Chapter 62
“Why should the Khan settle for less? Why can’t we fight back?!” A few clansmen yelled, unable to hold their grudges.

“Master Zephyr, we support you. But we can’t face these guards for you, they’re too powerful! They’re all Strengths of level eight, you should surrender!”

“I agree Master Zephyr, please, surrender first! We will follow you, nonetheless!”

Although many young clansmen were fired up, they could not bear to watch Mist arrest Zephyr. However strong Zephyr may be, the young clansmen did not believe that Zephyr was on the same level as Mist.

“Get on your knees, boy!” chided a guard, they then sent forth a wave of energy towards Zephyr. This was a powerful move, were Zephyr to take it head on, there was no doubt that he would get injured. “Out of my way, dog!” Zephyr yelled. Zephyr raised his right hand, and waved it at his opponent. Fists of power crashed out of Zephyr, going forth in all directions. Wherever they landed, loud cracks and booms echoed, it shook the hall and its inhabitants. A shocking sight came, the platoon of guardsmen were sent flying away by Zephyr.

“Is this Zephyr’s true power?”

“What power! With just a punch, he defeated Mist’s guardsmen! Just how powerful is he?”


“Am I dreaming?”

“His power! His speed!”

In that moment, the whole of Khan stared wide-eyed at Zephyr, taking in the miracle he just displayed. “You will not cross me again!” screamed Mist, launched himself off of his seat, and followed through with a bash of energy, accompanied by the sharpness of a sword. The bladed onslaught he had sent towards Zephyr was unyieldingly fierce, like a tiger. ‘Tiger’s Claw, who knew Mist would have mastered such a great sword skill!’ Zephyr thought, shocked at the revelation. ‘I underestimated him!’ he thought, smiling, undeterred. Zephyr channeled true energy into his right palm, ready to smite Mist then and there.

“I think it’s time you stopped,” a calm voice spoke. Hearing this, every Khan leader simultaneously turned towards the direction of its source, every one of them wide-eyed. A middle-aged man, in a long white cloak appeared before them, took slow methodical steps into the hall. He carried himself mystically, unknowing to all. “Why are you here?” Seeing this man appear, Mist unarmed himself, his expression changed into that of contempt. The interloper was none other than the third Khan brother — Spout Khan.

“Master Spout is here? Zephyr is safe!”

“Master Spout is here! Mist wouldn’t dare make any wrong moves!”

“Wonderful! Wonderful!”

The voices rose among those who supported Zephyr, faces all filled with pleasant surprise.

“Uncle Spout!” Seeing this man, Zephyr instinctively went to greet him. Although Zephyr and Spout had not interacted much, he never forgot the help Spout had given in secret. Zephyr would forever be grateful to his uncle. Yet, as Zephyr sized the older gentleman up, he was taken by surprise.