Chapter 72
Lincoln arrived shortly after. “Master Sun, what do you want? Didn’t I tell you that I was busy making Agility enabling pills and to not disturb me?” Lincoln complained . “Heh heh, I can’t help it, Lincoln! This Khan lord wants to speak with you,” Sylvester said, he smiled and gestured towards Zephyr. “Zephyr?!” Lincoln gasped, his prideful stride suddenly disappeared. Lincoln would not take this lightly, Zephyr had almost killed him before.

“Lincoln, you’re finally here!” Zephyr exclaimed, he stood up to greet him. “Zephyr, I underestimate you!” Lincoln said, his face grew slightly paler, though his voice and attitude was stern. The closer Zephyr got to Lincoln, the less friendly his smile seemed.

Suddenly, a bout of energy emerged from Zephyr’s fingertips, and it quickly entered Lincoln without anyone noticing. “Master Sun, are you really not going to return Lincoln to us?” Zephyr suddenly turned to Sylvester, his voice cold and unfriendly. “Master Zephyr, I have already given my answer! Lincoln is now the Sun’s medicine man, we are obligated to protect him!” Sylvester replied angrily, unaccepting of Zephyr’s discourteous behavior.

“Well, don’t say we didn’t ask nicely!” Zephyr replied. “Let me remind you that Lincoln is not a good man. He has no empathy, lusts after women, regardless of their age. Even a mere ten-year old is fair game! He is nothing but a pig!” Zephyr continued with his rambling. “Zephyr, how dare you!” Lincoln yelled while he stood there. “Master Khan, I have work to do. I will take my leave now…” Sylvester said, getting ready to dismiss the Khan envoy. “In that case, please, don’t let us stop you!” Spout said, his eyes observed Zephyr’s expression. With that, the Khan took their leave.

“Well, how’d it go?” Spout asked after they left Sun grounds. “Not to worry, the poison is potent enough, Lincoln will suffer!” Zephyr said, and he smiled devilishly. “I pity the man who crossed you…” Spout muttered, shuddering at Zephyr’s indifference.

“Hmph, the Khan have only been in Starlight for about 200 years, they are nothing but a small clan. How dare they demand things from us! Pathetic!” Sheldon spoke as he sat comfortably in the grand hall.