The Legitimate Son

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The Legitimate Son

By: Christylooknice OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Everth was regarded as a nobody in society because of his poor background. But his story took a U-turn on the day of his mother's funeral when a strange man approached him with an irresistible invitation, revealing his unknown father's identity to him, which he knew nothing about. Everth finding out that he was a son of a multi billionaire and next in line to inherited his father's empire. But this caused a war between him and his two adopted brothers. The sons of his father's friend who refused to back down without a fight.


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Chapter 1
It was raining heavily in sight. A handsome man stood in front of a graveyard, crying and souring in pains. He was all alone in the shadow of a grave. Those that were with him had gone to get shelter over their heads as they couldn't stand the heavy falling of the rain. It only started with little thunderous sounds, then came the rain making the people disperse for shelter.Everth was still standing in that very spot under the rain, ignoring its heavy hits on his skin. In damp clothes and hair, it was a good thing that the rain was falling because it had washed away the tears from his eyes, the tears and the rain water mixed perfectly but still his eyes were still red, and the rain couldn’t at best wash his pains away also.He just couldn't believe the fact that his mother had died. She was healthy and strong in the morning before he left for work. How did it happen? That was the question he was asking but there was no answer to it. The only thing the stupid witnesses said was that s
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Chapter 2
Everth was speechless with the way the lady acted. He couldn’t understand what she was really trying to do. Then, he forced his hands out of her immediately."What, what the hell are you doing madam?" He asked even more surprised but in a polite manner."How dare you raise your voice at my woman", a cubby man dressed in an expensive blue suit, and white shirt that was unbuttoned around his chest, showing his golden necklaces approached them. Beside this man were two extra men in black suit and dark eyeshades and very serious faces."Darling, he tried to take advantage of me!" The lady cried and ran to the side of the cubby man. Everth was stunned, he didn’t expect that from the lady. He hadn’t even done anything to her, so why did she have to lie? The cubby man embraced the lady into his big arms and glanced at Everth deadly. " You dare try to take advantage of my woman?" The cubby man thundered. " sir. That's not what you think, I did nothing to her” he stuttered “I…I accide
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Chapter 3
Everth was furious when he got home. He had not only been humiliated in public but also accused of something terrible he hadn’t done. The worst part, Mr Noah did not pay him his salary he worked for and even yet the man ordered the security guards to throw him out of the hotel he had slaved for, only because he was trying to maintain the good name of the hotel.He clenched his jaw and bit hard on his lips before tasting his own blood. "That bastard!" He cursed and kicked the cupboard in his room, the force sent things shattering on the floor and he didn’t care.He ran his hand through his hair, closed his eyes and breathed in, he heaved a breath out while he opened his eyes, just then he saw it, the golden black card that the strange man gave to him. He crouched down and picked it up. Is it true that he has a father somewhere? But why didn't his motherbu tell him anything about his father even during the times he asked her? Why did she have to hide her husband identity from him? Ever
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Chapter 4
"No, would this dress be better? Or maybe this yellow dress?" Everth asked himself as he stood in front of the mirror, holding the two dresses in his hands, he tried to compare the one that will fit, he was deciding on the dress he had to wear to match his blue trousers, which was the best of all the trousers he had. His face was still covered with a few bruises. "I have to look my best before the strange man comes" he said He dropped the black top, finally deciding to go for the yellow one instead. Since it was a sunny day outside, the yellow top would be a good choice to go for. At that moment, he heard the loud horn sounds of a car outside the house. Then, he started hearing the neighbors murmuring, it usually start with a whisper then it becomes loud. "Who is the owner of this car?""I have never seen such a car before. I believe it would be expensive!""What is such an expensive car doing in our neighborhood?""But none of the rich has come here before. Did anyone commit a cri
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Chapter 5
The limousine stopped in front of a luxury boutique. A man from the front seat stepped down and opened the car door for Benjamin and Everth while his head was a bit low as the both men came out from the car. "Rich Pan boutique?" Everth asked when he saw the name of the boutique on the postboard. "Yeah, it is" Benjamin answered with a smile. They walked into the boutique along with the two bodyguards, and as soon as they entered, a service lady came to greet them. "Good afternoon sirs. You're welcome to the Rich Pan boutique and I'm at your service" she said with a little smile. "Take us to the men's suit area", Benjamin requested. The lady nodded her head and directed them to the men's suit area. Everth was amazed when they got there. The suits were arranged in sizes, colors, textures-they all looked rich and expensive and neatly tailored. He wondered why Benjamin brought him there instead of a cheaper boutique, since it was only to look good for a onetime meeting."Don't you th
