Chapter 66
Although Zachary had just heckled him, Mist kept a calm demeanor, accompanied by a small smile. “It would seem none of you take me as a threat anymore. You are dead wrong,” Mist said slyly. Right as he finished his sentence, bladed energy was unleashed. A tiger’s roar was heard, followed by the bladed energy that grouped together to form the visage of a ferocious tiger. Right as it appeared, a great spout of blood splattered across the sky.

Zachary Khan had been decapitated by Mist.

“What on Earth are you doing, Mist?!” Most of the attendees reacted quickly upon seeing such a bloody mess. “Hahaha… What am I doing? You ungrateful f*cks are going to find out exactly what I’ve sacrificed for all of you! I will take each and every one of my goodwill back!” Mist snarled, then shook off the blood on his weapon. “B*stard! Mist Khan, you have just killed a fellow leader, you will not be forgiven” Shouted someone angrily, they unleashed their true energy right after. “Get him!” Followed by this, everyone gathered their true energies, ready to take on Mist. “Hahaha… the naivete of you all! Did you really think I would so easily give up the throne?” scoffed Mist upon receiving the crushing blow of the Khan. He raised his sword and pointed it at everyone, “What a bunch of dumb*sses!”

“Why can’t I conjure my energy?”

“D*mn it! Mist poisoned the wine!”

Suddenly, everyone’s body felt numb, and soon, the floor greeted them.

“D*mn it, I can’t move! What do you want?!”

Before long, everyone was either down on the table or on the floor, unmoving.

“What do I want? I want to kill each and everyone of you that opposed me!” scoffed Mist, with that, his blade flew past, and another was dead.

“Master, what do we do?” Lewis asked, his body quaked. Mist was a Strength of level nine, it would not take much for him to kill Lewis. Worst still, he saw Zephyr drink from the wine! “Don’t worry, even if the wine was poisoned, it won’t get the better of me! Go and hide!” Zephyr replied calmly. Zephyr knew the wine was poisoned. He reckoned the wine was poisoned with knob root. Knob root had the special characteristic of paralysing those who ingested it, thus, it would render them incapacitated.

“Mist, even if you kill us, you will never control the Khan! The younger Khan will avenge us! You publicly killed your fellow clansmen, no one will ever support you!” screamed another. At this moment, the sound of footsteps came, followed by a group of dark-clad men, which mysteriously appeared before Mist. There were around 30 of them, each of them held on to a sword fresh with blood.