The Paths To Immortal

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The Paths To Immortal

By: Xin Ban Hong Shuang Xi1 OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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With his every move, the world is turned upside down!


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240 chapters
Chapter 1 Youth From the Ancient Village
The thick clouds filled the sky, blocking the golden light. The sky was downcast and the whole world seemed to be silent.The apathetic wind shuttled by sharply, leaving the cries of birds and insects behind. The weak flowers and grass had already submitted to the weather. A storm was coming.In the dense forest of ancient trees, a figure shuttled through the forest. He was targeting the Black-Scaled Lion.The Black-Scaled Lion was fast but the figure was faster. When it was near the lion, the figure suddenly raised swung his right arm forward. A sharp howl tore through the sky as a black iron spear that was over 33 feet long caught up to the Black-Scaled Lion, and it pierced through its stomach from the back and nailed it to the ground.The Black-Scaled Lion roared and struggled, but no matter how hard it tried, it could not get rid of the spear. It soon became weak. At this moment, the figure had also arrived in front of the Black-Scaled Lion. It was a boy wearing coarse linen cl
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Chapter 2 Encountering Demons
“Uncle...” Ye Shang had always yearned to see the outside world, but when Uncle Gu agreed, he didn’t know what to say.“Since you want to go out, I’ll tell you more about the outside.” Uncle Gu turned around and went back to the bamboo house.Ye Shang knew that Uncle Gu had also gone out to adventure when he was young. Later on, he returned to Bamboo Village because he was injured.As Uncle Gu explained, Ye Shang gained a better understanding of the world outside.The area where the Bamboo Village was located was monitored by the Medicine Sect. The disciples of the Medicine Sect will manage the densely populated areas.Medicine Sect was located in Mountain Tripod, and its perimeter of control was a hundred thousand miles.Uncle Gu told Ye Shang about the outside world and they only took their rest when it was dawn. But Ye Shang didn’t rest for long before he woke up. Before leaving, he had to prepare some more food for Uncle Gu. Bamboo Village lived on hunting and their food mainl
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Chapter 3 Arriving at Gu Nan Town
Ye Shang’s body flashed as he crawled up the tree. At the same time, he roared at the leopard.Unfortunately, the leopard had already submitted to its feet and couldn’t stand on its own. This shocked Ye Shang. The unseen demon must be horrifying, or the leopard wouldn’t have become like this. This was suppression. It was either suppression of its race or cultivation level.While Ye Shang was shocked, the demon beast appeared and came to the tree.Under the flames, Ye Shang saw it. It was a black Flood-Dragon. Its body was as thick as a water bucket. Ye Shang could not see how long it was as the darkness hid its tail.While Ye Shang was looking at the black Flood-Dragon, it moved. It opened its bloody mouth and bit down on the leopard that didn’t dare to move. As its mouth wiggled, cracking sounds rang out. All of the leopard’s bones were shattered, and then the Flood-Dragon swallowed it whole.That happened in just the blink of an eye. Ye Shang quickly crawled up the tree. This bl
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Chapter 4 The Cultivation Begins
“My name is Ye Shang. Ms. Lin, it’s not a big deal.” Hearing Lin Qiao’s words, Ye Shang’s heart grew more at ease. These fellows were capable of accepting what they had done.“Enough, drink.” Yang Sen smiled and said after seeing Lin Qiao reconciling with Ye Shang.When the four of them drank the wine, Zhang Xuanzong coughed. “What wine is this? It tastes good, but it’s too strong.”Yang Sen and the others’ faces turned red too.“It was brewed by an uncle in our village,” said Ye Shang, who drank a whole bowl of wine like drinking water.“Ye Shang, you haven’t eaten. Let’s go somewhere else. We’ll leave once you’re done eating.” Yang Sen was impatient.“No need. You seem to be in a bit of a hurry. Let’s go and find the black Flood-Dragon first.” said Ye Shang.“Sure, I’ll be troubling you then.” Yang Sen nodded.Once out of the teahouse, Yang Sen and his group rode on their tamed beast, but not Ye Shang. The Flood-Dragon ate his beast.“Brother Ye, why don’t you ride with me?”
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Chapter 5 The Banquet in the Qin Manor
“Ye Shang, what are you talking about? Didn’t you already help us? Come with us and rest for a bit. We’ll then help you find a caravan to send you to the Tripod City, it’ll be convenient for you to go to Mountain Tripod from there. Didn’t I tell you that there’s still one month until the annual recruitment date for the Medicine Sect? There’s still time,” said Yang Sen as he looked at Ye Shang.“Alright then! I can only trouble you for now.” Ye Shang did not reject their good intentions. After getting along with them along the way, he knew that Yang Sen and the others were loyal men. Lin Qiao’s temper was not good, but she found you pleasant to the eye, she was easy to get along with.Ye Shang didn’t stay at the inn and was brought to Du Chong’s house.After washing up and eating, Ye Shang began to cultivate.Over the course of the past twenty days of cultivation, Ye Shang had come to realize that he had changed. In the past, he hadn’t practiced any Taoist techniques or the Qi, and
