Son-In-Law's Disguised Identity

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Son-In-Law's Disguised Identity

By: B. N. Kardi OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Ian Wright a billionaire disguises as a delivery man after marrying Lady Henzo Rodriguez to protect her and keep his identity as the Shadow secret until he finds out who fired on their wedding venue where Henzo's father lost his life. Henzo is determined to bring down Shadow. Ian goes back to the scene and he finds out the shocking truth about the death of Henzo's father!


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12 chapters
Chapter one;
"Have you prepared everything that is needed at the Pavillion hall and the lists of the VIP guests that are going to attend? There should be no mistakes at my wedding. "Ian Wright in a blue suit embedded with diamonds at the collar speaks walking from the church to the convoy of forty benzs that was packed by the roadside. "Everything is in place Mr. Shadow!" Henry replies on the other side of the phone. Ian hangs up the phone walking towards the fifth red Mercedes Benz of the convoy. The driver Micheal opens the door for him and he enters the car, his eyes falling on his newly wedded wife Henzo Rodriguez in a white gown that almost filled the back of the car. Henzo's eyebrows frown as Ian Wright locks the car and signals to Micheal for the convoy to start moving. The convoy starts rolling as Ian's eyes are focused on Lady Henzo at the moment. "You an angel! Henzo look at how gorgeous you are! " Ian speaks, placing his palms over Henzo's face, moving a strand of the hair away fr
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Chapter two;
"We put the suspect into your hands and you just let him slip in your hands. I guess you do not like your job or are taken up by your stupid husband who keeps delivering you every meal that you forget your duties." He shouts. Ian Wright could hear everything from outside. "I am doing everything I can director to find him. I love my job. Please do not take away my badge. " Henzo replies, staring at the floor with her eyebrows narrowed. "You do! Am now assigning the job to Alex. No questions asked. We have information that they are planning an attack in the Zori state. If anything goes wrong and we get there late. Am taking away your badge." The director speaks as he walks nearer to Henzo extending his hands to torch her lengthy black strands of hair. Ian cannot take this anymore and he pushes the door open. The director instantly halts in his steps glaring at him. "Director, why we're you standing in an intimate position with my wife?" Ian stammers placing the delivery box with bo
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Chapter three;
A few minutes later a black Benz packs in front of Ian and he gets in. "Good morning boss," Henry speaks as he speeds off. "Tell me everything you know about Bonny Stewart!" Ian asks. "With that boss, he is an obsessed scientist whose obsession is a disorder now. And he is experimenting with his discovery on people now and Zori estate is his next target." Henry replies."I sent his name to Number Seven as soon as you sent it to me after you ended the call. And that is all the information she provided and his address. " "Drive to Bonny Stewart's address now! I have to be back at the Rodriguez manor in the afternoon." Ian replies. His phone vibrates while ringing displaying on the phone the name, Ma'am. He lets out a heavy sigh and then coughs clearing his voice. Ian then slides to the green side of the screen. "Where are you? You bastard. You've not cooked any food back here. What will my daughter Henzo eat for lunch today? Hurry up back here." Mrs. Winnifried Rodriguez shouts on
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Chapter four;
"Where have you been you bastard? I wonder what my daughter saw in you. It is one of the clock and you haven't cooked her lunch yet. I don't want my daughter to eat take-outs. They will make her sick." Madame Winnifred snarls taking a mouthful of water in the glass in her hands. " You already failed as a man. You do not even provide for my daughter. I will get him a man soon. A good man. A better son-in-law. " "Ma'am let me make something for her right away. There was a situation while I was delivering and it took me a lot of time to get it sorted." Ian stutters moving slowly on the wall side of the hallway placing his glasses right. "I don't want to know about your stupid job." Winnifred pours water over Ian's head. Ian only bows to her and moves straight to the kitchen while rubbing water over his face. He boils some rice and Shrimp with additional vegetables. Three hours later with constant abuses from madame Winifred everything is ready. He packed them in the delivery box and p
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Chapter five;
"Can you stop speaking nonsense?" Henry snarls. "Well! If he has the evidence. Let us see the proof of your evidence." Ian speaks while sitting down with a calm face. Everyone is looking in disarray and murmurs are said out. "He is being accused. And he remains just calm. That's my type. I wish he notices me one day. " A lady murmurs to another lady next to her on the table. Henry connects the tab to the projector. And a video starts playing. Everyone's mouth is at a gap. "Oh! Oh!" The audience shouts, staring at the playing video. It is Ronald Stone in the video firing bullets at his fellow associate Tonny Gates. Tonny Gates was his stiff competitor and he was the second in command before he got massacred; it was no surprise that he sent him to heaven that early to replace his position. "Is this what you wanted to show us? Next time do not call for these kinds of meetings if you have nothing to say." Ian speaks as he stands up. Everyone is throwing words at Ronald Stone now f
