The Phoenix Slayers

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The Phoenix Slayers

By: Bradzmanga Updated just nowFantasy

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Promising his late grandfather that he was going to be one of the 5 Heavenly Generals like he once was. 9 years has passed since then, Cory decided to build a team of slayers(samurais) so he travels the continents searching people who were qualified. Starting with his brother but instead of finding his brother he finds out the unbelievable truth about the slayer system the more he finds out the worst it gets so he decides to stop the corrupted system thats was led under The Elders.


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44 chapters
P.S= #1: The Beginning Of Our Journey
200 thousand years ago mysterious life form called ayakashi started to attack the human world, bringing it to its knees, but 5 heroes with immense power stood up to them and they were known as slayers and in the end, they earn the title 5 heavenly generals.Cory: I didn't think that you of all people would betray me.Arthur: I found a better and faster path to accomplish my dreams, even if it means I have to kill my own brother to for fill them.Cory: I see.Both brothers drew their swords and went into their stands. Cory drew his two swords and went into his dragon stands while Arthur drew his only sword and went into his tiger. stands they charge at each other clashing swords. Their fights last for 2 days.Arthur: Let's finish this.Cory jumps into the air putting his two swords in front of him going into his gravity gear while Arthur stays on the land going into his magnetic gear.Cory: Gravity Gear First Variation: Temporal Zone union Style Dragon And Phoenix Sword Style: Dark Gra
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P.S= #2: who was Izumi?
Elders HQ]"What!!! The prophecy was true."[12 elders: 5th elder Goujirou]"Calm down Goujirou."[12 elders: 1st elder Ichika]Goujirou: calm down. Are you hearing yourself, old man?"1st elder, Ichika is right. We don't have any proof that this boy is the same Cory that old man was talking about. His name is Coryeil, not Cory."[12 elders: 9th elder kohaku]"I think it's him and he's so handsome, too. I could just eat him up, haru be a darling and introduce me to your brother."[12 elders: 11th elder Rebecca]"Go jump off a bridge."[12 elders: 12th elder haruki]Rebecca: You are so mean.Kohaku: Now, now you guys.Out of the 12 elders only 6 was at the meeting, they all sit around a table discussing what they should do about Cory. expected one while the rest was talking, he's sleeping. He was the youngest out of all the elders.Kohaku: Could someone wake him please?Rebecca got up out of her chair and walk up to him and shake him till he woke up.Rebecca: Honey, we're in a meeting,
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P.S= #3: The boy who wants to become the strongest
Naima: I have come for your head Cory Silva. Cory: You have come for my head. What does that even mean and who are you? Naima: I'm Naima summer and you Coryeil have a bounty of ₩☆5,328,000. She took out a paper showing them his bounty, not just that. On the paper it also says dead or alive with his name and rank but no rank wasn't there. Kiyomizu: He has a bounty of ₩☆5,328,000? Ava: He shouldn't have one yet alone one so high. Naima dash at him. Cory takes the little boy and throws him to Kiyomizu. Cory: Get him somewhere safe now. Kiyomizu: Right are you coming ava. Ava: No I will stay here and see how this turns out. Kling°Cory blocks Naima attack, causing Sparks from the swords rubbing together. Cory: Listen, I'm the good guy. The elders are the bad guys. whoosh. She kicks him through a wall. The people screamed. He charged at her after getting up as fast as he could. Since you won't listen to me, I will have to make you listen. Cory draws his next sword then place
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P.S= #4: Cory vs Spike Ayakashi
Tep! Tep! Tep! Tep! Spike ayakashi: "I hate humans and I hate doing these types of job but it's just life, don't you agree?" Cory thinks to himself what is he talking about and why does his Haku is at such a normal level. Shivers! Shivers! Cory: "It's not that high so why am I shaking?" Ava: "No why is an ayakashi here and why is it a B-class? His haku maybe at a human level but I have a bad feeling about this." Naima: "What the hell are you doing here? Do you know where you are. your in the continent of Aldoron?" Spike ayakashi: "Talk, talk, talk. I hate you already. I guess you will be the first to die." ZHKREEEN!!! Weird markings in the color green starts cover his body, starting with his left side. His right hand filled up with spikes. TOOWISH!!! The spikes on his hand were covered with Haku. FWOOSH!!! The spikes release from his arm, Cory runs and yells "get down!!" While pushing her to ground when heading to the ground Naima bangs her head and falls unconscious.
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P.S= #5: Magic Drive
WAAAAAHH! WAAAHH!Kiyomizu: "Come on, don't cry. I promise I'm going to find your mommy."She bens down wiping his tears.Kiyomizu: "After all, I did promise Cory that I would."She told him to hop on her back and she carries him.Spike Ayakashi: "Coryeil Silva huh so you're from that clan."THUMP!Cory dash towards him as fast as he could.Cory: "Tiger sword style: twin loin slash."Cory swings his swords at him horizontally but he blocks it but Cory faded him out and jumps in the air while in the air Cory backflips and coats his sword in haku while the spike ayakashi coats his hand in haku.ZHRANG!!They haku collided.KA-BOOM!!SKERRCH!The Impact of their haku collided pushes them away from each other not just them it also destroys couple buildings luckily no one was there.Kakahahakaka.Spike Ayakashi: "Now this is a battle."THUMP!Both dashes at each other.Cory strikes at his chest but the spike ayakashi dodges. Seeing an opening, he punches Cory while cory swings from multipl
