Cultivation Life with Alchemy

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Cultivation Life with Alchemy

By: Han Xiang Ji Mo1 OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Centenarian Ginseng, Millennial Ganoderma lucidum, all the medicinal materials in the world could be evolved in my hands.The rare things on the earth, mountains and rivers, all could be risen in my tripod.Traveling the world with one tripod and one blade, only I can be free and unfettered to seek the Way by medicine.


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399 chapters
Volume 1 Chapter 1 The downtrodden Prince
In the thirteenth year of Zhengde, a cold current came from the north, making the winter this year colder than the previous years.However, the Chu State was full of joy and bustle. Even the palace, which had always been quiet, had a bit of joy. Lanterns and decorations were everywhere, and big red palace lanterns were hung. The 16-year-old Crown Prince was going to marry the daughter of the current Prime Minister as his wife in a few days.After Emperor Chu announced this, the area outside the Prime Minister’s Estate was filled with people. The Prime Minister’s status was tacit and it went without saying that it was only a matter of time for the Crown Prince to ascend with the support of the Prime Minister.To the commoners, the Crown Prince’s wedding meant amnesty of the world and tax reduction. All were all rare good things.However, in Fang Ling’s eyes, this matter had nothing to do with him. At this moment, he was standing in front of the Binghua Palace’s entrance, anxiously waiti
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Volume 1 Chapter 2 Fusion
Back at Binghua Palace, Fang Ling went to the wing room in the backyard after boiling the medicine in the kitchen.Imperial Concubine Su, who was in her 30s, was still beautiful. However, her face was very pale. She breathed quickly and slowly from time to time. When she saw her son coming in, she tried to prop herself up.Fang Ling hurriedly walked over and helped her up. After feeding her the medicine, he instructed her to rest well.After closing the door, Fang Ling let out a long sigh. As long as he could help his mother recover, he was willing to do anything. However, the thing that annoyed him the most was that he was like a puppet imprisoned in the imperial palace, unable to do anything.At this time, there was a knock on the door outside. Fang Ling frowned and quickly came to the front yard. As soon as he opened the door, he saw Eunuch Jia's face with a fake smile.Eunuch Jia's name was Jia De, the vice-chief of the Ministry of Internal Order. To put it bluntly, he was the seco
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Volume 1 Chapter 3 Decay and Rebirth
The Imperial Hospital occupied a large area and was divided into four sections, the front yard, middle yard, two sides yards and the back yard. There were nearly a hundred imperial physicians.Amongst these 100 people, the highest status people were called Imperial Physicians that were ranked at the fifth rank, and there were only 10 plus of them. Only they had the right to treat Emperor Chu and the other high ranking officials. Even though their ranks weren’t high, they were able to be intimate with those with high positions and authority, their statuses were naturally special.Then there were minor officers and doctors. Their ranks ranged from 9th to 6th class, and the people with the lowest rank were the servants. They only worked as assistants in the Imperial Hospital.When Fang Ling came to the Imperial Hospital again, it was already three o’clock. The surroundings were covered by the thick darkness, and the candlelight in the palace lamp was dim and bright.The guards of the Im
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Volume 1 Chapter 4 Go out of the Palace
Fang Ling grew up in the palace, and his range of activity was limited to the Binghua Palace and the Imperial Hospital. He had never thought of leaving the palace.However, he had followed the rules for so many years and patiently endured the burden for the sake of allowing his mother to live a good life. Now that this immortal art had suddenly descended, the desire that he had suppressed for more than a decade erupted in an instant.Under the cover of the night, Fang Ling walked out of Binghua Palace to find Dong.Guard Dong's name was Dong Canghai. He was in his thirties and was a burly northern man. When he first entered the palace, he accidentally broke an expensive porcelain bottle in the palace. If he wanted to compensate for it, he would probably need more than 10,000 taels of silver. Although the salary of the guard was good and there were bonuses and rewards, it was not enough.Fortunately, Imperial Concubine Su had been there at that time, so she had concealed the matter.
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Volume 1 Chapter 5 Renxin Hall
When he arrived at the intersection at the end of the street, he saw a large number of breakfast stalls. The waiters rolled up their sleeves and shouted loudly.“Three copper coins for one, three copper coins for one.”“Hot steamed buns cost three copper coins each.”“A freshly fried pancake for two copper coins each.”At this time, although it was just dawn, there were already a lot of pedestrians. There was a continuous stream of customers in front of breakfast stalls, and the shops around also opened one after another.Fang Ling bought a big bun with interest and bit it. Although the flour was rough, the hot air and oil rushed into his mouth. There was an indescribable feeling of happiness. He took a few bites and only half of the bun was left.At that moment, he heard several whimpers coming from below his feet. He lowered his head and saw a small white dog squatting at his feet, staring at him dryly. Occasionally, it would bark a few times.Seeing how pitiful it was, Fang Ling thr
