Leveling Up With My Shadow

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Leveling Up With My Shadow

By: Jungle Sage OngoingFantasy

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An age dawned upon mankind when the earth was visited by an alien nation called the Nation of Shadows. Upon their visit to earth, they possessed humans, granted powers, and changed the political and social demography of the world. Two races were born on the day of their arrival; the humans and the shadowless. Wars and raging battle sealed the enmity between them and within the flames of the struggle of power and the lurking secret; an orphan boy named Nimuel was plunged into the abyss of the swirling secrets. He lived a normal life with Reina, the girl he met in the village square after the village got deserted. They enjoyed staying together with him growing fond of her; also swearing to protect her by all means. But their life changed after Nimuel got possessed by an unknown Shadow Being; he got pulled into the arena of alien power struggle. How would he protect Reina in the face of deep alien secrets and ancient powers? How would his journey to become strong change the world he lives in?


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    Hi dear readers.... I am so sorry for my inconsistent updates of chapters this past few weeks. I have been trying to fix some very personal issues and I promise to try every possible best to uploads at least a chapter everyday. thanks...much love...Jungle Sage.

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33 chapters
The Promise
(Narration)It was two hundred and fifty years ago, on the 6th day of the 5th month: a sudden thick darkness covered the face of the earth, so thick that one could cut it. You could feel the lingering presence as the cold hands of darkness was felt; you could hear the silent footsteps of that which you can call shadows, screams were swallowed in the arid embrace of darkness for you can’t even see the person standing close to you. There was panic and confusion as you can feel terror crawling all over place, and muffled screams all around. All inhabitants of the earth had felt it for after that darkness, we knew that beings beyond our comprehension had come to stay with us.Hours later the sun shone: but it was different, everything had changed, reality as we know it was no longer the same. Shadows of living creatures now move with their own consciousness: they now possess their owners and according to their capacity grant powers.This reality changed the structure of the society: the
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Dying Together
Reina’s face glowed with smile upon hearing those words; she then moved forward and hugged him tightly, as if to make sure he keeps his promise. She raised up her head after a while and said. “Nimuel, let’s take a walk by the river, it’s been a long since we did that." Nimuel gave a light smile and nodded in agreement. They use to take a walk by the river just outside the village, but recently he had been occupied with hunting since the animals in the area are becoming scarce he now spends more time hunting. He walked towards the wall and took his saber and sword and a few daggers and Reina cleared the plates off the worn out table before they left. Reina held his hand as they walked down the river. Amidst her playful strides and rough complains of dried leaves constantly crushed beneath their feet, Reina would occasionally run around to pick flowers and show him. And all of those times he would have to say something about the flower while still trying to look around for dangers tha
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Taken to the City
(A mysterious Shadow being appears in the cave)“A blue haired boy and a girl from the tribe of Light, this thing called fate seem to be getting interesting. I have been looking for a vessel for over a hundred years now and just when I get to see an appropriate one, he is one step away from death. (sight) I don’t know when I would see another one, and the Shadow clan had already started their plan centuries ago. There is no time to waste; I would have to bond with this blue haired vessel as his shadow. The girl from the light tribe might be useful as well, but healing both of them at the same time would really weaken me. Arghhh!! This is seriously annoying….”The mysterious shadow bonded with Nimuel after relocating them from the entrance of the cave and slowly after his injuries began to heal.(The next day)“Miss Mina, please don’t go too deep into the cave, it is very dangerous.”Mina is a daughter to one of the richest family in the city, while on her way back from training with h
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I am your Shadow
“We don’t have a family, we only have each other.” He looked down at Reina and continued. “ I was one of the orphans that lived in an orphanage in one of the villages outside the city, one morning a couple of years back, I woke up to find the village completely deserted. I roamed the village as the only option I had was to stay within the village; then one of those days as I roamed about, I found Reina living in an isolated building at the edge of the village, we have been living together ever since.Few days ago, Reina and I decided to have a leisure walk down the river. We stumbled upon a group of the city’s boundary guards fighting with a group of shadowless soldiers. The boundary guards were killed the moment a higher ranked shadowless appeared, they were overpowered by the shadowless soldiers in numbers. Though we watched the scene from afar, but the higher ranked shadowless was able to perceive our shadows and ordered the shadow beast to chase after us. We escaped by jumping int
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Getting into the Academy of Shadows
