Chapter 96
Typhoon had a face like a tiger — filled with killing intent. His opponent was roughly in their fifties, they had a body that was surrounded in a thick and dark aura that slowly seeped into the ground around them. Their face was expressionless, their long hair flowed in the wind, their powers were strange yet deadly, but what shocked Zephyr most of all, was her smaller frame and build; the Sun guardian was a woman.

“Typhoon, you’re still alive!” the old woman called out, curious yet toneless. A loud boom echoed as the three Khan elders took a step forward, and sent a great wave of energy towards the woman. In an instant, all other combatants were knocked a few steps back, unable to withstand the great powers of the elders.

“This isn’t right,” Zephyr muttered quietly, and frowned. Something was not right. He furrowed his brows more, he saw the four tornadoes of energy that pulsated before him, engaged in deadly battle. Yet, something was different. The Sun was a great Klan, one with a history of over a thousand years. If it were not for the Sun’s harassment, the Khan would not have so easily initiated an attack. They had prepared for this, Spout had spared no details. Were the Khan to fail, they would not be seen in Starlight again. However, the matter still stood that the Sun were powerful, so much so that they must have hidden more of their guardians. After all, their history was worth a thousand years, was it not? The fact that only one guardian appeared raised questions for Zephyr, did they only have one? Where were the others? Something was indeed astray!

Zephyr studied their guardian more closely, and suddenly realized something terrifying. The Sun guardian, although vast and powerful, did not have full control over her energy. In fact, she seemed to be slower than what was expected. “Her energies are out of balance? Unless…” Zephyr quickly put two and two together, which produced a great hunch. If he was right, the other Sun guardians were busy training — locked away somewhere — to break through their current level. This guardian here had unbalanced energies, thus it showed her sluggishness and recklessness.

Zephyr had trained under the Way, this helped enhance his senses. Through his senses, he could tell that the Sun guardian was shaking slightly throughout the battle, unable to keep up. “Khan elders! Her energies are unbalanced, you must take her down now!” Zephyr shouted. “What?!” The elders gasped upon hearing this, quickly focused their gaze onto the old woman. “He’s right, her energies are off, she’s not ready!” The three observed. “Now!”

The three old Khan charged ahead, channeled their energies, and combined them. The skies above spiralled, this created a strong tempest, it created winds of energy to flow throughout Starlight, and attracted the attention of all combatants. The old guardian glared at Zephyr, her eyes full of resentment. However, she could not have her revenge on his audacity just yet, as the Khan elders came barreling over, ready to kill.

The four of them once again engaged in a vicious battle, their blows cracked in the air like thunder. Zephyr sighed to himself, Agiles were indeed far stronger than Strengths. However, he was not entirely shocked. He had previously met far stronger combatants in his previous life. Regardless, the ground shook, the wind howled, and waves of energy pulsated around. The walls cracked, roofs collapsed, and the ground shattered. Much of the Sun home was destroyed in their battle.