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P.S= #6: 3 vs 1
"Damn it, I can't believe I'm going to lose the chance of becoming the strongest. Said Cory. While lying on the ground with his right hand over his face crying.VOOMISH! BOOM!Ava fires a blast made of Haku at the Ayakashi in her dragon form on a nearby building."What in the world". Said Spike Ayakashi. While regenerating.Ava transforms back into her human form and rush to Cory with Naima."Can you walk?" asked ava while holding him."No, my right knee is broken." Answered Cory."Trinity, can you keep him busy?" Said Naima."My name is ava and why." she replied."Because I think I can help." Said Naima."No need I will wait 3 on 1 seem more fun than 1 on 1." Said Spike Ayakashi while sitting down.She goes over and ben down.ZKHREEEN!She actives her drive but instead of her body, the markings are in her eyes. She puts both of her hands on his right knee.VOOMISH!!A white light cover her hand and his knee."No way she's healing him." Said ava.Huh? She's healing him wait is that H
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P.S= #7: The Strongest Slayer Is Here
KA-BOOM!!!"Did we get him?" Cory Asked."No, look like he's fine." Naima Reply."We try everything, but yet still." Ava Said.SFHHH! SFHHH! SFHHH!"What the?" Cory Shouted."He's getting bigger." Said ava."He's absorbing so much haku." Answered Naima."What the hell is going on?" Said Cory.SFHH! SFHH!"He's transforming, but into what?" Said Ava.ROAAAAR!!!!!"Now I can crush you human with my true power." Shout spike Ayakashi.ROAAAAR!!!!!"Should an Ayakashi grow like that, his like 17 feet tall." Said Cory."No, they shouldn't, but A class can and he just forces his evolve state. it's called True Flow. This state gives an Ayakashi a power boots." Naima reply."Now die."he punches at them.BAM! BAM! BAM!But they dodge. He swings his hands, destroying buildings.KHKREEEN!!!He activates his magic drive and shots his spikes at them.Cory blocks some of them and dodges the rest."We need to stop him before he destroys the kingdom even more. Back me up till I'm ready.""Right." Sai
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P.S= #8: Nathaniel vs Spike Ayakashi
"Who the hell are you?" Said Spike Ayakashi."Huh me? You don't know, huh?""Hmm.""I'm Nathaniel Natsu, The Strongest Slayer in the world."Cory gasp and looks up at Nathaniel and thinks to himself so he's the Strongest Slayer in the world.He's here and that must be Jaggy, his trinity. Naima thought to herself.So he's the strongest. his haku is so peaceful, and it's coated around his body."So you're the strongest huh?." Said Spike Ayakashi.SFHHH!! SFHHH!!"Huh, he's transforming again." Said Cory."This is my ultimate form."Nathaniel looks at Cory and asks him if he could walk. Cory nodes his head, and he puts him down.TEP! TEP! TEP! TEP!Nathaniel and the Spike Ayakashi walk up to each other the Ayakashi looks down on him and laughs.KAKAHAHAKAKAHAHA."You're the strongest and you're blind. unfortunately for you, your days of being the strongest is over.""Is that so?"FWISH!!He teleports beside Nathaniel and punches him.FSSSSSSSSSH!!!"Is that sand? But when did he activate
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P.S= #9: The Birth of The Phoenix Slayers. Cory vs Nathaniel
"Come on, kid, are you scared? Show me what you got."SHING!!Cory draws his swords."Step back you three and give them some space." Said Jaggy.CHING!!Nathaniel draws his sword. "Tell me something.""What's that?""Tell me your name.""I'm Coryeil Silva, the man who's gonna defeat you and take your title as the strongest slayer in the world."Nathaniel smiled "very well then just so you know I won't hold back because you're a kid or because you're injured."TAP! SWOOSH!!!Cory dashes towards him CHING!! Nathaniel puts back his sword in its scabbard. Cory swings his swords at him but Nathaniel blocks it with his right hand. KA-CLANG!!Cory steps back. It's that move from earlier, he thought to himself."You see, I said I wouldn't take it easy on you and still I drew my half sword fighting u with that would be rude don't you think?"Cory swings his swords again, but he keeps on blocking his attacks with his hands.KA-CLANG!! KA-KLANG!! KA-CLANG!!"Shit, I don't stand a chance against
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P.S= #10: The Minto Family
3 days as pass since the fight in the kingdom.[Restaurant]Munch! Munch! Munch!"Wow, he really can eat?" asked Naima."Yeah, I have a feeling his second magic drive is having a bottomless stomach." Kiyomizu answered."Cory, tell me something?" said Naima."Huh? what's that?" "Where are we going next?""Anywhere the road takes us, hahah.""And what is the crew's primary goal?""To take down the elders.""But the four of us alone can't take down the elders. in fact we are in the Aldoron continent we can't take down the elders from here.""Then we will go to where they are and take them down, haha.""It's not so easy to get to the Gondwana region. Remember we are in the Laurasia.""What do you mean?" Asked Kiyomizu."You see, it's because of Mount kyla and its powerful haku and not only that the other 5 continents are on the other side of the world and that's where the elders and heavenly generals are.""No problem, we have Ava to fly us over.""You don't get it do you what splits the
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