The Fisher Series: He Is A Billionaire

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The Fisher Series: He Is A Billionaire

By: That Golden Girl OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Kenneth has been brutally and shamelessly mocked over and over again because he was poor, by his wife and her family, the people in their environment, and his college mates. What happens when it comes to light that Kenneth is more than the poor son-in-law everyone knew him to be


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16 chapters
Chapter One
Kenneth didn’t have a great day at work because he got called on for something he didn’t do… again. His supervisor, Mr. Keith gave him a final warning else he’ll be left jobless like he was years ago.Kenneth has been living by the tip of the cliff all his life. Things didn’t come easy for him and that was why he got bullied almost all his life, classmates, teachers even the junior students would be paid just to remind him of how terrible he was at succeeding in life.So, when he got the biggest turnaround of his life the day he met his biological father, which was three weeks ago, it made him believe that truly he was made for greatness.He was married to Cassandra Henry, the daughter of the wealthy Jordan Henry. They have been married for the past three years and since he married her when he was still at his lowest, Cassandra and her family made it their ultimate goal to throw insults and bad words at him whenever they can.Anytime they see him, they remind him of how miserable he i
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Chapter Two
Kenneth was still feeling sad about how his wife treated him the previous day when he got her something from his heart, after her visitor left early in the morning, she woke him up to clean up their room and the entire house before leaving for work.While he did that, his father-in-law threatened to have him sleep outside if he didn’t clean the house properly and that after work, he should make himself invisible because he was entertaining really important visitors and didn’t want them to know that his family was related to Kenneth in any way.Kenneth thought about all that happened the previous night and decided to finally reveal his real identity to his wife so that she can at least see him as a man enough to take care of her and her family. He wanted to tell her because he loved her so much and wanted them to be a real couple for once.He came to work pretty late and went to report himself to his boss but he wasn’t allowed to see Mr. Keith because his secretary Amanda didn’t let hi
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Chapter Three
After finding out about what his wife and boss did to him, Kenneth still kept going to work not because he might get Mr. Keith angry but because he heard that the company was slowly running into bankruptcy, he wasn’t sure which was true but one side of the story says bad transaction, the other side said there was theft from an employee that put the company in a vulnerable financial state.He wanted to get the full gist of it and probably buy it if it will bring him good profits for his investments.Because news files around like wildfire, everyone knew about what his wife did with the boss and he did not get away with the deep bullying that followed it, everyone saw it as an opportunity to make him feel bad for himself and mock him for not being able to keep his wife from cheating on him.“I don’t want any more troubles, just leave me alone,” he tells Fredrick Bullocks the tall bully in his department when he pushed him against his car.Fredrick laughed and then pushed Kenneth to the
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Chapter Four
The week unwind quickly and Kenneth was back on his feet and back to work. When he got back, nobody seemed to act suspicious or in a way that shows whether any of them had something to do with his attack the previous week.The day for him to pick up the man that helped him came and he was more pumped than ever to go down to the airport to pick him up. He did not even let the insults he got from his parents-in-law or the deranged look his wife bared for him or the fact his boss made public jest of him when he arrived at the company for work.He was just happy that soon, things would change for him and he will give all of them what they truly deserve.He had about three more customers to pick up and drop off before he heads for the airport so he got to work. The last customer he had was John, a former classmate of his who buys him a cup of coffee and intentionally pours the hot content on him while laughing at him along with the ladies he was with.Kenneth felt sad that the coffee ruine
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Chapter Five
A black sleek, BMW classic pulled over at the front of a tall building. A man placed one of his legs on the hard concrete then the other followed as he emerges out of the car, he was dressed in a dark blue well-pressed suit, and his shoe shone so bright, they could be used as a mirror.The man wore a simple suit but you could perceive money and power in the air as he walked, his strides were long and breathtakingly perfect, and he held a small briefcase in his hand. He also had a pair of shades sitting on his nose, his hair gelled backward.The man entered the building and while he walked over to the reception area, many of the workers whispered and gasped when they realized who was dressed so fine.“Is that him?” one asked.“Maybe a look-alike” another concluded.“He’s walking like he owns this place,” someone else said.“What if he does” another gasped but they dared not stay in front of him to ask any question.The man stopped in front of the receptionist's table and placed his han
