides were vast, only marked by a small path before the opening. Zephyr followed the small pathway, and before long, found himself before a medium-sized palace. He entered and saw three old men who sat on the ground.

Two of the old men had their faces covered with long hair, their features were hard to make out. Looking at them, Zephyr felt an intense wave of energy, a terrible power. From the moment Zephyr entered, the two men’s gaze had locked onto him. Zephyr found it hard to breathe with the suffocating powers that were being exuded around him. He quickly recited the Way, using his Might to hold off their crushing auras for the time being. ‘Incredible, these two must be the two Agiles, the Old Khan! It would seem they had not yet used their true strength!’ Zephyr thought to himself. Unbeknownst to Zephyr, the two old men were wary and weary of him.

“Zephyr my boy, is that you?” asked the old man sitting before them, slowly. Zephyr turned his gaze to the man, his heart rate rose up, the blood within him pumped. Zephyr was excited and relieved to see his grandfather. “Yes grandfather, it’s me!” Before he knew it, Zephyr felt his eyes turn blurry with warm tears. The years he spent suffering, suddenly washed away. Zephyr was only seven when his grandfather left. After that, Mist had done and said everything he could to demean Zephyr. Regardless of if he reincarnated, Zephyr would never forget the cruelty he was dealt at Mist’s hands.