Chapter 58
A great tremor shook the realm, followed by the revelation of a great serpent, with that, it burst forth from the sea of clouds. In the boundless realm within Zephyr, this beast towered like no other, its length spanned hundreds of feet long, its body emanating a deadly aura. It was a Winged Serpent!

Zephyr shuddered, a Winged Serpent was a great beast, it’s powers were immeasurable. No one has ever encountered one, it has only been mentioned in hushed legends. Zephyr knew nothing about it, save for the characteristics he remembered from the legends which matched it — a great serpent, a devourer of the sky. Zephyr was shaken, this was no easy challenge. He knew he could not risk getting attacked by the Snake, not even once.

“Why is a Winged Serpent here, in my spirit realm?” Zephyr could not help but ask. “For this beast to appear, wouldn’t that mean… unless…” Zephyr suddenly thought of something, back to when he murdered Kerr of the Winged Serpents. When he was looting Kerr, a green ray flew out from his corpse, but quickly disappeared before Zephyr could react. ‘Winged Serpent… the Winged Serpents? If I’m not wrong, this beast must’ve come from that green light!’ he thought. “But, no matter how strong the Winged Serpents were, they couldn’t possibly have a real Winged Serpent, could they?” he continued to ponder.

“Unless, the Winged Serpent in my spirit realm is not a real animal, but instead a spirit manifestation?” He looked at the great beast and wondered. Seeing it, Zephyr became more and more sure of his guess. If the beast was a true Winged Serpent, Zephyr doubted even his full power could take it on. However, if it was just a figment, Zephyr might stand a chance. ‘Is it asleep?’ Zephyr thought, as he traversed closer, he noticed its eyes closed. Apart from the occasional spirit pulse, it made no moves. “It must’ve taken a beating… It's nursing a great injury! That’s why it’s asleep!” Zephyr concluded. “I best make my move now!” He looked up and thanked his stars.

The spiritual energy that the beast pulsated was still Winged Serpent worthy, a strong essence indeed. Zephyr absorbed some of the essences that came his way, he immediately felt stronger, rejuvenated even. ‘Wow, this is something else!’ Zephyr thought to himself, he believed that if he continued to ingest the Serpent’s essences, he would no doubt easily make a breakthrough.

With that, Zephyr started a mantra, and chanted with full intent and focus, following by, he casted a ward over the beast.