Chapter 84
If it was anyone else, they might not have noticed this. But this was Zephyr, a powerful, up and coming fighter with senses that extended beyond the norm. No matter how well the others had hid themselves, none may hide for long. ‘He’s roughly 150 feet away from me… with friends all around,’ Zephyr’s heart raced with this thought. With such preparation on their end, Zephyr knew he was in for a long night. “Have you finally cracked, Sun?!” he demanded.

With this, a barrage of movements closed in on Zephyr, and in the blink of an eye, about ten or so men surrounded him. Among them was a middle-aged man, with a striking aura. He had made no effort to hide his power. Some of them, Zephyr recognized from his first meeting with the Sun. Most of them were Strengths of level eight, the other two were level nine. ‘The Sun are powerful indeed, sending such strong fighters against me,’ Zephyr thought, excited at the prospect. He made an effort to remember their faces.

“Zephyr, our lord invites you over for tea. You better accept, or else!” one demanded. “Is that so? What If I prefer ‘else’ over having tea?” Zephyr chuckled. “Now!” the man commanded.

Zephyr triggered his Lightfoot, and vanished into a streak of lightning fast movements. “What a technique!” The Sun men's expressions changed. Their information on Zephyr was that he was almost useless, a b*stard. It would seem not all is so. However, they were confident they could take down Zephyr, as each of them was a skilled Sun fighter. How much fight could Zephyr give?

“Stay!” A sudden movement of speed came at Zephyr, his two hands like claws, sharp as a tiger’s. The air boomed from his attack. “Stop, Hurricane Slash!” another cried, and summoned a sword attack. “Barbaric Fist!” came another. “Earth-shaker!” another one. They all came at once, cracking the air around them in a menacing and deadly aura.

Zephyr’s Lightfoot kept him out of harm’s way as he dodged attack after attack. Earth-shatterer!” he cried, counterattacking. He figured that although powerful, these men did not deserve his sword. All he needed was to use Earth-shatterer. A terrible fist appeared, much like a storm, which sent forth his assailants. A scream was heard, the first attacker had suffered the blow. His hand erupted, before he was sent flying. “My hand!” he cried as he flew in the air. Zephyr’s attack had also shattered the defenses of the other combatants.


“Isn’t he just a b*stard?”

“How many secrets have the Khan been keeping?”

The Sun party were shocked, and in disbelief. Zephyr had just instantly killed a fighter with a Strength of level eight. This was no laughing matter.