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Chapter 6
Everth had never seen a house…no, a mansion this huge! The most fantastic building he'd ever come across was a skyscraper in the city, but now he knew there were buildings far more spectacular than a skyscraper! The mansion had huge golden gates with several bodyguards standing by, armed to the teeth. No one in their right senses would approach this bulky member as their physical appearance wasn't only intimidating but oppressing as well.Everth wondered if the gates were indeed gold as they shone in the daylight.What if his father really was a wealthy man? If he is, why did his mother let them both live in abject poverty, denying him this…this life?Everth had a dozen questions to ask his father and he didn't know where exactly to start from.Was he ready to meet his father? Would he be happy to meet him? The gates swing open, welcoming them to a space twice a football pitch. There was an entire golf course out front and several ornamental crops, lined to shape the drive through
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Chapter 7
In a matter of seconds, the room was flooded with nurses, checking up on Mr Grey who was now laying down on his bed , still holding on to Everth's hands despite having his eyes closed.Benjamin was careful not to create too much panic about Mr Grey's health and had handled all the call that was relatively his.His palm was sweaty and he already took his tie off as he thought of the worse that could happen to his boss.The nurse sighed in relief , walking towards Benjamin, who paced the room endlessly."He is safe. It's a relief that a young man did that. Mr Grey may have bit his tongue and that would have been a terrible tale. " she glances over to Everth and offers him a gentle smile."That young man…he looks way too much like Mr Grey" she offered in a whisper.Benjamin nodded in agreement, the nurse was close enough to be told this detail."Mr Grey will explain things to you, Sara. You're sure he's out of danger?" Benjamin cast a worried look at Mr Grey, who was still asleep."If he
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Chapter 8
Sara watched Grey in silence as the monitor beeped quietly. The old man had his third seizure this week and she was starting to worry a lot.What was triggering him to the point of consistency? Was the old man thinking way too much? Or the excitement of finding his son? Is that it? Sara exhaled, checking up on Grey's vitals once more. He should be awake in less than an hour.If he doesn't, she'd allow him rest for as long as he pleased.Grey opens his eyes slowly, his breath steady and eyes searching for something…Or someone.."Relax Grey. He's downstairs. I told them to let you rest for a while before revealing the surprise " Sara said as she helps him sit up and lean on the headrest. Grey stared at the fifty-year-old woman in silence, a cocky smile on his lips.He was so old and yet his face held a bit of his youthful looks."I passed out, didn't I?" He asked. "I'm glad someone got to you in time, Grey. I told you to quit excitement. What part of that don't you understand?" G
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Chapter 9
James got into his car without saying another word to Samantha. He really didn't have the time for all of this right now.His father sounded so different over the phone. He even swore, there's something definitely wrong somewhere…His mind went back to Samantha and that chubby bustard she called her director. She must really think of him as a clueless fool, taking advantage of him with some overweight pig! If she didn't satisfy him in bed so much, he would have dumped her sorry ass a long time ago.There were a lot of women who would kill to be in his bed and here she was being a whore to almost every actor she worked with.He couldn't risk being seen with her by the public as that would stain his good reputation.Having her in the picture was bad for business and he knew that truth far too well…That is why he loves their arrangement so well.She satisfies him in bed and he got her bigger and better deals with well-known companies.The lot of which she'd slept with.They never rea
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Chapter 10
"I will make sure to teach him all he needs to know about business. You both learnt from me after all", Grey offered. "Dad!" Grey laughs "Relax boys, you are taking this far too seriously. Everything will turn out fine afterwards . That I know" "This is a really big ask dad. We barely even know him…" James offered.Everth could see how much of a ask his father was placing on them, barely allowing them time to grow accustomed to him before landing with the idea of running the company…."Dad,please. You really need to put us into consideration…" "I am. This is as sudden for you as it is for me. I have searched my whole life for my son and I found him!"Grey vibrates with emotion. "We understand father," James offered soberly. "We just want to be sure he was the one and you already told us you had a DNA conducted. That is proof already." Grey exhaled "I know with time, you boys will be inseparable. I just know it " he smiled. Everth couldn't help but feel the burden placed on the
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