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Volume 1 Chapter 6 Heal
Fang Ling smiled and said, “It is said that Renxin Hall’s price is the fairest. It seems like this is true. I hope to be able to cooperate with you in the future.”Manager Hu put on a smile and said, ""Sincerity and justice are the motto given by our old manager. There is no doubt that our branches have never done anything to deceive the guests.""Fang Ling nodded his head and wasn’t in a hurry to leave. Instead, he chatted with Manager Hu for a while and asked about the prices of some other medicinal ingredients. Manager Hu naturally answered every question he asked. As for the money for medicinal ingredients, apart from taking most of the banknotes, a small portion was exchanged for silver. From their conversation, he also found out that the Manager Hu’s name was Hu Dahai.When he came out of the Renxin Hall branch, it was already afternoon. Fang Ling returned to a remote alley near the South Gate.He took out the eunuch's robe hidden here. When he was about to put it on, the dagger un
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Volume 1 Chapter 7 Clues
In the evening, after Su fell asleep, Fang Ling took out the piece of cloth that was hidden and started sewing until Xiaowuzi's voice came from outside.After a while, the two entered the Court of Imperial Hospital one after another. It was late at night, and the imperial physicians in the courtyard had already returned home. Even the servants had fallen asleep early in the side yard.As soon as he entered the backyard, he saw Lin Mowen sleeping soundly on the table.Xiaowuzi pushed the door open and took out the key hanging on Lin Mowen's waist. He rummaged through the cabinet and took out all the documents in it. Then, he smiled charmingly and said, ""Your Highness, take your time. I'll stand guard outside for you.""Fang Ling nodded and sat down to slowly examine the transfer of goods. He flipped through the records for a few years and found that they were all about the storing of medicinal herbs in the warehouse. As for the items that were first placed in the warehouse, most of them
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Volume 1 Chapter 8 The Brigadier General's Mansion
When he returned to the palace, there were already rotten herbs in the yard sent by Xiaowuzi. Fang Ling opened it and found that there was no ginseng.After all, there was a large stock of ginseng in the warehouse, but it was not broken every day.Fang Ling looked at the pile of rotten medicinal materials and thought about his promise to Hu Dahai regarding the two 50-year-old ginsengs. He felt that it was necessary to establish a connection again.In the middle of the night, Fang Ling arrived at the Imperial Hospital. Lin Mowen was napping in the warehouse. When he heard the sound, he immediately woke up.Seeing that it was Fang Ling and not the imperial physician, Lin Mowen heaved a sigh of relief. He lazily got up and bowed. Then, he put on a face that kept others at arm’s length and said, “What might Your Highness be here for?”“Nothing, I just want to chat with you, Imperial Physician Lin.” Fang Ling smiled.How could Lin Mowen want to have anything to do with Fang Ling? He immedia
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Volume 1 Chapter 9 A Miraculous Move
Along the path, there were green bamboos growing on both sides. It seemed that because of the birthday party, there were basically no guards in the mansion, and there were many busy servants on the way.Soon, Fang Ling arrived at a small garden. The garden was built around a small pond. The rockery and big trees looked very quiet. The little white dog somehow sneaked in and followed Fang Ling, wagging its tail and looking around.Just as Fang Ling was strolling around the garden, he heard footsteps coming from the corridor towards the north, and immediately saw a young girl walking out.The girl was no more than 16 years old. She was wearing a pink pleated dress and a white ribbon was gently wrapped around her waist. The rest of her body was floating casually.Her exquisite oval face had a pair of large, jet-black eyes. They were like limpid autumn water, incomparably pure.She had a high nose bridge and thin lips. Although she didn't put on any makeup, she was still beautiful.Fang Li
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Volume 1 Chapter 10 Ideas
As soon as Tang Zihao came in, he asked eagerly, ""Wan'er, the servant said your foot is healed. What's going on?""Mrs. Tang also hurriedly said, ""Yes, Wan’er, have you recovered?""Tang Hu guffawed. ""Father, Mother, look for yourself.""Tang Wan stepped on the ground and spun around effortlessly. The hem of her dress fluttered in the wind. She was so beautiful.""That's great. If I tell my mother later, she will be very happy."" Tang Zihao couldn't hide his excitement and nodded.However, Mrs. Tang was clearly more rational. “But Wan‘er, how did your foot suddenly recover?”Hearing this, Tang Wan suddenly covered her mouth in shock. Just now, she had been so drunk with excitement that she had almost forgotten what had happened. Now that she thought about it, this foot wasn’t actually healed by herself, but by someone else.She hurriedly looked outside, and when she saw that Fang Ling was still there, her face instantly bloomed brilliantly like a flower in spring. “He was the one that heale
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