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Chapter six;
Henzo is laughing and she looks comfortable with the gentleman's presence. Ian feels jealous at the way Henzo is happily chuckling with the new gentleman. Ian moves towards them and pulls Henzo away. Henzo doesn't recognize him at first. "What are you doing with that gentleman? I have never seen him here around before. "Ian speaksHenzo immediately retorts after hearing his voice." Where did you get all these expensive clothes and the expensive perfume you are putting on? Don't tell me you are putting on the customer's clothes that they told you to clean!" Henzo speaks but he is overheard by a gentleman standing near them. "Everyone listen!" The gentleman shouts giggling. "This house's son-in-law is putting on his customer's clothes from the dry cleaners." The gentleman is Justin Eyre. He is addicted to gambling. He was made heir of Eyre company after his father died but he gambled off all his property. He is only known as rich by name. Ian knows all this. "No wonder he looks d
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Chapter seven
He is the gentleman that was talking to Henzo yesterday at the party. "Good morning sir," Ian says, bowing his head to him and then handing a cup of coffee to him. "So your Henzo's husband. Am Director Theo Keller. Nice to see you around. And Thank you for the tea." Director Theo talks, gazing at him. "Am… Am Ian Wright." Ian stutters arranging his glasses. It's such a pleasure meeting you. "Ian speaks. "I know your name, since your really the talk of the town." Director Theo speaks. Director Theo is being overwhelmingly nice. "Something might not be right about him." Ian thinks to himself. He then moves out of the building. He is terrified Theo might be someone with a hidden identity and may be a threat to his wife. Ian picks up his bike and moves to his manor. There he phones Henry who shows up within thirty minutes. Henry hands a file to Ian containing a name Theo Keller. "There it is, sir!" You have nothing to worry about. Ian opens the file and instantly raises his eyebro
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Chapter eight;
It is Sherry in a red revealing dress showing her slim body and beautiful legs. Ian's startled by her. "Sorry I think you got the wrong person," Ian says as he tries to push Sherry away pretending he didn't know who she was at all. Sherry throws her arms over his shoulders and whispers into his ears again. "I know everything about you Shadow! From your delivery job to you being a stupid lowly son-in-law that is being cruelly treated. Now come with me before I make this difficult for you. Henzo is watching. I bet you do not want her to find out that you are Shadow. " Sherry speaks as he grips Ian's hand and takes him away. Henzo rolls her eyes and crawls her lips staring at the disappearing figure of his husband Ian. She feels an arch in her heart as she seats back on her seat. "Are you fine? Is everything okay?" Theo asks. "Is he bothering you? We can go sit somewhere else so you do not have to meet him again. " "Am fine.. just fine." Henzo talks with her eyes wandering around i
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Chapter nine;
Ian walks inside the Rodriguez manor hurriedly. A good breakfast meal had already been cooked by the chefs and was already on the dining table. Ian motions to the living room and his sights are set on Theo Killer, Henzo, and Madame Winifred chatting. "There you are, Ian. Come here!" Madame Winifred speaks in a nicer way stretching out an envelope to Ian. "Please! Go ahead and check it out." Ian feels uneasy picking up the envelope from Madame Winifred since she was being overwhelmingly nice. He finally gets a hold of the envelope moving his eyes around. Henzo is staring at the floor. Ian opens the envelope removing the paper from it and unfolding it." Divorce agreement." It is the heading of the paper. Ian's nostrils flare as he tears it into two pieces and throws it to the ground turning his eyes to Henzo. They all have stood up now. "Come on. Go ahead and sign it." Henzo shouts. "Am done playing your insane mind games. Telling me each time that everything will be fine. No, no
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Chapter ten;
******* It's night at Rodriguez's mansion, the seats, music, and decorations are being put up in the Rodriguez compound. Ciara is shouting at the workers to put everything in place before eight o'clock since the guests will be arriving by that time. Henzo is in her bedroom moving up and down. Theo has not yet shown up and his phone has been off. "Beep Beep,"Henzo's phone buzzes and she picks it up instantly from the table. She reads the text, it's showing that Theo's phone has been turned on. She calls again on Theo's phone and it rings for a while Theo is not picking up. Madame Winifred then enters her room. "I have been busy with work," Theo replies on the other side of the phone. "But I've read about your voicemails and I didn't understand any of them." "Theo, the thing is!" Henzo stutters not knowing where to start from the whole point. They had already organized an engagement party without the knowledge of Director Theo. Madame Winifred pulls the phone away from Henzo
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