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Chapter 6 Pills For Appreciation
“Haha, that’s fine. However, what I said earlier has always been valid. If you need any help in the future, you can come to find me. Alright, let’s go eat!” Qin Ao’xuan stood up and walked out. The meeting hall did not hold a banquet.The banquet was held in a hall on the side of the Qin Manor. There was a big garden in front of the hall, which was elegant and magnificent.Du Chong brought Ye Shang into the great hall and sat down with Yang Sen, Zhang Xuanzong, and Lin Qiao. There were also two other young men.“Yang Sen, Du Chong, how can you let my uncle owe such a great favor just to get a Flood-Dragon?” A young man with harsh eyes looked at Ye Shang and said.“Young Master Hai, please watch your words.” Yang Sen’s expression changed after hearing this.“Don’t worry, why are you so nervous?” Young Master Hai, also known as Qin Hai, said with a smile. He looked at Ye Shang as if he was looking at a rare animal.“A favor? The vice mayor said it himself, I did not ask for it. Thu
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Chapter 7 Cultivation Along the Way
Ye Shang, Qin Zhen, the other two youths, Qin Zhen’s two bodyguards, the captain, and a few other guards entered the last carriage.After getting on the carriage, Ye Shang found a corner and sat down. As he sat, his heart thumped. The carriage was made from high-quality steel. No wonder every carriage had three Wind Tigers driving it.Qin Zhen sat across from Ye Shang. The other two youths glanced at Ye Shang and sat next to Qin Zhen. From his attire, Ye Shang wasn’t the same as them.After closing the door, the guard opened the window, which was covered with steel bars as thick as a baby's arm. It was very safe.The carriage started moving. Ye Shang placed his bag beside him and began to cultivate with his eyes closed.Just as Ye Shang was about to enter a meditative state, the two youths began to whisper and try to build up a relationship.""Be quiet, or get out of here."" The captain reprimanded them directly without giving him any face.The faces of the two youths changed, and
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Chapter 8 Encountering Demons
After cultivating for the whole night, they continued to move forward after breakfast.Seeing that Ye Shang began to meditate again, Qin Zhen also continued to meditate. Just like Ye Shang, he had a great desire for cultivation. He couldn't cultivate before, but now he could. The desire for strength in Qin Zhen's heart was no less than that of Ye Shang.In the next 2 days, it is fairly quiet. Some demons in the way have been exterminated by the guards. Every evening, when they were resting, Ye Shang goes out hunting for some wild animals. He would give some to the guards and also Qin Zhen.Qin Zhen didn’t refuse Ye Shang’s food, nor did he refuse the wine. But it was still the same thing. The two of them didn’t communicate much.After they set off again, Ye Shang saw that Qin Zhen had consumed a Core Restoring Pill to cultivate, and his heart shook. If he didn’t consume the pills, then what was the point? Weren’t the pills supposed to raise one’s strength? Raising one’s strength wa
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Chapter 9 Difference Between the Dragon and the Snake
All along the way, Qiu Zhen and the others chatted and laughed with Ye Shang, and they hardly paid any attention to Qin Hai and the others. That made Qin Hai and the others unhappy. No matter what, they were members of the Qin Family, whereas Ye Shang was only a bumpkin.On the other hand, Qin Hai, Qin Shan, and the others were talking to Qin Zhen who just nodded and shook his head, unwilling to respond to them. But he got along well with Ye Shang. Although they hardly talked, he ate and lived together with him.“Bumpkin! I will be one!” Ye Shang smiled. He truly didn’t want to interact with Qin Hai and the others. On the way here, Ye Shang could tell that Qin Hai and the others were extremely arrogant and they wouldn’t have any interactions in the future, so he couldn’t be bothered with them.Ye Shang’s words left Qin Hai furious. Even though he didn’t say anything harsh, everyone could hear the disdain in his words.“You’re courting death!” Qin Hai’s temper flared up, and he gra
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Chapter 10 Arriving at the Medicine Sect
Ye Shang was still meditating. Seeing that Ye Shang was working hard, Qin Zhen also began to meditate.After resting for a night, they arrived at the Medicine Sect at noon the next day, in front of Mountain Tripod.There were two stone pillars that were about a hundred feet tall and a hundred feet wide carved with medicinal cauldrons and various herbs. At the top of the stone pillars was a stone tablet that was engraved with two large golden words, “Medicine Sect”.The carriages didn’t enter because non-disciples and non-invited guests were not allowed to enter. They went down the path and entered a valley. There were more than one thousand pavilions in this valley, just like a small city. This was Grass Valley Town, the resting place for the people who came to the valley to do business. It was also a place for the disciples to buy their daily necessities.Qiu Zhen found an inn to stay in, waiting for the recruitment ceremony to begin. He could not go back yet, because only a handf
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