“What is the tribe of light?”, Nimuel asked, “ And where are you from? I have never heard of shadow beings that go about choosing vessels for themselves.”“Well, brat Nimuel”, the shadow being said with a sinister smile, “all I can tell you right now is that bonding with you has sealed our fate together, and that of Reina too. And my shadow advice to you is that you grow stronger because right now you don’t have any other option. As for the tribe of light and the question of where am from, hmmm, I can’t tell you anything now as it would do you no good at all, you would have to get stronger first.”The shadow being has a point, Nimuel thought as he stood speechless, from my last encounter with the shadowless soldiers I have realized that I would have to get stronger in order for me to protect Reina. Then, I had no chance of growing cause I never had the opportunity of shadow awakening or access to the tower of shadows, but now that I have a shadow being I have a chance of becoming stro
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Tested by the Administrator
After finishing their meal, Mina left them to get ready to sleep early cause she said that the next day would be full of activities for her within the academy. Nimuel and Reina also headed to their room after leaving the table.“Reina, you really want to go to the academy?” Nimuel asked.“Yes, I really want to go, Mina said that allot of interesting stuff happens there, and also one can get strong too.” She clenched her fist and said, “I want to get stronger so that you won’t have to be injured for my sake again.”“This……” Nimuel was taken aback by her words. Does she think she is a burden to me? He stretched out his hands and patted her head and said.“Don’t worry Reina we would not be in danger anymore.” He then hugged her.They kept on talking about other things, like how they are being treated in Mina’s house and also when they talked about the academy, Nimuel could see that Reina was really anticipating starting the academy.The next morning, after making all the necessary prepar
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The Tower of Shadows
“Mina”, Reina said, “is Mr. Roderick your biological uncle?” “Yes he is”, Mina replied, “he is my father’s younger brother, I stayed with him more while growing up and he is more of a father to me. Though he can be very annoying and likes to play pranks allot.” “How powerful is your uncle?” Nimuel asked. “Hmm. In the whole of the academy with the exception of the principal and his two vice, he should be the strongest.” Such powerful uncle, no wonder she was able to get us an entrance slot. “Here we are, at the Tower of Shadows.” Mina said as they got to the front of the tower. Standing at the entrance was a soldier shrouded in fiery red shadow power and about 30 persons standing in line for the test. “Nimuel, Reina, I would be leaving you two now, since I still have allot to do. Just stay in line and go into the tower when it’s your turn. Do your best when you get in there, and also you could ask other participant questions as it would help you too in some of the assessments. I
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Observing the Participants
Mr. Roderick, moved by the curiosity that was aroused by the performance of Nimuel and Reina in his office earlier on, found himself walking towards the administrative building of the academy. He had decided to observe the assessment this time, and he would do so by going to the observation room; the room where all the test activities within the tower could be observed by the instructors of the academy.This strong feeling can’t be wrong, hehehe, Nimuel and Reina….“What a surprise it is to see you_ Alfa Roderick or should is say General Roderick.”“It is indeed a surprise Adjudicator…Julie. I wonder what brought you out this time.” He turned to look at a beautiful lady in her early thirties in a blazer gown with a blonde pony tail. Even at that age she could still be mistaken for a twenty two year old. They used to be lovers; they loved each other and they still do, but their individual interest continuously clashed and they thought it safer to go their separate ways in order not to
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Making a Deal
“Eamon”, Ethel called, “I think we are next now.” Eamon looked towards the tower of shadows and turned to Nimuel and Reina and said; “wish us luck”. They both left and walked into the tower after they showed the guard their assessment slip. “They are quite interesting”, Reina said, “and they are also very friendly too.” Nimuel had always been the cold one with a closed heard, opening up to make friends has never been his forte. But he opened up to Reina. “Hmm. They look quite capable too: they should be able to get into the class they want.” “Yes, they should.” They stood there as they waited for their turn to take the test, but Nimuel’s mind was not at peace. There were many things he didn’t know and they have been plunged into a world practically different from the serene one he lived with Reina in the abandoned village. He knew that if they must survive together then he would have to put in allot of effort to get stronger; for he had reckoned that strength is necessary if o
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Twas Just a Hunch
“I believe that General Roderick must have a reason for his proposal, and any student who can go beyond the fifth floor of the second nine of the tower should be able to withstand the training procedures in his training plan.”“Hmm. The Adjudicator has given a logical advice, I think I would go with it too. If there is any participants that makes it beyond the fifth floor of the second nine, then I would give them to you to train. But”, her face became stern as she turned to look at him with a dead look; “you better be able to get the first position is other conditions are fully met.”Roderick gave a smile and said, “please I also request that the data recording their performance and details of them passing the fifth floor of the second nine be deleted as well. They would be in class C but would be my personal students. Also all required materials would be provided and request to go outside the walls of the city be approved also.”“Outside the wall, is that not dangerous?” Julie said
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