The Road to War God

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The Road to War God

By: Qing Shi Xi Yu1 OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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When the nerd crossed the other world, the mysterious system suddenly descended! From then onwards, the loser had transformed beautifully and started to create numerous shocking miracles! A top-tier cultivation technique? A peerless weapon? The peak of martial arts? In the face of the War God's system, everything was meaningless! Let's see how Ye Xingchen, who possessed the Martial God System, could reach the peak of martial arts in turbulent times!


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  • Sergio


    great book hope it doesnt end like this

    2022-08-23 08:13:50
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300 chapters
Chapter 1 The War God’s System
Ah...Ye Xingchen woke up in an instant with a scream. The first thing he saw was an unfamiliar room where two figures—a man and a woman—were staring at him.""What is this place? Where am I?” Ye Xingchen found the place very unfamiliar, and his heart was full of horror. “Aren’t I playing computer games right now? Why am I here?”""Ye Xingchen, are you awake?"" The middle-aged woman asked Ye Xingchen in a low voice with a kind smile on her face.Ye Xingchen was puzzled. He didn't know the two people in front of him at all, and he had never seen the layout of the room before.Just as Ye Xingchen was puzzled, a series of messages popped up in his mind. After sorting through the information, he realized that his cup had been transmigrated.Ye Xingchen used to be a college student in the 21st century. Other than going to school every day, he would surf the BBS and read novels.Today it was raining cats and dogs. After school, Ye Xingchen returned to his dorm and turned on his computer.
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Chapter 2 A Miraculous Mission
""Following the completion of a mission, one will be able to obtain an opportunity to turn the wheel at will. There are many treasures within the wheel. If one is lucky enough, one will be able to turn into a very good item,” explained the voice.Ye Xingchen nodded. His spiritual sense had explained to him about the wheel just now. It was similar to a big disc which was divided into many small lattices with the names of some treasures written on them. In the middle, there was a small pointer. He used his mind to spin the needle. In the end, the small lattice referred to the treasures he obtained.Ye Xingchen’s current luck was only at 20 points. Although there were many treasures on the turntable, the probability of him getting them was still quite low.Only by completing the mission once and triggering the mission at the same time would one be able to receive the rewards of the great disk.Moreover, one’s luck would slowly rise along with the completion of the quest.Ye Xingchen w
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Chapter 3 Third Level of Refinement
The morning sun shone on the ground and the streets of Milky Way Town were bustling with people.A young man was training continuously in the back mountain of the Ye Clan.""Pluff!” The young man’s fist slammed into the towering tree, creating a pluffing sound.After a long time, Ye Xingchen finally stopped cultivating. He gently wiped the sweat from his forehead, a faint smile appearing on his face.After getting along with each other for more than ten days, Ye Xingchen's state of mind had completely changed. He had forgotten about the time-travel and completely regarded himself as the original Ye Xingchen. He also had a very good relationship with his family, especially his sister.The appearance of Ye Yu made Ye Xingchen feel the warmth of kinship. This was a very happy thing for an orphan of more than 20 years.On the other hand, Ye Xingchen had made up his mind that no matter what, he must properly protect his younger sister who was unable to cultivate.Deep down, Ye Xingche
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Chapter 4 Defeating Ye Yanshi
When he heard Ye Shan say Ye Yanshi, Ye Xingchen didn’t hesitate at all and directly dashed towards Ye Clan’s square.Ye Shan, who was hot on his trail, saw Ye Xingchen’s reaction and was afraid that Ye Xingchen would suffer a loss. “Be careful, Brother Ye Xingchen.”At this moment, there were three young men and a young woman in a violet dress in the Ye Clan square.""Sister Ye Yu, as long as you apologize to me, I will forget what happened just now."" Ye Yanshi narrowed his eyes and said with a smile.Ye Yanshi was 16 years old. Although he was not very good among the younger generation of the Ye Family, he was not bad. Most importantly, Ye Yanshi belonged to Ye Bao's faction.Ye Bao and Ye Hu didn’t get along well, so Ye Yanshi often came to cause trouble for Ye Xingchen. This time, he bumped into Ye Yu and called Ye Xingchen a piece of trash in front of the latter. Ye Yu was furious and wouldn’t allow anyone to speak ill of her brother, so she started scolding him as well.Howe
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Chapter 5 The Ye Family's Secret
Ye Xingchen, who was meditating in his room, slowly opened his eyes. His pitch-black pupils shone with a terrifying golden light.In the battle with Ye Yanshi today, Ye Xingchen gained some insights, so when he returned, he went straight to his room to meditate.Ye Xingchen knew deep down that strength was important, but he had to be steady. Only by laying a solid foundation could he go further on the path of training in the future.It had been some time since he transmigrated to the owner of this body. Ye Xingchen had basically adapted to the life here, and this was a world where martial arts were respected. It was also a world that Ye Xingchen yearned for.During this period of cultivation, Ye Xingchen could clearly feel that the Martial God system was extraordinary. Especially in the Martial God Domain, it was even more world-shocking.Although it was just a short period of cultivation, Ye Xingchen knew very well that the help the Martial God system could give him was definitel