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Chapter Six
“Liar,” Mr. Keith said then punched Kenneth across the face, the impact threw him off his feet.Kenneth landed on his butt right on the hard floor and he yelped in pain as he held his jaw.“Imagine this fool coming up here to tell us trash, after all the lies he spilled, he still wants everyone to see him as a hero so something” he mocked then kicked Kenneth in the back.“The nerve,” said an employee.Kenneth’s vision was clouded with unshed tears and he bowed his head and sniffled as he tried not to let the tears roll down his cheeks. He had been too embarrassments all his life and this was just way below the belt. No one believed that he now had a changed status and it saddened him so deeply.He blinked severally, still hearing the sound of mockery around him. Slowly he stood to his feet, balled his palms in a fist, and looked at Mr. Keith with eyes so red, you’d think they had blood in them.He pointed at him “I have taken your nonsense long enough and I will not stand here and hav
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Chapter Seven
Kenneth was almost done with the day’s work and was going to retire home but his father called him that he needed to quickly attend to some important matter and he should head to ‘Kouthy Kouch’. That was a store where he had such a bad experience when he followed his wife for her regular monthly shopping.He was tired from the day’s work and asked if it was necessary he went today but his dad told him he needed to grab the previous year’s financial report for him to look over since he would be taking over soon.“Another challenge to tackle” he muttered and made his way to the store.Once there, he packed his car and walked to the other side where the store was located. He adjusted his suit, cleared his throat and straightened his shoulders, he bent to check his face on the side mirror and saw just a slight bruise by the side of his mouth.“No one should notice it” he muttered then stood straight before walking inside the store.When he stepped inside, the salesgirl looked at him and h
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Chapter Eight
Jane took the card and was going to swipe it but a lady said from behind them.“I will pay for it. Please hand him his card,” she said then gave the lady her gold card which is exclusive for the elites only.Paul laughed as he looked at Kenneth who was trying to understand who the woman was. The lady that was with Paul laughed along with the salesgirl.“I knew you can never amount to anything, a woman had to bail you out of your misery” he shook his head and turned to the woman “Who are you by the way? I am Paul, unlike this miserable man here, I am a well-renowned nobleman” he held his lady close to him “This is Patrice, my lady”The lady who was paying for the goods just side-eyed Paul and looked away.Kenneth on the other side couldn’t believe what was happening. Just when everyone was going to know who he was and stop treating him badly, this kind lady came to take that away from him. He understood she was trying to save him from embarrassment but he didn’t need the help now that
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Chapter Nine
The rest of the staff came and gathered around Kenneth with questioning looks on their faces.“This is Mr. Kenneth Goldstein, the son and only heir to the Goldstein’s enterprise worldwide” the manager introduced to the staff.Some looked at him in admiration, some were quite shocked by the revelation, some whispered to themselves.“I am doomed” Jane whisper-cried.“Impossible” Paul muttered in disbelief.Kenneth smirked as he looked at Paul in mock.“Good day, Mr. Goldstein” all the staffs greet with a bow.Jane tried to hide in shame when she greeted him but he called her out. Still feeling ashamed, she stepped forward with her head facing the ground.“I am a man of integrity. I do not tolerate people who look down on others based off their status or appearance, especially customers” he said and that made Jane tremble in fear of what awaits her. “No one is above the other, no matter the position they hold. We all are equal and we should be treated in that way” he said.Kenneth turns
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Chapter Ten
"I will not ask you one more time, leave before I make you regret it,” he said to him and started pushing him away.“Get your hands off me” Kenneth lashed in an annoyed tone. “I’ll make you regret your actions Daris” he warned.“Like you’re the boss” Daris laughed and some other people joined him.“You’re a staff here and I know your boss. Don’t make me report you for your bad behavior to your customers” Kenneth warned again.“Oh, I’m scared” he fake cried then held him by the neck with his finger pointed to Kenneth’s face “Get out of here. Next time I see a wretched human like you here, I will hand you over to the police, am I clear?” he pushed him and Kenneth lost his foot then landed on the floor.Some people watched in amazement, happy that they didn’t have to share an exclusive, expensive gym with a low life.Some watched in pity of Kenneth saying in their minds ‘he wouldn’t have come here so that he doesn’t get treated this way’. They shook their heads and went back to their res
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