Chapter 57
With the support of Typhoon Khan, and the two Elders, Zephyr knew Mist’s time was running out. Although most of the Khan had chided, opposed, and oppressed Zephyr, they were all Mist’s cronies. In the end, Zephyr was still a Khan, and a Khan would not stand to watch their great clan come to ruin.

In a blink of an eye, a few days have passed. Zephyr had kept his guard up since Lewis’ report. Zephyr was seated in his house, deep in thought, training his spirit. He knew that being a medicine man was a revered and lucrative career, especially in such an undersaturated market. Moreover, the trials taken to be a medicine man are few and far in between; not to mention, very difficult. Zephyr knew his spirit needed to match the requirements. A medicine man’s quality heavily depended on the strength of their spirit. Without a strong spirit, one could do little with the herbs and essences involved.

Zephyr had been reincarnated for a while now, and he has been training himself all this while. Now is the time, he thought, to train his spirit. ‘Although everyone has spirit in them, they need to be trained like any other muscles,’ Zephyr thought.

“Even in my previous life, my old master’s spirit was as strong as my Focus! Sadly, he’s nowhere near now, I should visit him later,” Zephyr concluded to himself. He would not easily forget his gratitude towards his former master. He still loved his old master regardless of the new life that he has been leading.

Zephyr’s nerves calmed, his breathing slowed, and before long, he felt his spirit connecting with it. ‘What? What is this?’ Zephyr thought, as he appeared within his mind’s eye — the Spirit Realm. He was pleasantly surprised, he thought he needed to retrain his spirit's potency, and yet, his spirit flowed with much vigor within him. ‘Such vigor, it must have carried over from my past life and merged with this one, now it's becoming much stronger!’ Zephyr thought. “Seeing this sea of strength, I must be a three-stared medicine man!” Zephyr was ecstatic.

A three-starred medicine man was already a strong one, capable of so much. Were this information to get out, it would no doubt cause a ruckus, and stretch beyond Starlight, and as far as the kingdom stretched. Age! This was the most crucial factor. Zephyr was only a teenager, yet he possessed such great spirit. Were he to continue training for another ten or so years, he would definitely be a prodigal medicine man. Any medicine man worth his salt could easily help kingdoms in their conquest, or be personally invited to serve at high academies for a great fee.

“Oh? What is this?” Zephyr frowned, he felt something astray in his spirit. A pulse. ‘This pulse is too different, too dark… what is it?’ Zephyr thought, uneasy, this was his personal spirit realm after all. Any blunder here could gravely injure or kill him. “I have to investigate!” Although wary, Zephyr kept his guard, and went forth to investigate the pulse, to find its origin. As he got closer, a great hiss — a crackling screech — echoed throughout his realm.