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Chapter 6 One Finger
""The Bai Clan and Li Clan’s Patriarchs are experts at the peak of the First Heaven Realm as well. Your grandfather was powerless against two of them. However, the resources and reserves of my Ye Clan aren’t something they can compare to. Otherwise, my Ye Clan would have been obliterated after such a long time.” Ye Hu took a deep breath, and he had a complicated expression as he muttered.""But..."" All of a sudden, Ye Hu's face changed and he said faintly.""But what?” Ye Xingchen asked anxiously.As if he had sunk into a deep memory, Ye Hu’s expression was extremely sad. The air was filled with faint sadness. Ye Hu’s eyes were tightly shut as he slowly said, “Back then, my Ye Family was the number one family in the Martial Spirit Empire. All the forces in the Martial Spirit Empire had submitted to my Ye Family. Even the royal family of the Martial Spirit Empire treated my Ye Family as an honored guest. At that time, the Ye Family was indeed extremely powerful.”Martial Spirit Empire'
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Chapter 7 Amethyst Grass
At that moment, the air around Ye Xingchen was dissipating, dust swirling in the air.When the spiritual power completely gathered on Ye Xingchen's clenched fist, he suddenly stretched out his index finger. The spiritual power that had gathered on his fist quickly rushed to the forefinger and finally slowly enveloped the tip of Ye Xingchen's index finger.""Haaaargh!”Ye Xingchen roared loudly and his footsteps relaxed. He leapt forward and left the ground with the aid of the recoil.""Puff...""Ye Xingchen showed off the advantages of having lived two lifetimes. He was calm and composed. He stared at a large tree in the distance carefully before pointing his finger at it.When he pointed his index finger out, the spiritual force gathered on the tip of his index finger turned into a white light and rushed to the big tree in the distance.""Bang...""After Ye Xingchen used the first finger of the First Finger, he landed on the ground. At the same time that he landed, his spiritual po
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Chapter 8 Breakthrough in the Battle
""Ye Xingchen, I’ll give you one last chance. Give me the amethyst grass and apologize to me and we’ll call it quits.” Ye Yutian saw her expression and angrily said.""What if I don't give you the amethyst grass or apologize?"" A complicated smile appeared on Ye Xingchen's face. Then, under Ye Yutian's watchful eyes, he placed the amethyst grass into his mouth.""Ye Xingchen, you’re courting death!""Ye Yutian shouted. He didn't move his body and moved his feet slightly. With a series of phantoms, he seemed to blend into heaven and earth. His eyes were full of pride and killing intent that filled the back mountain instantly shrouded Ye Xingchen.At this moment, Ye Yutian erupted with strength at the 6th level of the Refinement Realm.Seeing Ye Yutian take action, Ye Xingchen did not have the time to digest the amethyst grass he had just eaten. He suddenly ran all the spiritual force in his body to fight against Ye Yutian.Suddenly, the air seemed to freeze for a moment. The next momen
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Chapter 9 Ye Bai
""Puff... Puff...""Finally, after waving the second finger of Yiyuan, the little golden man slowly dissipated in Ye Xingchen's mind.At this moment, Ye Xingchen detected a lot of information about the second finger of the One Finger.BOOM!Just as Ye Yutian was about to attack, Ye Xingchen suddenly raised his head, exuding a terrifying aura. He wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth with his small hand, a mad smile spreading across his face.“How can you laugh now, Ye Xingchen? Very well, I’ll show you my ultimate technique, Storm Palm.” Ye Yutian was furious. He had spent so much time trying to subdue a cultivator at the fourth level of Refinement but still failed. This was the greatest humiliation to the proud Ye Yutian.This time, Ye Yutian decided to use his strongest move to finish off Ye Xingchen.Ye Yutian’s aura continued to rise. He slowly stretched out his palms and the Spiritual Energy within his dantian quickly gathered on his palms.“Windy Rain Palm, Third Pal
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Chapter 10 Spring of Life
Possessor of the Martial God System: Ye XingchenMartial Force: 400Luck: 20Authority: 1-star authority[Smashing Rock Fist, First Origin Finger]Current Realm: Fourth Level of Refinement[Name: None][ Mission Unlocked: Heart of Martial Arts in the middle][Current general points: 200]Score: 300 general points[War God’s Wrath: Seal]Looking at the data, he saw that his authority had yet to change. There was no telling when he would be able to obtain a two-star authority.On the other hand, her martial prowess increased from 260 to 400 points, a qualitative leap. When Ye Xingchen saw this, he was very happy.As for the others, they hadn’t changed at all. Their luck hadn’t changed, and the seal on the War God’s Wrath hadn’t loosened at all.There were 200 points available. Ye Xingchen's eyes lit up when he saw 200 points. 200 points seemed to be enough to exchange for something.""Let's see what's there first,"" Ye Xingchen murmured as he observed the points.In an inst
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